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Image 17 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 3, 1980-1981

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

Irl. 4 ‘ I A * · Nongraduates of High School. Students who are not lective admissions policy) such as Allied Health, Architecture, jig high school graduates and have not attended college may be Business and Economics, Engineering, Nursing, and Phar- ° ‘ _ granted admission as freshmen on theibasis of demonstration macy, yo_u should be aware that these colleges may also have il ii ° by test and other evidence that they are prepared to do the eerlierdeadlines. lt may be necessary, in this case, to contact ` work required. i the Lexington Admissions Office to obtain application mate- " ii Students with High School Equivalency Certificates. rials early enough to meet these special deadlines. l` An applicant for admission to the freshman class who is not a ~ high school graduate but presents a valid High School Equiv- " alency Certificate may be considered on the same basis as a i ADVANCED STANDING (TRANSFER) E; ijrifx high school graduate. The High School Equivalency Certif- ' ADMISSION r iiii xiii, ' ` . B mat? must hrive been approved by a State Depimmem of Eq Eligibility for Admission. All applicants who have been _ rrr. ucation and issued by a local Board of Education. Thebasis . . . . ri iii f h . f E .Vai nc Certificate b a De an enrolled at another college must submit an official transcript r- M Or t E Issuancg O .an qui e Y i . Y . p from each college attended, and must be able to meet Univer- nv; ment of Education is usually the presentation of satisfactory . » , . . r _ r·r GED (G8 i Edu ati n Dei/aio mem) Scores Piease notice sity Senate requirements, whether or not they wish to have ir- th t th, Tier? i ccaijmot accept GED score ie Ons for ad such work considered for transferability. University regula- S ji,. ? . Is tglversiy nt ust regent the scores dzecti to the tions do not permit the waiving of work at other colleges or =¤r·Y*` — . . - . . S gil; gussuitn te irézifsatioq Uigcan consideithea iic;/m Oni the admission of such students as beginning freshmen. All t if epa men G I . pp . Y transfer applicants must meet the following two conditions: iii;. after he or she has been issued the High School Equivalency ii Y t iii ii d _ . t f 2 O B '?2‘°i Certificate Local Boards of Education can usually tell the stu- ' Ou mus ave an Dyer-8 gra 6 pom average 0 ' gn A .’r. dem how ti) 8 i for a certificate j a 4.0 quality point scale in all baccalaureate course work at- - {ire, . .· ppy . ·` . . tempted, as computed by the University Admissions Office. 5 _ Slfrggr‘;:;;°rmi°"i;'V°;i:1:;;gr:?:iéitIErgigcggglézi · The grade and credit for each course attempted isincluded in iii ¥ mo O S p Y Y . 9 . 9 this computation, regardless of the practice of the offering in- rizii early. They may do so by enrolling for the Eight-Week Sum- . . . . . _ 5 iis. mei Term at the University of Kentucky in Order to be con stitution in waiving a low grade for a repeated course, and . . . . ` - _ 2. You should be in good standing in all respects at the col- :d;:;(i;°i:.a:n§;S:g;T ggjgigifilgucgzit Tviigaigygrggceogr lege you last attended as a degree candidate. A student under iii siiered forlgdmissi n as be innin freshlmezpand [if the are academic suspension cannot be admitted' nor can a grade- iiz $$5% I . 0 9 g ’ ’ Y point average below 2.0 be raised by subsequent enrollment, M ir admitted, may take any courses open to freshmen. . . . . V . ~_ _ . _ riga; The tianscii t of hi ii schooi iades (B Oi better) and the whrleia suspension is in effect, in ai non-baccalaureate degree I jx results of the Irkmericgn Colle egTest lus letters of recom- type Of! program or School' an unaccreditcd Schooiror in a ` ` . 9 · p . . . category which another college may make available to sus- ; ,riii_ mendation from teachers must reach the Admissions Office d · . . _ r r . . ·_ ·_r—. . . . . pen edstudentsfor limited, non degree. purposes. i I by the deadline for appiymg for admission to the Summer SBS- lf you intend to enroll in the College of Nursing Architec- i Sm" . 4. . A ture, Allied Health, or Engineeringjbe aware that each of · ir . Students interested in any of the above special freshman · . . ». . , » . rriirii admissions mc du as Sh i ci ma tthe Dir mi f Ad i these colleges exercises a policy of selective admissions, and Y r ,‘__ { * sions p B I Ou CO C ec O m S has admission requirements in addition to thoseof the Univer- ' » sity in general; Please "consult the appropriate section ’of this M1 . · · . · . . ;;4j,r , bulletin. V . V _ V »»i` A|)|V||$$|QN FRQM UN|\/ER$|TY QF . Applying for Admission. Toapply for admission as a KENTUCKY CCMMuNiTy COLLEGES transfer student you should writeforor pick up an application jii‘2i_ V _ _ _ _ packet from the Office of the Dean of Admissions and —Regis- Swdshts ¤¤r¤l€¤ ·¤ U¤·v¤rS·tv ¤f •<¤¤¤¤¤kv ¤¤m·h¤¤·tv trcr. itcw, Pncrntccy, Nursing,. Arcnstcctcrc and Allied Colleges lincluding the Lexington Technical institute) are in i Health apphcants must also follow the procedures and mieet general errgrbre ro rrarrsrer ro the L€X'r‘9r°r‘ Crrmpurs ¤r¤v·¤sd _ the deadlines for those colleges.) Submit the following doc- rhar (rr rr'€Y ar? mr under $‘·'$P°"S'°r‘ °r r'ri?r‘f"arrV d€r‘r" uments to the Admissions Office by the stated deadlines: _ quam r° the rr"'Y?r$'rV» arid l2l meet tile admlssron r€qu'r€‘ 1. A completed application for admission to the University. isi; ments of the ¤hd·v·d¤¤l cvlleses for which they ¤r>r>lv- Some 2. onc_ official transcript from each college or school ct- Students maV have beg" admrrred ro °°r“rrrur"rY COIIQQBS with tended, containing a complete record of all courses com- .._t aFad°r“'c records Whrch would have F’r?V9r‘r°d therr adm'S‘ pleted at the time of application. ln addition, transfer students $'°r* t° rhe I-*'=‘X*'lQr°'l campus; Tr}? appilcatimls or these $r'~l‘ should bring, when reporting for the Advising Conference, a - dents will be considered on an individual basis. Copy Or the caraiog or the last School attended. ir€i_"y·V Arr cmrrses rarren at a °°r“r“ur"rV c°rr€9° ¤¤rh¤¤S are rrar‘$‘ 3. A roster of courses in which the student is currently en- r’iiriir ferred with credit, grades, and quality points; however, the r0ii€d_ . i dean of each college d€CId€S IEIOW Cl’EdlYS to the Ir€qUIrB* Please include these three items in 0ne_ envelope. ’i,·rj, ments r°r°a°h d°9r€€· . . This will ensure that the University receives them to- ` VM Applying for Admission. The transfer procedure for gather, and will enable the Admissions Office to make community college students is handled by the Admissions or an admission decision more quickly. , si Registrar's Office at the community college in which the stu- 4. A final official transcript of any additional work com- génq dent is enrolled. For admission to a summer session or fall se- pleted before entering the University should be sent immedi- master; the Student should report to the community college etely after the end of that Semester. Admissions or Registrar's Office on or soon after February 1, Applicants will be notified, upon receipt of the first three ·i end for admission for a spring semester on or soon after Sep- documents, of their admissibility at this time or of the rejec- ·_ ‘ tember 1. If you plan to enroll in one of the colleges with a se- tion of their application. Acceptable applicants will be notified if I _.

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