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Image 15 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 3, 1980-1981

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

yy AD S _ *21 . lK· t ·-. ’ The admission of all students into the University System of Taking the American. College Test. The American Col- the University of Kentucky is under the authority of the Dean lege Test is required for all beginning freshmen and for trans- ‘ of Admissions and Registrar. However, the day-by-day hand- fer students who have earned less than 12 semester hours of *A‘l [ ling of applications and other documents related to admission credit at another school. Freshman applicants who took the V.»l to certain programs is carried on by some units outside the ACT earlier than five years before the planned matriculation main office of the Dean of Admissions and Registrar. These datemust take it again as a part of the admissions procedure. liQ“P_ include: The Graduate School, The College of Medicine, The Due to the nature of the information supplied through the l,- '— College of Dentistry, and the Fort Knox Center. V ACT and its reporting format, other tests cannot be accepted . The Dean of Admissions and Registrar’s Office, located in as a substitute. Your high school should be able to provide ` the Gillis Building, handles admission to all units of the Uni- ACT registration forms, information about deadlines for regis- liilr, versity, except for those listed above. Inquiries concerning ad- tration, testing dates, and the location of test centers. lf your mission, requests for applications, completed applications, high school cannot provide this information, write directly to r test results, and other required admissions documents should the ACT Registration Department, P.O. Box 414, lowa City, , _· be addressed to this office. K lowa 52243. . QQ All applicants for admission are considered equally, regard- lt is very important to be aware of the deadline to register ;{ less of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, with the ACT office in lowa in order to take the test on one of K age, beliefs, or handicap. _ . ‘ the national test dates. Registration always falls about 30 days Minimum academic conditions must be satisfied by an ap- before a test date. Furthermore, you need to take into ac- , plicant for admission to the University. Meeting these condi- count in your pla ns the fact that ACT reports are not mailed to tions is sufficient for admission into some academic units, the University until approximately four weeks after the test is , V while other units specify additional conditions for admission, taken. such as the completion of two or more years of college work, lf you have taken the ACT but did not list the University of lilly. the completion of specific sequences of courses,—or minimum Kentucky as one of six colleges to receive the results, you ACT Scores- . K must arrange to have an Additional Score Report sent. lnfor- All students attending the University are also enrolled in mation on the procedure for doing this is contained in your 006 0f the V¤l'i0u$ ¤0lie9e$l each under the Supen/iSi0n of an ACTAssessment Results and should be available at your high K academic dean- E¤€l’l ¤0lle9e is made up of several academic school. It will take at least 10 daysfor ACT Headquarters to departments and offers different major fields of study which send your reportafterthey receive your request. ` the student may elect to follow. Beginning freshmen and students transferrin from other schools who meet general University admission iiaquiramanrs ELIGIBILITY FOR FRESHMAN ADMISSION T are aeeepted bY the i0ll0Win9 C0lie9eS¤ The Colleges of Allied Health, Architecture, and Engineer- Arts and Sciences . EdueariOn* ing have requirements for freshman admission in addition to Agriculture Fine Arts those described below. The College of Nursing admits only Communications _ Home Economics upper-division students who are already registered nurses. ii, » Social Professions Kentucky Residents. The University of Kentucky accepts- 'Students most apply tothe Teacher Education Program at the end or their as beginning freshmen all Kentucky residents who graduate $°Pi'l0m0l¢ vw- from an accredited high school and have not attended an- Kf s in addition td the general University. requirements. other college. The required forms luseally only an applica-tion lf; V the following colleges have other conditions for admis- and/Or the ACT r¤¤¤nl must be received bY the UlllV€l$llY'$ l ‘ sion: ‘ K deadline dates for the semester in which you intend to enroll. *‘,K Allied Health Professions Law Additional supportive documents may be needed in individual Ar¤l¤lt¤¢t¤r¤ . Nursing cases to clarify your status or to establish your eligibility. lf B“’i“°”_""d E°°"°'“i°“ P"°"““°Y K these are required, you will be so informed. The University li. Engineering . . . 5 · _ _ must also reserve the rlght to deny admission to anyone who i° l Tha E°nds°ap° Ar°h"°°tur° Pr°` tim c°"°g° falsely reports information on the application for admission Fil of Agriculture also has special conditions for ad- _ _ _ ’ l m;,,g°,,_ the required admission test report, or other documents. ll These explicit requirements are described in the sec- Residents of Other States. The University is not able to ti°n$ ¤l this Bulletin devvted tc these cclleees- lf vcu accept all of the students from other states applying for ad- 1K ""i’l‘ ‘° °"'°“ ll" °"° °* *h°°° °°"°9°’· Pi°°’° '°°d li‘° mission to the freshman class. lt must observe both a quota i y °°i"°°"°t° °°°`i°" °°'°f""Y‘ established by the Kentucky Council on Higher Education and 13 _

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