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Image 13 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 3, 1980-1981

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

/ ` A university is a center of learning where new ideas arise Teaching ¤¤¤ ¤*¤ M- *¤!<¤ ¤¤ ¤¤w_=*·¤¤z¤S and ¤¤l¤*?·- lt ·¤ ¤ ¤*¤<=¤ ¤* Out di ara undergraduate colleges arrd ara graduate schools broad opportunity, where libraries, laboratories, and men and _ er America eeme the ereerer eertien er the nerienre readers w°m°n °f kmwledge alegatheled ln me °°mmumty' lt ls a and its better citizens. The curricula of a state university place where students have the chance to learn the best that Sherrie be ee designed ene its teachings ee directed that rh e has been discovered and to develop fully their abilities. lt is stare end the nation wiii have mere men end women er inrei_ also a place of quiet meditation and shaded walks, of cheering ieeruei interest and aehievemenrsr men and Women eeeeeee °l°wde and llvely debate; °l p°°pl° °f many lm°l°SlS’ and' ing character, ideas, ingenuity, moral responsibility, and gen- m°$l 'm°°l’laellY’ a place Where the student °°" m°l"l°` eral competence; men and women who can provide the m°mally’ phYsl°allY’ and °m°tl°nelly‘ _ _ knowledge and technical skills to cope with a national and The Search *<>* Mw *<¤¤w*¤¤¤·= ·$ ¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤·¤¤ ¤¤Y¤¤¤·*·? ·¤ wdrid arruadarr growing ever more complex arrd difficult. which both the faculty and students take part. This seeking results in a continual expansion of information in every field of Q R68¤¤r¢h ¤¤¤¤¤~· •<¤¤w¤ *¤_¤·¤¤l<*¤$*· =-md ¤·¤v¤*¤¤S l¤¤¤<=s— ll is MS it is the business 018 state university rd advance the irarr- thet lllgllel eelleetlml eemes °llt lls pl·ll'p°$e as the elllef ll"' tiers of knowledge in all areas of concern to modern society. emlmem deelglled bY_s°elelV te plevlde the leedelehlp "e°ee' Much research, in other words, should be done with no com- $el'Y le the llpwale march °l °lVlllzetl°"· pulsion other than the urge to see beyond the present borders On the University campus students still learn in the class- or rnan·s knowing room, but the other places of learning, particularly the librar- On the Orher hand, the research nreerarn er a Stare universr ies and laboratories, or workshops, become more familiar. ry, and narrrcuiarh, a ianrmranrrnsrrrurrenl cannot ignore the The student meV net deelde llpen e fleld °f $*"‘lY_d“'l“9 lllle contemporary requirements of state and nation. Rather, the · first years, but as interests become stable and increase in program Should ha affecrrvah, corraiarad with nnnhnrvarsrry depth the Sludem leeellee em mele and l“°l'e· l" edvelleed research, and it should seek solutions to the acute problems c°l·l"$e$· lmdelgleduete as well as 9l'ed“ete· he el she meV of society whether they are economic, technological, social, work with a considerable degree of independence from the Cuhuraior r.n0rai_ professor. ` _ The University offers entering students an environment Llb'¤'Y I Wn€l’€in thev fn¤Y 8¤nl€V€ 8 9€nUln€ Und6l'$¥andln9 0* the Without an adequate library collection, a university would world and find their Diane in it- ln the UnlV9l'$ltY tn9Y Should find it impossible to perform its teaching and research func- _ come to understand better their role as citizens who partici- tions orooorh, But ovor and above thoso requirements, tho Q Paw in d€¤l$l¤n$ On l$$¤€$ and ¤°ll¢l€$· Tn€Y Shnuld d€V€l°P preservation of books and other materials is a vital function of i a love for truth, and independence of judgment, and a respect soo;oty_ e r for the convictions of others: These are some of the charac- l f teristics of a liberal education-—the University's goal for all of Extended Services · ; its graduates. In addition, it offers many areas of specializa- The erare university has found rher ir eenner have the tion leading to a variety of career opportunities in the arts, the desired irneeer en eeeiery uniese ire reaching is exrended sclellces and the pl°f°$sl°n$‘ beyond the campus classroom, unless its research is in some measure translated into economic and social improvements; FUNCTWNS OF THE UNIVERSWY and unless its leadership and example elevate the cultural and The primary responsibility of an institution of higher learn- moral tone of its nearer and farther communities. ` r ing is the betterment of human welfare. When the University Certain divisions and bureaus within the University facilitate of Kentucky elected to be a university as opposed to a liberal the institution's contributions to the citizens of the state. arts college or professional school, it was bound by the tradi- Among these are the Experiment Station and the Cooperative tions of American higher education to function in certain Extension Service of the College of Agriculture,the Center for ways. Thus, it established itself as a complex institution with Business Development, the Center for Professional Develop- both a liberal arts school and a number of professional ment, the University Placement Service, The University Press schools. lt committed itself to a broad program of quality re- of Kentucky,Telecommunications Studios, the Independent search; it embarked upon an extensive program of graduate Study Program, the Off-Campus Class Program, the Evening ‘ studies; and it dedicated itself to accumulating and preserving Class Program, the Community College System, the Audio- knowledge and to maintaining an atmosphere which would Visual Services, University information Services, the Office of contribute to high intellectual endeavor. Engineering Services, the Kentucky Research Foundation, 11

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