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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 12, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

t d T Jft 1 J ifF Li Yt >f I r jJw- c wp D rM f i L- > > 1 J r < 1 < 1 1rp v J4 < f 1r 7 f j l a f Jit r f t > t COLUMBIA I = 1908 > L RacketJ A the plant and he his nothing to do but A Happy Day put the wheels in motion He stated that the coming enterprise wasme ting The beautiful home of Mr and Mrs You know its not my turn to talk with encouragement and that hehadni But if youll neyer mention fears but he would make the Sentine PF Brunley on last Saturday was Just what I overheard last night a success Mr Matthews is a good the scene of merriment refreshments i During a contention newspaper man a practical printer and and the sweetest fellowship For sev ¬ Between some prating parties had been known that the we see no reason why he should not eral days it nlg DEATH OF A NATIVE Dismissed by the Court Jjt Si II J SW 1 rf < < f c J y I 4Jitji i I> It I y r1 NUMBER 40 Stock Items I 1 Dick Jeffries sold two hogs to Durham Press shipEdTarter and V Bros for 1000 Robt Carter were before Judge Jo A Atkins Born and Reared charged HanI cock last Wednesday 000 There outraging Miss Emma Beard in Columbia Died in Louis ¬ James Phillips Srv sold 8 hogs to were quite a number of witnessess in- ¬ Durham Bros for 4000 also sold 84 ville Last Thursday Made hideous the troduced on both sides b nothing that Rev J C Cook and family of Coof corn at 80 cts per bushel to succeed connected either one of the parties with lumbia Ky were the guests of Mr Around my lowly domicile same party He sold 15 bushels of corn a From dark till morning light the crime The girl could not identify and Mrs Brunley Rev Cook having to Andy Mock at 80 cts per bushel The Ball Game at Campbellsville either one of the three as having as ¬ THE INTERMENT WAS AT LEBANON served as pastor inthis community for But what their midnight mission was 000 saulted her hence the case was dis- ¬ Our boys met the Campbellsville team three years and having in a large deIm not prepared to tell John Neagle sold a cow and calf to missed grpunds gree won the hearts of us all knows how 1 on R Perkins for 2500 and bought a Last Thursday moming Mr Jo A last Friday afternoon game the played to appreciate the surprise which kindled was of the latter but the 1 Judging from W M Patterson for 2500 from reports that have reach ¬ Atkins who was a brotner of Mrs C under disadvantages it not being call- ¬ afresh the fire of affection and sets the All relatives assembled there V Mr E G ed Columbia a tremendous crowd will H Murrell and an uncle of boo Disputing face to face > ed until after 4 oclock on account of mind thinking of that Happy Day in Attend the Fair next week Good rains Atkins this place diedvery suddenly rain The diamond and field being wet which we meet to part no more Tame Bagby soIl a pair of mules to Contending both for and against have fallen and the farmers are in fine at his late home in Louisville The de- ¬ Wash Pierce for Mort than half a hundred people not The lady in the case andmuddy made the playing ecessa 28000boo 4 spirits It is our information that a ceased had been absent from Columbia rily slow Every thing being considered Baptists alone but other denomina meddling in a family fuss fa great deal of here and where he was born andjceared since his cikwillbe uJd tions joined in this occasion andit A R Perkins sold a span of mulek Tis safest to be slow He was a gallant Con- ¬ both teams did the best they c t Competition will be lively The same early manhood Quite a number witnessed the contest due our guests of honor to say we ap¬ And just which side was in the right for 26500 Thurlow cor ¬ federate soldier in the same serving usual precaution will be taken to main neighbor- ¬ ¬ preciate their visit to our with ahd there was much enthusiasm mani- hood and pray that the people Im sure I do not know tain good order throughout the exhi ¬ regiment and the same of Deni And if I could in truth The case against Andrew Dudley the fested by the rooters from the time bition No drinking nor any other un Mr Gaither Bryant this c game son Texas may find in them the com¬ last man charged with being implicated ¬ our boys went to the bat until the jlaw ul conduct will be tolerated upon The Louisville Times give the follow- closed There was but little difference fort sympathy and love1 with which Then prudence would forbid For some pronounced the charge untrue in the Beard affair was called last Fri- ¬ the grounds There will be many out ing account of his death day and continued until next Friday in the playing at any stage of the game we pride our selves as having been While some said Katydid islde attractions Come and come to Joseph Alexander Atkins Confeder- ¬ and at the close of the ninth inning the blessed girl not baing able to get to town J T Jones Montpelier ate veteran and Mason died suddenly t stay the entireweek Misses Genejbra Carr andVangie Duf ¬ 4 score stood 8 and 8 It was in the sixth this morning at 7 oclock at his home fer assisted Mrs Brunley Jn receivingPREACHING NEXT SUNDAY Come in and see the negro minstrels Deputy Collector J H Jued the lat ¬ at 521 West Chestnut street The death inningas we are informed that Jo It is needless to speak of the refresh ¬ They will be here for four days and reg-¬ of Atkins was due to heart trouble and Morris Rosenfield one of Columbias part of last week run across a best players got badly hurt by a ball ments which were fernished by the nights beginning next Tuesday W H C Sandidge Union ular saloon near Sand Lick Spring The > after an illness of an hour striking him on the arm below the el ¬ ladies of the community and served in j W S Dudgeon Neatsburg house was located in thecorner of three Mr Atkins was sixtythree years of the yard they were high class and sat¬ Pea Ridge Fair F J Barger Pleasant Hill counties Adair Cumberland and Rus age and had been in feeble health for bow It was at first thought that the limb was broken but later it was dis isfyngLhsuperalative Z T Williams Mt Pleasantselk The parties who were running the several weeks but his condition was degree did not man covejred that the hurt was not so serious shop were notified that they would have not considered serious This morning J M Pierce Freedom The following premiums were omitted estitself till Sunday when our ec A R Casey Colombia to takeo government license which shortly after 6 oclock Mr Atkins Of cburse Jo Morris was silenced and if pastbrpreached to the delight of all from the Pea Ridge FairJGatalogue by T Wright Cane Valley they did j and proceeded with their busi awarkened members of his family tell- ¬ a substitute had to take his place The His themewas well chosen in act was mistak J A Johnston Elroy nessr It is said they are having a fine ing them that he was ill Dr Clem result Tmght have been different if this one ttQebest sermons we ever heard Sons iI might ISpecial by W F Jeffries J R Crawford Columbia Spalding was at once summoned but accident had not occurred then it A trade Of Belgium hires 25c ThejeoJie wept throughout the entire iot as Campbellsville played a fineI W P Cave Bigg Creek upon the arrival of the physician v4n ¬ 1 Special By Jno D Lowe Sr Hand discourse At the close of the after Mrs Easter Dohoney of this place was breathing his last Death is at- game s li The two clubs will probably meet noon jmo Qne young man came for somest bench leggedfice 2oc > Machine Shop lllsthe oldest resident of Columbia being tributed to by T M Wilson Handsomest ward orprayer Special inherSlstyeari She is the mother of Mr Atkins was born in Columbia here soon to decide who iswho it The twentyfifth of July is now a- pair of hounds tojbe driven 25c Mowersy J V WT andJ Mr W A Helm the well kn wntf MrsNanm county Ky and at the outbreak By buying a season ticket to the Pair mafter ofhistory butWillard will long Best Bird pup under 4 months 05c iojpheyi She is a fine old lady of the war between the States be fen machinist who was formerly locatedat iJ a day of pleain perfecthealth and possessing an listed in the fConf derate army being you get a reduction Call at the store carr it in memoryf as 1 A son of Dode Dowell shot a negro in Esto has removed his entire outfit to of the Paul Drug Co or M Cravens surBartyilj11Tenn Times active mine She lives with her daugh assigned td the command which after-¬ store 1 the leg at Sulphur Well one day lastI Columbia his place of business being ter Mrs Flowers and takes a great ward became lousand was known on Boomer Heights He is a first Season Fair tickets are on sale at the week The trouble came up over theI q interest in household affairs She at as the Orphan Brigade He was riear the negro class machinist and is prepared to do We understand that Miss Nina Mar M Cravens and at the neglect of Dowells horse esbyterian church at regu the side of Gen Helm when thafc corn ¬ cum who has just returned from a drugstore of tends all kinds of work The repairing of being a stable boy store of the Paull Drug Co engines cultivators mowers in fact lar appointments r mander met his death fighting at the Summer School near Knoxville Tenn everything in the machine line is his head of his command After the close For in the Teachers Needed Judge Junius Hancock Js authorized of the war Mr Atkins settled in Leba ¬ has accepted a position to teach character of work Call and see him primary department of an institution r A number of full bloodedj white Ply He also carries in stock all kinds of by th Board of the State University non where for years he was tr asur in that locality her duties to commence t of Lexington Kentucky to appoint two The demand for qualified teachers moute Rock roosters iJtk Y Turner mill supplies and a good line of hard¬ v er of a distillery About ten years ago a grad Montpeier Ky 383t students in Adair county who will be he retired from business and removed in September Miss Marcum is city is greater than the supply The ware Phone 46 323m 1 Lindsey Wilson this uate Dfthe oC r given free tuitjon in the Civil Engi to Louisville present educational Awakening in the her Attainments fully qualifiying her of the Rev J R Crawford pastor The appoint ¬ Department neerirg and the application of the new Besides his wife he leaves three For Sale We- State accepted preach here ments are to be made prior to Septem daughters Mrs C B Scaff of Texas for tie position she has school Jaws recreating many new Presbyterian Churchwill evening takep1asure4incommetidibgher next Sunday forenoon and apply to Jb rJ USflSt Mrs Margaret Spalking of Lebanon young lady worthy of confidence and es- positiQIiS for qualified men and women I will sell Bob Wikes one of the Judge Hancock at ort Ky and Miss Sallie Atkins of Louis- ¬ teem believing that she will give en- ¬ who are engaged in the teaching ser- ¬ Mr J D Lowe was elected school greatest sons of Wikes Chief His dam v vice Under the Normal School law ville trustee for East Columbia district andJ tire satisfactionMeals at the Hancock Hotel are now v the Board of Regents has the right Mr J C Strange for West Columbia was by Cabells Lexington Bob Wikes be taken The body of the veteran will is 14 years old and has proven a being served at the brick building to to issue to students completing cer- ¬ Lebanon for burial where the funeral M Cravens and the Paull Drug Co sire He lost his eye 5 years ago with Judge Hancock has had a fine run of services will be in charge of the Masons study certificates district are handling the season tickets for the tain courses of pink eye but none of his colts show any business since he took charge of both and Knights of Honor and his old which entitle them to teach anywhere Russell Greek Association meets the Fair Call at either of the respective hotels the 16th of July He buys the comrades in arms without examination 19th instwith Pleasant Ridge Church weakess I also have a good young in Kentucky stores best the market affords buys in abundC Eligible persons sixteen years old anaIGreen county five miles west of Greens Jack for sale He is heavy bone and Horse will be at Co ¬ well marked ance hence every body boarders and ¬ Dr C A Cox a wellknown travelA livery horse which was the proper¬ older have aright to enter the Nor ¬ burg on Ocebla Road Jacob Price lumbia Fair traveling men have good words for ing salesman led the services at the ty of J S Stapp Son was shot and mal on free tuition An illustrated Keltner Ky 392t this elegant house of entertainment Sunday night killed last Friday hydrophobia having catalog giving full information mail- ¬ W Jones who was one of Methodist church last Hon John Address H H the most prominent citizens of Barren makinga good talk been away ed on application developed The horse had Bishop Carter of the United Breth ¬ Farm For Sale h county died at his home in Glasgow from the stable for several days and Cherry Bowling Green Ky spent several days ren Church who Judgelast week He was a brother of upon his return one leg was terribly Bethany Park here last week stated to friends in Columbia Fair pens next Tuesday I have a farm containing 105 acres S E Jones and was an ardent Demo ¬ swollen and it was supposed that f the building of their house of thei town that for sale well timbered and watered For cratic cause was from some poisonous worship in this place was a certainty Rev Z T Williams sends us thJ fol ¬ C C Mitchell v Judge FyE Faulkenbnrg one of the particulars address account lowinghimself and wife being at Mar A day or two before he was killed he lhe delay has been caused ori The catalogues for the LeeJJCounty 356t Greensburg Kyw and snap- best known men in Russell county died was frothing at the mouth oi the stringency in the money markets tinsville IndDr at the home of his daughter Mrs Va Fair will be completed at this ping at every thing in his reach I Bethany Park has been a great place k Montgomery have opened a recently office this wejek but as soon as business opens np the Cox S D Crenshaw was called and he Loren Phelps in Jamestown will be built for the past week It was estimated quickly decided that he was afflicted He was 81 years old and became an nice pool room over Jackmans store > that between 4000 and 5000 people were Lovers of innocent amusement are For Sale cours active citizen of Russelljjcounty about Judge F E Faulkenburg who re¬ there last Sunday We had the pleas ¬ with hydrophobia and the only forty years ago If we are correctly him killed cordiallyinvited38tf cently died at Jamestown was an ar- ¬ ire of attending most of the time last to pursue was to have I informed he was a native of Penn ¬ 110 acres of goodfland near Republican and was a great ad- week > but we will only attend at night dent I have Mason LosTOn Saturday July 25th One sylvania He was a zealous Lodge and Coburg for sale There are on it two mirer of Linccln Garfield and McKin this week Formate on the Square and speckled dress coat a member of Jamestown black and white ley These three Presidents as the Mrs Williams and myself are enjoy- ¬ between Campbellsville and my home was buried by the Fraternity t The dwellings and all necessary outbuild ¬ public knows were assassinated Judge ing the baths at this place and we feel Finder will please return to me and get News extends its sympathy to the ings plenty of water wide One J B Beard deep nice lot 25feet iPaull and 84 feet Faulkenburg attended all three of the hopeful of receiving much benefit from surviving children Ed Butler Drug Cor pay for trouble It adjoinsjthe Ky funerals them There are about 100 people here and is onejo the best locations in Co ¬ Moving picture show and negro now taking treatment at the Martins For Sale Rev R L Creal of Hustonville will ville Sanitarium and there are six other Splendid Blue Grass Farm Mr W T McFarland has not finish ¬ lumbia See C S Harris ninstrels at the Fair Grounds each the Baptist church this city Sanitariums in the place and tbey all preach at ed his niece of work on Creensburg day of the exhibition WhyJJames Lee Got Well next Sunday forenoon and evening All are having a large patronage Mrs But ¬ As Executor of Mrs L J Cloyd I road near town but he is doing first outcry on are will offer for sale at public Everybody in Zanesville 0 knows 4 Bishop T C Carter of the United class work and the contract will soon the members of the congregation ler and Miss Jennie Garnett are both requested to be present and the resi ¬ here and they are both being benefitted the premises af about 10 a m Sept Brethren Church will return to Colum- ¬ be completed Mrs Mary Lee of rural route 8 She dents of the community are cordially There are about 5000 population in the 15th 1908 the magnificent blue grass bia the first Sundayjn October accom-¬ writes myhusband James Lee firmly of about 365 acres of which sha panied by the Secretary of the Church Mi J F Patteson struck a good invited town It is situated about 30 miles farm at the believes he owes his life to the use of Lift ¬ Extension Board is situated in died possessed of that denomination stream Of water last Friday Southeast of Indianapolis It has both coIn county Ky It a turnpike aoout Kings New Discovery His on On Monday August 10th Rev and They will come forjihe purpose of per home of Mr W E Bradshaw at a Dr steam and electric lines running from were so severely affected that consump W W Lambuth of Elizabeth McKinnie and about the fecting plans for the erection of a depth of sixtynine feet miles from Mrs this place It is located 2J tion seemed inevitable when a friend HustonvilleV The church building in this town the lot town celebrated their golden wedding Indianapolis Indi- ¬ same distance from on White river All of Southern September 1 213 4 recommended New Discovery We tried Somerset Fair Dr Lambuth is now on the superanuat improvements consist principally of a having already been purchased is suffering horn a drouth The We have received a copy of the cata ¬ it and its use has restored him to per ed list While an active minister he ana crop will be very short even with corn hangs out fectjhealth Dr Kings New Discov ¬ was twice pastor of the Methodist double crib buggy A little over two weeks until the logue and the Association rain soon The wheat crop here is fine j ery is the King of throat and lung rem ¬ liberal premiums place outbuildings cistern Prospects school Church this necessary and grass and clover is good There all edies For coughs andjcolds it has no stock scales etc are good for favorablebeginning W Bault of Nebraska ire a number of Kentucky people here equals The first dose gives relief Try Mr Charles To My Trade grass but about 75 acres It is We hope to be home by the 12th of Belle Bault whose home was it Sold under guarantee at T E Paulls and Miss schools churches and a Tail A letter from Dr J E Grant to his We had the pleasure of being IDearg Od drug store 50c and 100 Trial botisH i tc Cane Valley were married by August near Crescent uncle Dr James Triplett states that on the Queen I will not run my wagon during the with our two boys Lawrence and Loren j ff Railway The land will be surveyed he is getting along nicely in the Pan ¬ week of the Fair My bread cakes tie free at Bethany last week E 0 Excel Lfter the sale Possession for seeding to eat was ama Zone but every thing pies etc can be found at the store of has been leading the song service since For Sore purposes will be giMen as soon as the remarkably high Eggs 60 cents per C A Coy Breadtickets good at the Saturday and will lead during the week of sale are complied with and of dozen andchicken 45cents per pound terms Hudson I have found B u c k 1 e n s Arnica s Thieves entered the dwelling house of The Netz sisters are giving some fine the whole tract Jan 1st 1909 At least near Stapps entertainments Nancy Young Mrs Mr Jo M Akin sends his old friend one third of the purchase price must A very large crowd attended Haags Sunday and stole a lot of Spring last terms as to balance Dr J N Page a curiosity in the way show here last Thurs ayThe exhi- ¬ sores cuts and j jail manner of abra in cash and be Rev AR Kasey is holding a series provision and about 150 in cash Mrs wiltbe arranged to suit purchaser This of tomatQgtwthTherewere twelve bition was above the average every-rsioDS writes Mr W Stone of East 1J p of meetings at Tabor this week Xoung and iani1y were at church is one of the best farms in Lincoln coun finely shapped and large tomatoes on body well pleased with the perfor- ¬ Poland Maine It is the proper thing f particulars address one vine Sam Lewis will take a back m Iices too for piles Try it Sold under guarrxf Dr J H Grady asiss d by Dr C Another Paper at Campbellsville ty For further J B PAXTON Executor antee at T E Paulls drug store 25cJf removed a needlefrom a childs Stanford KY Peoplefromadjolinngcoultiesare 405 t Saturday The hip at Milltown last The BurkesvilfeFait is now iri prog cordially invited to attend Mr Hufus Matthews who has been She iliftes idod Things i Needle was imbedded and had been in and the finest size essand the Columbia Brass Band is Fail beginning next Tuesday The best apple in the newspaper business since he was t Ctebipfor a longtime color and shape we have seen this year mailing the music and a kid 4 understanding that the was in Columbia was handed a Newsman one day last i The Columbia band boys left here thicken at this date Bear in mind that a series of meet Russell Springs Fair was well attendee have adopted Br Kings New Life Pills v Thursday and paid Ills respects tt weeK It was an Orange Swe tal1d a as our family laxative medicine because 4Ionaay for Burkesville where they ivill- last XMethodest r beauty that soon faded in this office ings vii commence ttt1ie SuhSay in Association making some monOy c play this week fort e Fair that IS inthey ar good and do their work with fifth place the t r More of this variety should be grown church this r Theset v progress at that place play out making a fuss about it The pastor will beassist > I Russell SpringsandQ2ark win TheOrageSWeet is worthy a placen in this month 1 painless purifiers sold at TV E Paullfs Our- ed bylBvangelist Brown who is said to at the latter place nextgaturday after S I Blair r every tart drug store 25c lJ Every body getread Pea R1 t > v o 1j bean ternopn loon 6oIri time in October He already has hanks for the L Fair next Saturdayaf + f li gk rA L L 5v3 i < 4 i tt 1To 5 whoI f TV st isi > ntyj decideI Kyt ter c- V q 5 leJ f aa beartdiseaser JG t ¬ > < S I SaleI 1 < ej asa Ailitmjsc ¬ greatS 4 f I c 4 4church 401mCbbJllg f lungsJ largebarriI MondaY1limorning I IiJ I Feett toreRobt ¬ dCox I r 7 helsnctasprlng T r I f t rt 2 c vt gl J l f t i f l t I 3 < wasjro 1 S seatI S t t 1 1 I iS fImMame Itisotit w u I D7X7 p i- 1 I I JPIJ7n1 ttri 1 iJ i g fr ikJ ii tf f > i t I- I L rJjiAl i I F< a I < 4L1S t r dl

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