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Image 5 of Kentucky alumnus, 1920

Part of Kentucky alumnus

‘ ’ h · .:T , 1 _ . »·i A I g ii; is PUBLISHED BI-MoNTHLY—SEI>TEMBER, NOVEMBER, JANUARY, MARCH A MAY AND JULY OF EACH YEAR—BY THE ALUMNI Asso- . CIATION on THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY, ¢g AT LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, E { Entered as second-class matter September 28, 1916, at the post-omce at Lexington, E Kentucky, under the Act of March 3, 1879. E Fg; THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE FOR THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS IS $1.00 PER , t Qi YEAR; TO ALUMNI, INCLUDING DUES TO THE Asso- F ef;. CIATION, $2.00 PER YEAR. F We t The Kentucky Alumnus is the oflicial publication of the Alumni Association. It is issued bi-monthly by the Association under the direction of the Executive Com- mittee in the interest of the Association and of the University. It therefore represents the sentiment and policy of the Alumni organization. _- ff I Z The Edior—in-Chief is appointed by the Executive Committee of the Alumni Associa- tion and the Associate Editors are the Class Secretaries of the various classes and § the Presidents of the Alumni Clubs. { JELSON. EJ · 1 C t ltOTlCl OTTlITl€Tlt » Y. Jrk City. The editor wishes to express to all loyal sons and { A New Editor daughters thanks for their support to the Association Qi and to the Alumnus, and can only express regret at the s, Lack- Q fact that all are not so loyal. For the past many years a little body of ‘ · a few alumni have been looking out for and carrying the Association over the hard spots and we need the help of the whole body right now and _f° need it bad. I At the present writing there are 250 alumni who are registered upon I j it the duty done side of the ledger, truly a pitiful minority, with 2,000 who should be there. , ;t°u‘ Kl ; The Sec.—Treas.-Editor job is little but a thankless one, not even LV 1 6110ugh money to buy firewood for the stove and to have a part time clerk T ‘ U ‘ Z. » to keep the records in order to say nothing of a stenographer. Such a. I Y· Goudition is inexcusable and we do not see where we will arrive, for Y0uI‘S y· E, truly can not devote his time nor can anyone else do so indeinitely, and W6 0111}* took the job in an endeavor to try to stimulate enough interest L and collect enough money to put the Secretaryship and Editorship into _ V . the hands of a paid and competent person. Could such an end be ob- · tained the Association would amount to something and not before. ' These are plain words but they state plain facts. There will be published elsewhere a blank form for the convenience A of EDYOIIG who might wish to join the "Contemptible Little A1‘my." F .y. is R B ‘ 1 · .... . _ , . . A A . . .. , . ~.,·‘·»`

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