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Image 12 of Kentucky alumnus, 1920

Part of Kentucky alumnus

= v " %· Q. · . E ly ` ‘ 2 ‘ - A 10 THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUs. v A N: Q might be built, this part of the diiiiculty with which the University is ‘ A A 3 confronted could be fairly met. , I ‘ § Another need of the University is new buildings for instruction pur- T poses. The Chemistry Department is housed in two buildings; one of » j them very old, and the other inadequate. Chemistry has a new import- _ . AI; ¥ ance in America since the War. Formerly, we depended upon Germany i AQ , for many chemical products. That way is no longer open. The University ` J must be prepared to train men in this great Held. The equipment is _ Z i, insufficient to do it adequately, while the housing of the department in two g A , buildings handicaps the efforts of the departmental staff to get results. __ . i Our State has a vast coal area that is now undergoing rapid development. 2 S The University has been in close touch with the industry for many years, 2 A but it should render more assistance to the growth. Hence larger faclli- ;— A Q_ 5 ties should be provided for instruction in mining engineering, so that A [ Y Q. Kentucky's young men may be trained at the University to take part in ` A ’ the coal and oil industries. , . A KA The volumes in the Library are not sufficient for the needs of the . » University, nor are the provisions for student readers adequate for the A A ' _. .. number of students required of it. Not more than seventy—five students A can be accommodated at one time in the reading rooms. ~ _? I There is also need for a farm mechanics building; for a home eco- , E; nomics building; for dormitories, commons building, engineering shops, _ ‘ ; ,; ‘ ?‘ a woman’s gymnasium and a central heating plant. These are important ° E? needs, and it would appear, therefore, that some adequate program of Q A . ] construction should be worked out in the University if we are to meet the A `demands made upon it now. _ f' l‘ These building needs may be grouped under the following heads: · &· ,1. Welfare Buildings- _ Q I ~` (a) Dormitories for men; ’ A Q (b) A dormitory for women; .· 5 A (c) A commons building in which board may be provided; _ » r (d) A woman’s gymnasium; ? . A (e) Hospital and dispensary for students; = A _ (f) A central heating plant. A _A_ Q 2. Instruction and Laboratory Buildings— A L (a) Addition to Chemistry Building; * · · A l· (b) Domestic Science Building;. if e (c) Agricultural Building; (d) Engineering Shops; · I i (e) A Farm Mechanics Building; ‘ A ig, (f) An addition to Library Building. _‘ 5 The time has come to look ahead with the purpose of planning for ‘ · Y the future. To erect `an occasional building without having in mind the present needs and future requirements, is not getting at the problem. 1 _ A Provisions for construction over a period of years will lessen the burden » ' AE} and make wise provisions a possibility. Under the next heading, a plan , ' A· is suggested for the consideration of the Legislature. 3;

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