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Image 1 of The Hartford republican, November 9, 1906

Part of The Hartford republican

I t Jttitf rb Fine Job Work a Specialty IF IT IS NEW Subscription WILL FIND IT IN TilE REPUBLICAN OHIO COUNTY KY FRIDAY NOVEMBER HA11TFORD VOL XIX YOU Ittpnblicftu 9 1906 Wild VICTORY ¬ ¬ ° oftAgriculture I ¬ whenI I ¬ ¬ I ¬ LoulslilleI ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ hocusI liaI atI itI I ¬ Hermon last Monday night He is being assisted by Rev Gordon of OwensboroMr Paris and wife Buford were in our town Tuesday Mrs Sam Frizzell and Mrs War ¬ ren Mills were the guests of Mrs H A Brpoks Tuesday Mr J W Bennett and family Beaver Dam visited Mr and Mrs S L Baird Sunday Miss Alberta Greer visited Miss Clara Bennett Tuesday Mr S R Bennett and sister Mrs Bernice Dodson and little daugh ¬ ter Lora visited Miss Ethel Ben ¬ nett Beaver Dam Sunday Mrs Sallie Bennett visited Miss Clara Bennett a few days last week Mr Hayden Webb and family Mr James Tanner and family No YebhSunday daughterMiss SundayMiss I ¬ was the guest of Miss Etta Bennett Tuesday night Mr T L Ballard was the guest of Mr PT Parks Sunday WASHINGTON BREYITES News From The ¬ Sparkling Paragraphs ¬ Special to THE IttrpBLiuAX ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ s 78I ¬ ¬ r known Mr Roosevelt has made a record ¬ I I I Republican ¬ ¬ Zone a mile and a half to attend the reception planned for him by Presi ¬ dent Amador of Panama he will be the first President of the United States te set feet on foreign soil during his term of office The formation pf the peoples recently at Washington by a number of political reforms of various parties with the avowed pur¬ pose of keeping tabon the stand taken by COngreSSmOn on various issueS and making public the same has caused some particular congress¬ men to sit up and take noticeLobby theiL ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ cOIrIplaints GRe tt r t ° 7t 114yi e tt JapanMedical Society The next meeting of tho Ohio County vedical Society will be held at the Court House Hartford Ky at 10 oclock a m Wednesday No- ¬ vember 21st 1906 The counselor of this district Dr J W Ellis will be personI ¬ A special program for the occasion DR DR A E B PENDLETON P STANLEY Secy Pres- Tompson contractors satis Phone 29 or faction guaranteed 13tf Beaver Dam Planing Mill ¬ f dt14 y The administration should be deeply concerned at the antiAmerican feel ¬ ing prevalent in Japan at the present time If this feeling should grow to any extent it would work untold harm to commercial power and pres ¬ tige that the United States has built upon y Y + Secretary Metcalf of the pepart ment of commerce and Labor predicts that the total immigration to the United States this year will be 1400000 people 77 per cent of whom will enter the country by way of New York DEDAI IMosS I Y s The reports that a German firm sent a pair of storks to President Roosevelt as a token of its endor e ment of his wellknown views on the subject of race suicide has been taken seriously by many and a num ¬ ber of visitors who called at the White House to see the birds have been disappointed ¬ ¬ toI for breaking and making precedents and when he goes out of the Canal ¬ ¬ ¬ Washington D C Nov 7Thereia good deal of speculation in Washington as to Secretary Tafts real reason for refusing a place on on the Supreme Bench He could hardly be a consistent candidate for the presidential nomination against Mr Roosevelt yet that he has some definite purpose in mind by the refusal of the place is well I I Nations Capital Told In Crisp ¬ I a Year No 17 when fraud is particicated in and Democrats There are 386 seats to THE DEMOCBATIG HERMAN MAUlY PRIMARY money used as has been in this elecwill give befilled in the house This ¬ tion no one may know what to ex 60 Republican majority delegation to the Six Shortage of Ballots in Hays pectReturns Kentuckys by a Negro in received up to noon yes- Shot to Death What the Latest Returns from tieth National Congress will be as terday indicate that Gov Beckham Mississippi and McCreary Territory follows Tuesdays Bout Show has defeated Senator McCreary in OHio JnmMDem First district tit the state primary for United State ilis Father Goes to Scene of Second district Owsley Stanley No Challengers or InspectatorsSurprise Day Passed Without Senator by a majority ranging from Tregedy And as Yet DemThird For Antlfttachine Cand3000 to 7000 On the face of the James D and With no Material ChangedistriotA returns so far received Hager has a No Details idates in Many Places Rep in Political Complexion substantial lead estimated at 15000 Fourth district Ben Johnson Dem Last Monday our fellow townsman THO WHOLE THING ROTTEN STANDS PAT COUNTRY Fifth districtSwager SherleyI Mr Crenshaw while Gullon leads Mr W H Mauzy was notified by Dam Superintendent telegram from Bulah Miss of the the machine to de- Winfrey Rinock district held Tuesday in 42 mI IThe scheme of JernllJnys for the of public by 5000 for For Attorney Elections were Instruction ISixth districtPreston Kim feat Attorney states while the results in a number democrat nomination for Governor General Mr Hendricks leads by a inter- hall Dem of instances were of unusual majority of 16000 although the re Helm Eighth diitrictIIarvey est it may be said generally speak shot wounds that it could not be turns tire not all in ing that there WHS no great sur DemNinth The root of the ticket nominated shipped home Mr Mauzy left for districlJ B Bennett prises Throughout the South the mary in the country districts News is as follows For Lieutenant Gov Rep and Congressional Democratic State ernor South Trimble Fur Auditor W tLangley tickets have been selected by the Tenth districtJohn H ftl Bosworth For Secretary of received giving any account of the In the West and Rep usual majorities State Hubert Vreeland For Treas- affairYoung Eleventh districtD C Edwards East the states remain aligned as two Mauzy who was only about urer Ruby Lnffoon For Clerk years ngo The Democratic or Re- RepThis 22 years of age had been at work Court of Appeals Jno B Chenault is a gain of two Republic publican columns show no material Senator McCreary has gone back at a saw mill with Louis Chapman mukjng an Congressmen from the Blue Grass change the Democrats ¬ to Louisville and says he is there to also an Ohio county boy for several Its now in order for the mary Local headquarters ains in some instances and the Re State were make investigations He cites many months and it had only been a short gerry publicans in others The Republic Kentucky Legislature to conferred with and Go more ballots instances of incorrect reports of the time since his people had received a ans retained control of the lower modifier the districts some more were dispatched to the place vote which does not credit him with letter which indicated that he was house by a good majority Below we give the ofliclal vote of The precinct went well for Beckham- hundreds of votes he received doing well Perhaps the widest general inter- Ohio county by precincts It will Mr Wm Mauzy the boys father A Mondays dispatch from RUs Some of his managers say they est in the election was centered in be noted that there was scarcely have proof of fraud in many coun is one of Hartfords most prominent sellville says Democrats were the remarkable tight for Governor half vote polled in the county by morning by the ties especially in the mountain sec citizens with a host of friends who waged in the State of New York either party the Democrats turning thunderstruck this unexpected announcement by Coun tion of the State where Beckham are in deep sympathy with him in between Hughes and Hearst out better than Republicansbecau ty Chairman Pottinger that they had swept everything by overwhelming his hour of distress The latest returns available show of the primary election in which made thirtyfour changes in the list majorities his majority in many in College Notes that Hughes while losing nearly nil considerable money was used The of primary election officers early stances exceeding the Democratic Mr Cecil Park a former non the principal cities of the State was stock law carried in all the today twentyfour hours before vote in the presidential election two resident student entered school successful with about 60000 plurali precinot in which tho question was years ago viz West Hartford the election This change was not ty The rural districts brought submitted While Senator McCreary would MondayMiss known or suspected by the McCreary Margaret Reid of Rockport Cromwell Shreve and Cool Springs about the Republican victory and Hays managers until this morn not discuss the probability of a conwas among those who entered school Massachusetts reelecteu Curtis TilE VOTE BY PRECINCTS ing and their followers are indig test in case the certificate of nomi Guild Republican Governor over nation is given to Beckham one of MondayExaminations District Attorney John B Moran for the first quarter nantChairman Pottinger is an intense the Senators closest political fricnJ are over and the teachers are very NUTS of Boston Democrat IRIa1 BeckhamHa er supporter and when said that the fight had only just be busy grading papers and making Pennsylvania elected Stuart Re the McCreary and Hays managers gunEven out report cards The report cards publican for Governor over the fu K Hartford 104 115 1U51H called on him this morning with if Beckham is giving the cer will be handed out Monday sion opposition by the usual Re W Hartford 86 115 2 87104 their lists of challenges and inspect ¬ tificate of nomination t1 ere are 78 71 7 public n plurality Bcda manyeven among Democrats who Mr Tom Hamilton has been com ors and asked him to sign their ere 65 62 Michigan Iowa New Hampshire Sulphur Springs pelled to drop out of school on ac¬ dentials they were told suchcould believe that he will never be elected 20 153 Magan North Dakota Connecticut Indiana count of being needed at home He 43 100 Cromwell not be done ahd would not be done Senator The hand of the machine reports and Wisconsin rolled up Republican Cool Springs that he will be back by 53 41 Attorney General Hays who was too apparent in the campaign some pluralities although there was 51 04 Christmas or sooner We are very N Rockport thought he was a candidate for the and there is no disputing the fact 59 61 falling off from the usual vote in S Rockport sorry to give him up even for a v nomination for Governor made vile that McCreary was run over in many short while v 22 55 X5 Select IowaNebraska 40 71 5 gations in the city court at Louis- countIes denominated by henchmen shows a big Republican Horse Branch Monday was the beginning of the 48 114 3 Rosine ville that he was reliably informed of the machine gain second quarter of this school year 75 81 77 SO E Beaver Dam Ohio also shows Republican gains W Beaver Dam 86 124 that a conspiracy and deal had been 86 Renewed zeal on the part of both formed to steal the primary from ESCAPE FROM PRISON 40 6111 over Pattison in the vote of last McHonry teachers and pupils is being man ¬ 81 him and made a motion that the Centertown ifest d 45 yearNew presiding judge of city court hold a Mexico and Arizona have Smallhous Messrs Owen Brown and Scott Attempted by Convicts in Frank ¬ 40 E Fordsville continuous session on election day so voted against the proposition to en W Fordsville 50 Ambrose were among the boys who that warrants could hastily be pro- ¬ 46 121 fort Kentucky Peni ¬ yEtnaville ter the Union as a single State went home to vote cured for election offenders but the 55 4711 in Kan Shreve Gov Hoch was reelected The teachers in all departments tentiary 38 51 f court being a part of BeckhamHager Oluton are looking forward to Thanksgiv 16 2 46 sasThe Republicans machie refused carried Utah Buford ing when literary exercises will 36 21 Bartlett Over a thousand McCreary voters Washington and Nevada Heflin Ky Nov 5State probably be held Wyoming 42 27 Frankfort were disfranchised in Lexington prison officials this afternoon un 21 36 5 while both parties are claiming Col ¬ Cerolvo The Adelphion Society held a very 21 29 1 and Fayette county No ballots earthed a plot among a kalf dozen interesting meeting last Friday Later reports show the Pt Pleasant orado 68 33 being furnished in some precincts or more prisoners throughwhich election of the Republican ticket in Narrows evening The following new officers 57 275 Ralph and in some voters were driven from one or two escapes have recently 64 48 2 72 43 were elected C R Bennett Pres ¬ Prentis ColoradoMontana polls by police 63 34 been effected and others planned seems to have been car Herbert ident R W Tinsley Vice President In Corbin Ky not more than 21 32 Will Gilla Boyd county prisoner Owen Brown Treasurer J Ney ried by the Republicans and Texas Arnold 24 482 half enough ballots were furnished disappeared today at noon from the Foster Secretary 0 C Martin takes its usual place in the Demo Render and by eleven oclock they were ex¬ dining room of the institution and Sergeantatarms Connor Ford was 1659182885427462 cratic column Total I 169 35 haustedIn a thorough search failed to reveal appointed Critic Allison Barnett Majorities Congressman Babcock of Wiscon Hays precincts were his whereabouts One of his fellow Isaac Christian and J Ney Foster short of ballots and in several other workers in the diningroom was were appointed as a program com LANDED IN JAIL anti machine precincts the officers sweated and led the officials to mittee The appointment of a failed to be elected did not arrive until 7 oclock and the sandroom of the chair shop finance and membership committee In Rhode Island James W Hig got tired of wait where Gill was dug out from under was laid over until a later date gins Democrat was elected Gover ¬ Did Sim Helm for Misconduct At hundreds of voters ing and left without voting thefloor He had secreted himself Some warm debates are promised nor bat the rest or the Republican WhitesvilieBrother Out Several officers of the primary were with a view of making his escape by the boys in the near future State ticket was elected On Bond arrested in Louisville charged with after night The convict who told West Virginia elected the whole interfering with votes and fraudu ¬ of tho plot gave the names of severRepublican ticket electing a Repub FOR THE BUSY READER lently receiving voters also refusing al desperate prisoners as being im Owvniharo Iminlrvr licun Legislature Sim Helm is in the county jail as persons entitled to vote and making plicated All were put in irons and Wisconsin reelects Gov Jas Da France has accepted an invitation solitary confinement vidson Republican by a plurality the result of desperate doings at false election counts to send a squadron of war ships to tha The The officials consider themselves Whitesville on last Saturday and A Harrodsburgdispatch pfat least 60000 opening of the Jamestown Exposi ¬ of Pat- ¬ his brother Leslie who was in Shaker Bend ballot box and ballots lucky in locating the plotters just at tion April 26 1907 In Tennessee the election Taylors saloon It this time as they might have a terson Democrat is claimed by a trouble with him is out on bond were stolen from They were arrested and brought to was in charge of F A McCabe a breakwhile new men are serving as majority of 18000 A furious hurricane raged along McCreary men claim guards while the regular men are Justice Ueckhamite Illinois went Republican by 120 the city and placed in jail the coast of Newfoundland the first offered that the opposition are at the bottom away at home to vote as is the cus ¬ 000 Chicago alone gave 50000 Re Rodman accepted the bail of the week and an immense amount Leslie but would not take the of the steal because it is a strong tom at every election for publican majorityof di mage was done to shipping and In Missouri the Democrats seem same which was offered for Sim McCreary precinct The Beckham fishing interests tt tt Found Dead in Corn Crib to have won but St Louis gave a The brothers got drunk and went people strongly deny the charge Morgantown KT Nov 5Buftown attacking and alarm ¬ McCabe left the box in the Saloon about tho A reduction in Pullman car rates large Republican majority Nevada went Democratic by 1000 ing those whom they could en ¬ till he gilt ready to go home The ord Rohe a prominent farmer of of 20 per cent has been demanded They even went to the theft created great excitement and this county was found dead in his by the railroad commission in Texas The Legislature will be close but a counter Republican Senator will be elected home of Miss Katie Neel who was some times it looked as if serious corn crib this afternoon He had and an order was issued recently for Shaker gone to the crib after feed for his a hearing on November 27 California went Republican by ill of typhoid fever and frightened trouble was inevitable ¬ When A solid delegation to Con her so badly that she left her bed Bend is the biggest Democratic pre horses and did not return 15000 neighbors home in tho county cinct found he was lying on his face in the and ran to a Following their complaint against gress was elected Richmond Ky Nov 7Senator corn and seemed to have been dead forty railroads in Ohio charging rate New Jersey elected a Republican They first attacked John Howard but the Democrats agrave digger and his wife but James B McCreary at noon today several hours Death was due to discrimination the independent oil Legislature were repulsed after having injured made a statement in which he said- apoplexy elected four CongressmenHoward and his I have returns from seventy Republicans Mrs Howard In Maryland the AntiSaloon League to Meet railroad eo nmissiona half the members in Con wife used a spade and a hoe in re- three counties in the State These elected Helms Shortly after counties give me a majority over The Onio County AntiSaloon V gress and carried the Supreme Court pelling the will meet at the Baptist With the count still going on the the attack on Howardand his wife Beckham about 1iOOOIn the Leage C lVWilliams com ¬ Nov shows the election of the Helms set upon a boy named counties yet to be heard from I church in Hartford Thursday the result so far menceda series of meetings at Mt expect to break even with him but 15th inst at 130 p m 163 Knight and severely injured him 223 Republican Congressmen GREAT 1 S 1 ILl 4-

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