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Image 8 of Voice (St. Matthews, Ky.), September 6, 1973

Part of Voice (St. Matthews, Ky.)

rl'(;i:, THK THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 6, 1973 VOICK-JKFKKKSOMA- Joifcrsontoivn Jaycees survey community opiinra Area Wows Return form to The Jeffersonian, 10434 Watterson Trail, by Sept. 17. II. Mock Election Ballot Nov I. Mtii rule l Q O O Jeffrrsonlown's: protection 4. Police protection 6. Traffic control 7. Public transportation 8. Industrial development 9. Shopping facilities 10. Service and repair facilities 11. Restaurants 12. Library UU UJ 14. Schools Harry J. Gleeson James R. Kute PI LJ 18. Youth recreation 19. Adult recreation 20. Recreation for the elderly 21. Community Center park 22. County parks ill. Holman Staff Writer i '.JIAA Jin', ii i B"v.i ui liirj JIAA . Houston was a tn tl.e Itev. 'It rl..iii m.m, illl!U lilt t isk." 'I l.i' sui '.I'', winkers only leached a pt'o,li' in the area, 'i,', i oi H) '! in estimated "0(i nlilor residerts, ' iwei s Mi l, t nt he believes they re .on' s.iinpilinL, .iii'l representative f the I' 'j i; i' : . .", ('nj'k'te suivev ni the city was c puss,),), ( Mi, linwers sail), because v 1,000 telephones in Jef-l- ei lie scniiiwi , Neither Social Security nor .. ; I I:.-- 01 of tiips with W Assi.t.,nn vnuld elease lists in i oil"!' i rietis the .'i nup i 'hey vh ih.ii tt"l ve, he .I'Med, lo( al chtn II. il i .1 e, i ii i i 1 i ', I . rt b'l' their answers to other questions Indicate they might be "If they really understood what It was all about." The designation of "senior citizen" bothered some of those surveyed. The report concluded "Several mentioned that they do not consider themselves to be senior citizens, am) feel this applies mostlv to those who are very elderlv. Several mentioned that they did i! ot like the name "Aging ip ite in ihe iuestion- - :m ,ji i"., 7J ui tl.e HI p i" '!, '"1! Mil e -i s thev - ul.u i is. ui i,i j.iti'..ini.n meeting .h'pii oi chill il. s' e, hll '.'Il nf H people .lie ( online'), (,eon hniii-- n n pl.vsicil ailments, Onh one is siM'el ;,..iUi rlUrri or sei vice u .'.i ni.i'). .n, hi 'een i.l volunteer sill ev win ke s A car-pe- The JIAA study concluded about hall the jieople were not interested In belonging to a "senior citizens" club, , tn (rafts, needlework, or ry. i it a group, social activities with zrotip. dies to 'l"'.!'l"p list of ,,s niaiiv eldeilv rM lefts .is possible fi o::. r) in ch membership io!!s, Mi, lio'Ai'fs el. iter!, A 'oril i, 1)2 si.r.i .1 rltiei.s I'l.tuallv V.ple run- wtpil hv telephone, tin 28 ii' Open-En- d Questions J p.,-,- ' i (If you need more space, attach a separate sheet) most serious problems? 3. What do you consider Jeffersontown's UU W hat street do you live on? All survey questions should be answered. Ballots responding only to the straw ballot without answering the issue questions will not be counted. So community issues may be defined according to specific neighborhoods, the street name question must be filled in, or the ballot will not be counted. Results are scheduledlto be published in The Jeffersonian on Thursday, Oct 5. 1'. 'ir"i The J.I.A.A. had originally intended to hold a workship after the survey, in order to organize programs which A'ould serve any needs of the elderly hlch the survey might reveal. Now, Bowers said, the JIAA is seriously considering turning the results ove o the rapidly growing and highly sue :essful M&M ("Mature and Modern" :iub. The M&M Club, formed several months ago as the St. Edward's Senior Citizens Club, has grown to more than 40 members. "The group is really going,': said Mrs. Carolyn Stewart, who was In charge of the survey and active with the M&M group. The club now is coordinated by Ruth Frederick and Betty Crumple, with help from other local individuals. Mrs, Frederick bubbles with enthusiasm when she speaks of the M&M Club, She said she does not really consider it to be "just a senior citizens club" members range from the early 00f to the 80's. This is "a good age span," she said, and the club can serve as "preventive medicine" by getting its members Involved in the community and with each other before they get to the lonely and withdrawn stage. The club draws its membership from the Jeffersontown and Traditional. For a tout h of simple li' i'. you II tmd the licautitul Whitnt-- pattern. witn iiiiwn uray iiorcicr. a IxMutit'jl lo( al point tor Hr.u ious living ,ind k ious entertaining One free plate setting per family,. please Contemporary, lor the look ot elegant sirnplit ity. you'll he proud ol your table set with the Sinu'rity pattern, vuth its platinum e)gc outlining a translui ent whit" hat kground One tree pl.ic v setting pT himily. pUa s- Hikes Point Frederick agrees it is better programs through the club Mrs. to develop rather than form new groups. This fall M&M's plan to expand to weekly meetings, to meet the growing interests. the r'C 0 Opsn a FnirstllbainiCi cGtadiSireg accdnoiniu: - S Jimmy V. Hinton Raymond J. Ward 2. What do you believe to be Jeffersontown'! greatest assets? n they are not able to do their own light maintenance work such as changing light bulbs or carryine garbage to the street. Sixteen said they have a problem with transportation, awl five are not able tc prepare their own meals. Seven woulc like to receive a 'laily phone call from someone to check on them. The conclusions of the surveying committee state, "We probably did not have the names of those who need a lot o! home-typ- e services. One thing that w is most evident is that most oi these people are quite proud and a 11' tie sensitive about 'taking' services from other people," Other questions dealt with individual interests. The majority of the people Interviewed said they are interested In: A siiivt" ct senior citizens iti the J"!!hi s iiitmui .hi.'. i has been completed 1". tht Jeflei si uit ti Intel l.iitli .znc, i Chesley F. Wheeler Collis Reid studies needs of elderly By Gaye mi - Sunshine Lodge, as center for youth activities, 1. The Jeffersontown Jaycees propose Information about governmental services, corrections and guidance counseling, and general for recreational activities. What is your opinion? Do you have any suggestions? city-wid- e As H- Potts William E. Cummings HERE IS the Jeffersontown Jaycees' annual Community Survey, which this year includes a "straw ballot" testing sentiment in local elections. The Jaycees will use the information derived from the questionnaire for planning their community involvement projects during the coming twelve months. Also, survey results will be forwarded to Jeffersontown and Jefferson County government JIAA Eugene Voll W. Jeffertontown Police Court Judge IV. early-campaig- Richard L Mazzoli Owen ( Edward T. Martin u 24. General appearance of the city 17. Clubs and organizations Mrs. Martin Hopkins Ui 23. Job opportunities 16. program J Sherman Kline uuu uuu uuu uuu uuu uuu uuu UUU 15. I Thomas A. Barrett Emil Fougnie uuu 13. Planning and zoning policies - facilities Schools - educational Schools - staff Jeffersontown City Council -1 uuu uuu uuu uuu, UUU uuu nnn 5. Street maintenance Herbert S. Meyer Jr. Franklin J. Chambers uu u uuu uu 2. Storm water drainage 3. Fire Mayor of Jeffersontown K Ui o 1. Sanitary sewer system independent Naw Direction Team Taxpayer's Party ui (9 taff photo by Gaye Holman JEFFERSONTOWN "M & M Club" members (from left) Geneva Stallworth, Louise Cecil and Clara Stamper prepare to leave for a "Turn of the century" picnic in downtown Louisville recently. FQEE. Just open a new Firstbank checking account of $100 or more and we'll give you your first plate setting of W. M. Dalton four-piec- e fine china free. Or open a passbook savings account for $25.00 or more, or add that much to an existing savings account and receive a free place setting. You have a choice of savings or checking accounts. And only Firstbank gives you a choice of china patterns. . Additional place settings of this and china are only $4.50 (including tax) with each savings account deposit of $25.00 or more. And accessory pieces are also available. 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