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Image 4 of Voice (St. Matthews, Ky.), September 6, 1973

Part of Voice (St. Matthews, Ky.)

r PAGE 4, THE AN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1973 VOICE-JEFFERSO- MAZZOLI opinion page The Bruce B. VanDusen, Nixon's wrong; Congress is producing Voice-Jeffersoni- an 109 Chenoweth Lane, Editor St Ky. 40207 Matthews, v David A. Schansberg, Gen. Manager & Publisher By Romano L. Mazzpli John 0. Chalek, Sales & Promotion Mgr. '; U.S. Congressman, Third District his August 15 speech to the President Nixon made about Congress statements In The new jetport plan: nation, How would it fit an official growth policy? The President said that "legislation vital to your health and sits unattended on the calendar." He Congressional went on to assert "your elected representatives here in Washington ought to get on with jobs that need to be done." which, with all due respect, mand rebuttal. well-bei- The people of this area do not True believers In the religion Progress, baptised as they are'' want to "stop growing." But they do want the inevitable growth with waters of holy growth, must to be moxe tightly controlled have hailed the headline on the edithan it has been. They are beSept. 1 Courier-Journ- al ginning to learn that one way to "The jetport: Now the torial: control growth is to say "no" question is whether to stop to the highway lobby. Another growing." is to take control of utility line JefNot even the Louisville and locations away from private inCounty Air Board's site ferson dustry and developer-dominatevaluation committee has sugcommissions and put It in the simple. gested the issue is that hands of planners who operate The committee found "growth in public. Another is to develop is inevitable in this dynamic enforceable land use plans which area" and recommended doing insulate green belts and farm something now about future air lands from the economic prestransport needs. But it did not sures which have blighted them suggest the alternative is to in the past. Another is to stand "stop growing." solidly in the way of the jetport In fact, when he presented the promoters and say: "Sorry, your site committee report this week, plan is not in keeping with our Dr. Robert S. Levy went out of vision of a more beautiful tomor- - ' his way to discuss growth. It row. We are not going to let is time, he said, to develop our region become one massive an official community policy on slurb. Your jetport will not be growth. The implication was that necessary or desireable." if one existed now, it might have The point is not that the jetport an important effect on the jetis a bad idea. The point is that port plan. the jetport is essential to and One need not reject the comwill encourage a level of growth mittee's prediction of inevitable perhaps which many people growth to reject the jetport honestly do not most people scheme. To date no solid eviwant. What they do want is what dence has been presented showing an official growth policy could we need the jetport. And there are produce: a public framework very strong signs the people of within which the impact of a jetthis region do not favor the port or other big project could be sort of growth which would proand then accepted, rejudged duce such a need. The death of jected or modified. As it is, the Watterson Expressour growth often is the result of way plan symbolizes total pubhaphazard judgement, selfish be-- " lic disenchantment with thetheo- havior and public apathy. '"" ' v"'v logy of More Is Better. Advocates of the jetport proposal can be expected to insist The Air Board is very proud growth is inevitable and the jetof its new opinion poll showing port land purchase therefore is people here think air transport essential. Logic requires one to is a regional problem and airaccept the first assertion. But ports should be developed when rational man need not accept the need exists. But the Air the jetport. If we want, and if Board has not asked the peowe will work at it, we can limit ple what sort of region they the pace and direction of our really want. Were it to do so, growth enough to find a much it almost certainly would find more livable alternative. people with far more concern To do that, we must vigorously for preserving a livable enpursue Dr. Levy's suggestion vironment than for building a of an official growth policy. new jetport. most serious, thoughtful, arduous, and yes, productive Con- gressional sessions. , Jeff-ersonto- wn in interested "junque," a giant flea market will provide a vast arr y. A live jug band will entertain with music, and square dancers will fill the streets with during the evening. The Jeffersontown High School those For old-ti- distracted us. u me do-si-- JROTC unit, winner of many awards for excellence, will con the official festival flag and city officials will weicome the crowd. Don't be surprised if just about every office-seekin the area is present to shake hands. During the afternoon, 17 bands from throughout the state will march through the heart of Town Square as the international duct raising, er Jeffersontown High School Marching Chargers annual Invitational host their Band Contest and Parade. This is the time each year when Jeffersontown citizens pull together for a common cause. Civic groups, churches, schools and the everyday citizen work long hours preparing for the event. They are proud of their city, and produce something for young and old to see and enjoy. award-winni- ng ii mm ii u i 1 f ill i r 'fj i m y s s sss- x. - r Quite the contrary, Watergate has inspired Congress to assume greater responsibilities than it previously has and to come to grips with the profound and troubling questions which in recent v zv . years Congress has largely 'Maybe they figure its private property.' Thorny questions This 93rd Congress is asking such thorny questions as whether the President . al6ne should be able to define national security, to decide when to bomb other nations or when personal and civil liberties can be violated on national security grounds. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Scores VanHoose on 'Rights5 ....... - ne Town Square in Jefferstown will alter its everyday small town activity on Saturday, and transform into a flurry of fun. There will be something for everyone at the fourth annual Gaslight Festival, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Visitors will witness a startling display of arts and crafts, the product of talented area artists. i i I I Dear Editor: .. ' . The following letter has been sent to Richard VanHoose, Superintendent of Schools. My husband and I have read and discussed the Seneca students' proposed bill of rights, and Superintendent Richard quoted sharp reply to Van-Hoos- them 30). It seems (Voice-Jeffersoni- e's Aug. an, entirely reasonable that students would want a voice and opinion in things that directly affect them in school, and a freedom of expression that we all are supposedly entitled to under our Constitution. I feel that students of all ages have some good ideas and should at least be heard and discussed. Even our children, ages six and nine, have contributed ideas to our family plans and guidelines. They have also at times pointed out things that they thought were unfair and after giving them some thought, we found that they were right! Is there any human who knows all the answers so well that he Is not subject for debate or possibly change? I know of none. Another request that the students mentioned is that married or pregnant students have the same right to continue their education as others. It is most important that they do. Why should these two groups be singled out and denied their education? Both marriage and pregnancy are very normal states. Who decides upon the ones to attend school and who doesn't? I wonder how they are to achieve' I suspect it is a group of men and women, along with toe1 super" this responsibility if they don't intendent, who also went through get it in the homes and schools. school stifled and denied their These same kids are the ones who will be leading the nation some, voice of opinion, and are still day and I hear their parents afraid of speaking up. Or poswondering how they will do it sibly they are afraid of losing their position if they disagree and their grandparents often saythey won't ing they hope with their superior. It is very hard to discard some of the be around to see it. notions of growing up such as the The one who is pushed through old saying that "children are to school with no responsibility or be seen and not heard." This respect is usually the one who is obviously carried into adultcan t cope with the many hood with some people. problems that suddenly confront Mr. VanHoose was quoted as him in the adult world. Granted, saying that "no student is going respect is to be earned, but to tell me how to run a school. given some responsibility and Sounds as if he's talking about duly carried out, respect will a prison camp. I have to wonder surely follow. They should be if this was said out of pride given a chance to prove themor insecurity. selves and this can't be done He stated also that the schools under a dictatorship. have a right to search lockers since they are the property of If a committee of students could the schools. I disagree. Search meet with the school board and the lockers now, and later it will discuss these proposed ideas with be to search the minds. Since an understanding ear, we might the taxpayers pay for the stuall be surprised at the fine qualdents to use school facilities, ity of students ,we have in the I feel that if there Is enough schools. Let them continue to suspicion that a locker needs to submit their ideas and give them an opportunity for debate. If their be raided, let the proper official secure a warrant and then ideas aren't accepted for one conduct the search. reason or another, please give It appears that these students them a reason for declining them. are also citizens and should be I hope some day to have an opafforded the same rights as the are adults that portunity to meet Mr. VanHoose. rest of us. These It will be my first encounter are in high school, and if treated with a man who knows all the as such, I am sure they will answers and is not subject to act the part. change. Almost daily, I read that a parent is bewildered that their "child" isn't a responsible adult, or that they are lazy, etc., etc. ament for the ability to produce this paper, The Voice-Jeffersoni- an. But there we were last week, glued to the television, watching the demonstrators try to prevent from ending the Parliament national railway strike and wondering how it all would end. For better or worse at that point we were dependent on those railroad workers for the paper we Intend to produce next week. A month's newsprint supply was boxcar sitting in a strike-boun- d somewhere near a Canadian paper mill. In the meantime, we learned to once again the appreciate meaning of friendship in the newspaper printing business. Our only recourse at the time was to borrow enough paper to get by. And that meant we had to turn to others in the business, some of whom are vigorous competi- Mrs. C. Johnson 2928 Nepperhan Road 'Don't infect my children' tors for both advertising and printing, and ask them for help. In every case, the response was a genuine concern and willingness to do anything they could. Several publishers could do nothing; they, too, were looking for paper, or had already promised to do jobs for other printers who were worse off than we. But those who could, did help. Seven rolls of paper came from Newspapers, Inc. in Shelbyville; another 20 came from the Frankfort State Journal. Now that the railroad is running again, there is new confidence we can muddle through what seems to be a long-ternewsprint shortage. And as we do, we are especially thankful for the generous, cooperative spirit we have seen the shortage produce among our fellow Kentucky and Indiana publishers. ' m About letters. We really want . . your letters. To insure that they are published in a timely fashion, we have two bits of advice. First, arrange for it to arrive no later than Monday morning of the week you want it published. Do not trust the mails to deliver your letter in one or two days. They sometimes fail. We have a mail slot in our office door for delivery and urge you to use it. Second, we do not normally publish anonymous letters, form letters or carbon copies of letters written to other media. The letters column is for your use. Use it to compliment, criticize, wonder or comment. 24-ho- restricting them to child's eccentricities. Dear Editor; I fully support the return to pure constitutionality for every citizen of this country including those illustrated by the under 18 Student Bill of Rights. Our educational system has set up Its own government containing legislative, judicial and executive branches without recourse or representation. The Student Bill of Rights gives representation to the owners of the back the taxpayers. system Some feel the need for intra-scho- ol laws; the ones they Have so play at home don't work it where it lays. Don't infect my children with school laws .. Fremd mother of four aged 325 Sherrin Avenue isn't Congress Thanks, and then some In our wildest dreams we never had imagined being dependent on the actions of the Canadian Parli- , The fact of the matter Is that the Watergate investigations have not cancelled daily House and Senate sessions. Really, with the exception of the seven Senators serving on the Ervin Committee, it's safe to say that the Watergate has not to any marked degree changed our work day nor ed The Gaslight Festival ng I personally find these remarks rather curious, coming as they do in the midst of one of the of 10-la- de- another Ann C. 18 and under f asking these creating debate on political Is? sues. We are trying to writer thoughtful legislation which will define and affirm the proper Constitutional roles of the Executive and Legislative branches of government. Already in 1973, Congress has reached substantial agreement on a "War Powers" bill. This will restore to Congress the responsibility for declaring wars, yet leave the President with sufficient flexibility to cope with any possible emergency. Congress has acted in the practical, areas as well. It has passed a major new farm policy act, a "breakthrough" highway act making funds available for mass transit, and a necessary liberalization of the minimum wage law. Also, Congress has taken legislative steps to establish new budgetary mechanisms which will require us to establish national' spending bread-and-but- ter , priorities. ., t Credit to Nixon President Nixon, on his, questionable exercise of "impoundment" refusal to spend mon- ies appropriated by Congress at least, be given credit for jolting Congress into an awareness that we can't go on proliferating Federal programs forever. Credit Is due again to the President for some of his budgetary proposals which have challenged many the of continuation popular sacrosanct He has, forced Congress to take some long and hard second looks at its pet projects. I'm pleased to report Congress has picked up the gauntlet flung at our feet by the President. We aren't going to agree with the President on all of the questions of national priority, but I believe we have' been alerted to the need that priorities must be established. Even the statistics (which I find The Published Matthews, day, Ln by Inc., The Voice of St. each Thurs- The Voice at 109 Chenoweth St. Matthews, Ky., 40207 (Phone By mail, In Jefferson and Oldham Counties, $8.50. Elsewhere, $12.50 per year. Six months subscriptions, $5.50. Add 5. state sales tax In Kentucky. All mall subscriptions payable in advance. Per copy at newstands or office, 15?. Second class postage paid at Louisville, Ky. 895-543- questionable standard of measurement) show .the. 93rd Congress has enacted more laws and been on the floor for more votes, in its first; seven months than any Congress in recent, history. So, while it may be true, as President Nixon says, that some, have spent too much time) "wallowing in Watergate," I can;' vouch from personal exper- -, ience and fatigue it hasn't' been the Congress. ' to be a Volce-Jeffersonl- an ;

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