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Image 2 of Voice (St. Matthews, Ky.), September 6, 1973

Part of Voice (St. Matthews, Ky.)

PAGE 2, THE SgC THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 6. 1973 VOICE-JEFFERSONIA- uroM Art to ask Fiscal Cmri ai ' ' rate, Mitchell said he expects the school to "run out of money about the first part of December' unless more revenue ' Is found. On the motion of CarlJ. Zoeller, chairman of the School of Art trustees com- Because they say the continuation of i the Louisville School of Art lslnjeopar- -. dy, the Art Center . Association has asked Jefferson Fiscal Court for a ' grant of $25,000. one-ti. Members of Fiscal Court, were he. duled to tour the school and review the request yesterday afternoon, Sept. 5. A decision Is not expected for some weeks, however. The school opened for the fall term this week and reported enrollment slightly Increased over last year. By e and 132 Tuesday morning, 53 part-tim- e students had registered. But J. Stuart Mitchell, treasurer of the Art Center Association, which oversees the school, expects a budget deficit of $15,000 for the coming year. Mitchell told an Aug. 29 meeting of the association board the deficit would have been $60,000 but for a recent elimination of many costs. Among these he listed telephone extensions, long distance calls, travel expenses and the elimination of some courses. Mitchell said his estimate assumes another successful art auction, which earlier this year netted about $10,000. mittee, Mitchell's suggested budget. Including the deficit, was formally adopted. Although board member Mrs. Charlotte Price was said to have "several irons la the fire" which might produce new revenue, only the $25,000 proposal was discussed In detail. In their request to Fiscal Court, the association said the full amount of the $25,000 request might not be needed, depending on other fundralslng efforts between now and May 31, 1974, the end of their fiscal year. However, the request stated, "the continuation of the school Is in Jeopardy if we cannot begin the year with a commitment for this amount." Mitchell noted the Louisville Orchestra Is seeking a $9,000 appropriation from full-tim- even at the reduced spending "TELLINOLV FUNNY, POIGNANT AND SMART. THE KIND OF COMEDY THAT PIERCES." Jay Cocks, Time Meg. Three Finchville women this week served notice on the Louisville and Jefferson County Air Board they will oppose plans to buy land for a major new airport In their community. Mrs. Sarah Nightengale, Mrs. Lena Frledrich and Mrs. Jean .Dawklns, expressed their views at an Air Board meeting Tuesday, Sept, 4, at Standi-for- d Field. And they announced plans for a community meeting to discuss the Issue Friday, Sept. 7, at Finchville Baptist Church at 8 pm, Friday, Sept. 7, at Finchville. The three women said they believe no big Jetport Is needed anywhere in the Louisville metropolitan area. Their opposition took on special importance this week as the Finchville site was announced as the first choice among several alternatives for the new Jetport. Mrs. Nightengale, spokesman for the trio, limited her formal presentation to a series of questions directed at board chairman James Thompson, She recalled a recent telephone conversation she had had with Thompson and asked him to confirm a statement made by him that the airport would not be a "massive big Jetport." Am I right that it is not going to be a huge Jetport, but will be another regional airport, like Standlford, only ft (f A Paul Mazuraky Production GEORGE SEGAL SUSAN ANSPACH 42S-I27- I 0XM00R Cento. I twin umi.v llllWlllll VrilukK mm PARENTS YOUR CHILD ENCOURAGE TO PLAY IN THE SCHOOL AND OR ORCHESTRA by Renting An Instrument ME MAINTENANCE t 2 SERVICE previous years, hundreds of Instruments to Rent From Piccolos to Bass Violins and Tubas. NEW & USED No purchase necessary As in C. 00 C.Lool C.,11 8 Vmrtr Terms Are Available on Jhit Rental fee Larger Instruments Slightly Higher All All rental tees apply to purchase major Credit Cards Accepted MUSIC CENTERS R, A. Mil trobargar, Propriator - CaniulToni DIUVIRV UPON RIQUIST SHOP ' PHONI PARKING 587-055- 937-76- 1 m J. MM ac- - tlvltles this year. Fine arts commission Another potential source of funds Is the Jefferson County Fine Arts Commission. Board member Robert H. Roach said letters from Fiscal Court Judge Todd Hollenbach have gone' out asking for views on the Idea. "I hope you will heartily endorse it, because that's a good source of funds for us," still-unform- ed Roach Bald. The economy drive has given added stimulus to the use of volunteers at the school. Mrs. Ruth Drennan said some 25 volunteers have agreed to work as receptionists, librarians and office workers. Mrs. Price said 10 others will work in the gallery, greet the public and staff a new gift shop scheduled to open about Sept. 15. Missing from last week's board meet- - Finchville residents oppose jetport plan Out of money But county government to support its 964-334- 15 7)11 DIIII HGWT. 945-255- 2 3 NIW AllANV JOS I. MAM It IHSriiSTONHWT. a little larger?" she asked. "Yes," answered Thompson. But at that board member Ely Brown in Interrupted to say "I don't think we can answer these questions." Brown said the nature of the new airport would depend on too many future developments to be able to describe It accurately now. In response to her questions, Air Board general manager James Gagnon said Standlford cannot be expanded easily because of nearby highways and the cost of buying enough land to protect against future noise problems. Mrs. Nightengale said Chicago had solved the highway problem by building runways over highways. She suggested the same be done here. At that point board member John Y. Brown Jr. said Mrs, Nightengale's questions Implied the board had already decided to build the new airport. He insisted this Is not true, that the Air Board "is not committed and will not be until the evidence Is such that we have no other choice." Mrs. Nightengale asked how the board would go about buying the land and holding It for several years until the need for the airport was clear. This approach had been recommended by the board's site evaluation committee last week. Board attorney Kennedy Helm said the board could condemn the land, buy it and lease It back to the present owners. Asked what compensation a leaseholder would get then If he elected to make any Improvements, Helm S'U he did not know. And when Mrs. Nightengale asked what might happen to the leaseholder If the board later decided It did not want the land after all, another board member claimed the questioning was becoming "too speculative." Just before Mrs. Nightengale spoke, Dr. Robert S. Levy, a member of the site evaluation committee, formally presented the committee recommendation of the Finchville site, In introductory remarks, Levy noted that while one alternative would be to "do nothing" to the region's air transport facilities, the committee could not recommend that. "Growth Is inevitable" he said. But Dr. Levy added that "The community has no official policy on growth, and it is our hope our statement will stimulate community leaders to seriously consider a policy on growth." Levy said air transportation does not cause growth, It responds to growth, and in view of the normal growth that can be expected, action to meet air transport needs should be taken now. perhaps Si Maithewi ; back-to-schoo- l! MIDDLETOWN OPTICIANS Village Square-Middletow- 245-749- 1 n HELD OVER SEVENTH ANNUAL ANTIQUE SK0.7 & SALE September 14, 15, 16 1973 -- Yenawine Yenawlne, on the other hand, will be In charge of registration, purchasing, personnel and the full range of administrative tasks formerly handled by 'Donson. Yenawlne, 23, was the school registrar last year. A graduate of the U. of L., he served as student member of the university board of trustees during 1971-7- 2. He lives on Greenwillow Way near Anchorage. In other school business, Yenawlne announced the appointment of Benlta Culllnan as an Instructor In weaving and textile design. Ms. Culllnan replaces Mrs. Alma Lesch, who has taken a leave of absence. Ms. Culllnan is a graduate of the School of Art Institute of Chicago, where she has held two teaching assistant-ship- s. In 1970 she was Mrs. Lesch's assistant at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and her work has been exhibited In many Midwestern' galleries. 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