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Image 10 of Voice (St. Matthews, Ky.), September 6, 1973

Part of Voice (St. Matthews, Ky.)

m'VA... j PAGE 10, THE VOICE JEFFERSON1AN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1973 r O yam mm n w o W y. (2(IMV(gIMm(2 I , rT 1 ODli 24 tonxM "J Hi THE WARHAWKS AND CHARGERS got themselves in quite a mess Friday night at Westport Mustering up their energy, they untangle themselves and start again. llrt 1 wMlh LSlbsirt3:yrsJailfiiniaIl9s miewMoiniey Maclkflinis 1 Mil ''I 1 iv 10 J. ul it .. ; fc. .. or . i." ,' - 'ilw nil r V THE CHARGERS are after a fumbled Warhawk ball during the second quarter of action. :il It CD CD CD pros Roy swings with Jeffersontown has its shar b't rri.iilv .1 Hoy, 3",-"'- sunn fr, of golfers, have joined as foin some as the one Normand Kirby I.ane, playad in this few Roy .trended the Detroit Tipers professional baseball team's Alumni Annual enl! mitiiie at tho Hillcrest Country Club in !t. Clemens, Midi. In i'oy's foursome were three prom I inent sports figures -- - Bill Freehan, the catcher for the Tigers; Al who pitched for the Tigers In the 1940's and 'COs, and for four consecutive seasons was a 20 game winner, and Bill Collins, a golf pro from SpringNew-hous- field, er, I OQO Ih- 1 I II I ' t i ' ' 1 c 1 II IB f 0 A Cii 111. 1L The men finished second in the tournament with 12 under par, Roy said. Til ?1 1 St. Edward, St. Rita clash The three Saint Edward football teams met Saint Rita Sunday, Sept. 2, with mixed lesults. In their first league came, the third- - and fourth-grad- e team lost to Saint Pita, 13-In exhibition games with Saint Rita, the seventh- - and eighth-gradelost to the home team Mark Sweiss 0. rs 10-1- l! and Tiger Connors scored touchdowns for St. Edward. fifth- - and The fared better in their exhibition game, beating Saint Mta 12-Dennis Burch made the first touchdown and Joe McMillan made the second from three yards out after sixth-grade- rs 7. march. a y ii will , f Jeffersontown Optimists open season Saturday The Jeffersontown Optimist football senior team took a 12-- 0 decision over the Shively Optimist In a scrimmage game. Their later game against Cabbage Patch freshmen, last year's city 1 champions ended In a 0 deadlock. The Optimist season officially opens Saturday when Jeffersontown plays the Barrett Junior High School at 1:30 a the Atherton field. 0-- r i ; Children's center benefits from testimonial dinner Ktmtuckiana Children's Center, The 3700 Georgetown Place, will benefit from a Testimonial Dinner on Thursday, Sept. 6, honoring Patrick E. Gorman, labor leader and International secretary-jtreasurof the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North call or Contributions are tax deductible and may be mailed 3G6-06r- ,8 366-505- 9. to Kentucklana Testimonial Dinner, P.O. Box 1C039, Louisville 40216. er Gorman has volunAmerica, AFI.-CIteered to serve as the 1973 Kentucklana O. l UllUH J1 LI A - '. .V. .11.- - VVII.V1 mm era Featured at two new locations: JEFFERSONTOWN 10419 WATTERSON TRAIL The dinner, ending a public fund raising Wrlve, will be held at the Executive jinn. Judge Todd Hollenbach and the Honorable Thelma Stovall, Kentucky Secretary of State will be guest speakers. jThe presentation of a plaque to Gorman iwlll be the feature event of the evening, MIDDLETOWN 11530 U.S. 60 ' For tickets and further Information, -j- A. .-i i

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