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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, January 19, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

THE Numb. XXI. TU K C S FOR SALE,,. following tracls of valuable lands, z'. three, hundred acres in the county of &.'!bn on Cartwrights creek,, sour hundred ana twenty two acres on Mill creek in the ivin county, five hundred and sixty acres on Chaplins foikin .the county of Mercer; three hundred acres on, the doctors and .Chaplins foik in the said county, and. three hundred acres on the doctors fork in the said county. Thtfe several tr,afts ofjand are patented in the name of William Steuart deceased, and the terms of sale may be known by applying to the subscribers who are authorifed to dispose of the fam, npHe in the 10 leturn tu the tprins, he THE ..." Office , fT 7DT J3JtviC X1 HAS just of . J . KENJU.CKE received a fresh affortment grocery and .dye fluffs, and has opened the .remaining' stock of his dry goods, and now are 'for lale, likewise two PKiledelphia made For the Year of our LORD 1788." ftillswo millfaws,four dickeit rifle guns and ;a number of Cows and, calves,,, with tie CONTAINING, fallowing Mdecine, viz,Glauberfalts, Barks, The Rising, and Setting of theSun and .rfnibarbjallap, tartar emetic, cream of tartar Moon, the Lunations, ' Conjunctions Ippecacuana, magnicia, camphor, slower of and Ecli'pfes, the Rifirig, Setting and sulphur, quicksilver .ointment, britifh oyl, harlem oyl, turlingtons balsam, anderfons Southing ofthe, noted-fixeStars'-TOGETHER WITH pills, hoopers female pills effence of pepper Length of days, Judgment of the Weather, mint, liquorifh ball &c. Also, twofurveyors days, compasses and chains, together with a case . Fcftivals. and other; Remarkable ALSO pf plotting inftroments : at eight pounds Court days, with useful observations on, and each campafs. i directions for, p'ropagahng Fruit-TreAs I propose quiting trade as soon as by Grafting in its different branches. this cargo of merchend:ze is vended, shall Directions for making and refining Suin suture sell on the low est terms to expegar, tfc'.&C.&e. dite the fajne, super sine broad cloihs with other sine goods will be sold on lower terms than this diftrictcan in suture be fuplyed. r. n. . all to pay up their leipeciive ballunccs as foo;i pot- - ctf Just publifhcd, and now selling at t this 1788. es EARNESTLY Equcfts indebted to mm, 1,1788. 19'. . . "TS JANUARY TE T ( lmc.idb fcttlementeily Y, A D- i AL HARRY 3NNES, . TODD, jwtrLl-r-THOMAS ADAM SHEPHERD, Nelson As the Liuiciiuci E K TUR A Januar? 19, 1788, . IUST OPENED - AND FOR SALE ON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS FOR CASH, BY ALEXANDER AND' JAMES PARSER, at their (tore in Lexington opposite Brays Tavern an ailbrtmcnt of dry goods, amongst Which is an affortment of Queens ware, Groceries arid hard ware THOMAS JANUARY. E D UcTtI O N ; hereby jjOtice V A number ofthe subscribers for this paper, having paid no part of the fubicnp-iio- n money, they are requested to do it shortly as there is several demands against us which .we cannot otherwise discharge, porlc will be received in payment at twelve millings and six pence per hundred-oor before the twentieth Instant. is given, on Monday the twenty eign h of january next, a fch v)l will bo opened by mellrs. Jones ; nd Woiley at the ioal fpiing in Lebanon town, Favette county, where a commodious house sufficient to contain fifty or sixty AN APPRENTICE TO THE HATTING BUSINESS. feno'ars will be prepared They will teach Enquire ct the printer hereof. "ctf ' RAYED or Helen from the Plantation of the latin and greek languages, together with Mrs. Shiell, on the hanging fork of such branches of the (ciences as "are usually S3SS t)'cks river, on the night of the 22nd ult. taught in puHic feminci ics, at twenty five mil,a likely well made H0rfe, about 4 hands ' lings a quarter for eacn icholar, dhe half to 1 LEXINGTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL. high, seven years old trots naturally and S again oDenec1, where Latin, Greek and be paid in cifh, the other in p:oduce at cash well ? he has a sew white the different of science wi'l'he gallops very price. There will be a vacation of a month sorehead and a saddle hairs in his inthefpring, and another in the fall, at the carerullv taught hy Isaac Wilson, formerly spot or two, a thin- hanging mane and cbfe of each pf which, it is ex peeled that professor in Philadelphia collree. The iuJipajmcms as are due in cash, will be price of tuition is sour, pounds payable in switch tail. He had on a tolerable good bell size faftned by a broad leather made. For diet, wjifhing and house 100m, cam or produce, boarding rnav he had of a midling iot a c,r, each scholar pas three pounds on as reasonable terms as any in the diftridl. strop and iron buckle, and was not long ago shod all round. , in cash or five' hundred weight of pork on . I will give five dollars, to any person who entrance, and'three pounds cash on the bewill deliver the said horse to me in Danville, ginning cf the third quarter.- - It is desired W"Hereas capt. R',f Terrel has in hispof- - or in case he is stolen I will (on the delivery-ofththat as many as can would furnish them-feivleihon two bonds of sour hundred horse and conviction ofthe thieP gr e; wit! beds. Such as cannot may be poundseach upon Col Wm.Chriftian deceased a reward of FIVE POUNDS- - GA. J. JOHNSTON. provided for hereto the number of eight or Danville Due. 8. 1787 tea bay s at thirt) five fhillins a year for each and as he may poflibiy aflign them away this is to inform the public that I have bed. in my pofseffion, bonds upon mr. i Terrel ar. ELIJAH CRAIG. Tit n t. wouiu De proper persons indebted to the subscriconiiderable amount,, and until they-arin. u. it lor each buy to to a settled 1 will not pay the abovemention-e- d bers are earnellly requested to- hate his, sheets, linns, (lockings &c. maifc. ' ' ' bonds. make 'mmediate payment of theif refpertive en tr. prevenr mitlakes. ALEXANDER S: BULLETT, E$r' accounts, or they muftexcufe any steps 22 Lebanon Dec. 27, 1787. ta ken to do- uiemtelves juitice, they flatter themselves that their long patience will in 'jTHe public should be cautious how they duceevenr person to comnlvV '. Mercer county, Dec. 24, 1787. deal with a certain capt. John Martin of Lexington, Dec. 20, 1787. GORDON & COBURN Lincoln county, as that man has lately taksn ., advantage of the law in pleading the limi"WIth a, bLzj in her face, five years old, S of 9 years old, about IS tation aCt, and that only, because he has been fifteen hands .high, neither docked xA21. GRAY horse. lianas tinec incnes Inch, some lmall hl.irir indulged nearly thrre c;ri.. This 1 hope nor branded, shod before, trots naturally, vi be a futHcient warning to the citizei.s of is with foal, has a mealy nose, her mane spots about him, was brought in from aboac sour miles above the mud lick on LiCklng Kenicke particu'arlv thof in bufir.efr. hanging on the near side, was taken up by about the tenth of D;cembe"r, appears to M.NAGLE. iTanvilk, Dee. 4,1787. 9 some hunters about a fortnight ago near the. have some brand on the nearfhouldcr but 1 owe him, let him proN. B. He lays mouth of Chaplins fork of fait river and be made out, The owner is desired duce his acwout proved, and then I will give turned into my pallure, 1 liave polled cannot come and take him away, to on the execution I have agamft her and wish the owner to' per her, him t JESSE CONWAY. Living 011 WANTED q ,,' e es . AJLt 1 ' . . - a bay. mare 1 -- . , ct-di- 22 James speed. Norths about 12 miles ft am Lexington. '

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