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Image 2 of The Big Sandy news., June 17, 1910

Part of The Big Sandy news.

Page Two. If the very consciousness of the DR. the ten on the new Mem and ELBERT JENKS, abject state of her erring child East holds up Us hands in horror D EX T I ST being more fully developed town the mighty at the thought of a force of that mysterious passion l Bank Block Over K. T. Burns burned by feudists. In point ol fact that word U which can forget and. forgive all Law Office. there are no feuds In the mountains things, aud though the youth of uow. and the fire at Hyden started PsrmanenUy located la Louisa. her Jalrest hope may be as one The man who tti a natural way. It refer to Dr. Tatt'l Liver Pill and York ast off from God and man, yet sent that story to the New S. THOMPSON, she will not forsake him, but parHerald should be put on a perra.i- Are voe const Ipetedr Abroad for Ue ticipate lu all tilings save his Attorney at Law. i 1,1 1, kiist aud not allowed to sporUal New Gathered Troubled with ImUcwtioa? . Loolaa, Bonaftt of Our Readers. Keatucfcw. Skk headache? send another story to any newspao I....... tolfn ,iii.-,uReal Estate a Specialty. Real Ee-ier. as l lie very ngim-f- i Rillous? upou . Md tate agent for Louisa and Lawrsae ment that could be Inflicted Insomnia ANY of We wish to tay a few words for county. man ;,;, Preferably he should be lei Indicatethese symptoms and EK. ethers Will furnish abstract at Inaction ol the Ll and ,. the old folks, believing that the In titles. She to the borders of Kentucky strong sentiment in a bride for the third time. .M There Is firmities of advanced years are of Sandy Ad- kicked into Indiana or Ohio. Fratl adojurnnieu! was married to young Congrats for an early ten treated with an Indifference that plant tort News. Repub--j ams, an employe of a lumber DR. A. P. BAN FIELD, Representative Dwlght. the ts hard to bear. Not by all, of course nearhv. who is bill a lew months CATLLTTSIIIKU, liean whip, expressed the opinion KY. The for there are many, we will hope but a brief Frankfort. Ky.. June 9. It was In office U the time. Lives Is after a talk with the President that her senior. The bride was married Hoard of Commissioners the majority, that are thoughtful Prison ourtship the programme might be closed up Tom of the aged and kind to them. Then office building. Practice Ear, Eye, granted a parole today of i ne at a very early a.ije Take No Substitute. by July penlteutlary again, there are others who, to nut none ana Throat. riage resulting in an immediate di- Combs, sent to the I have turntahed rooms tor sax it mildly, are harsh aud cold. It Is to vorce lnvor.e proceeding, followed from Breathitt county for life for refused The House again very natural to smile ou what la tlonta who have to remain Cos the niuider and to his daughter.who the her second m irriu.i. agree on an amendment to lovely and strong, and frown on treatment or operation. docs living in Frankfort, is now and Judicial aplegislative.executlve The young the reverse without even observing Another gomi Combs owa his freedom. Carlisle Advo. ate appropria propriation pill making TIP MOORE, that we do so; and It often fol of gas was stni' k at woman has worked hard and faithtion for automobiles for the Vice strong vein lows, with the young, especially, that light plant last week fully to get her father out of prisAttorney at Law, and the Speaker of the the electric TlltKD as they look on COI.IMX DKDICATIO TO President the I urn. wed face . Koala cfcy. Lonisa. Having encountered much salt wat- on coming to Frankfort to live In MIXTHKIUS A THKY JOI iloase. and the dim eyes the trembling hands. er they are now engaged in easting order to be near her father Collections la Eastern Kentaeaj THE HOMK CIKC'LK. the tottering, uncertain steps of an given special of getting where she could work for his rethe view attention. Ai a further means of insuring the it off with old man or woman, they seem to their engine lease She obtained employment In passengers enough gas to run safety of the lives of forget that In that warm and home L. D. Frankfort ainl every six months. - They are down now over ewO feet D. M. , Don't tell every thing you know ly prison house are a heart and trainmen the Interstate Comduring the time she has been In and you meroe Commission issued an order bear soul which yearn for recognition lepu- - Frankfort she has appeared before don't tell every thing DENTIST Ky.. June poer Whitesburg. - requiring the equipment with your tongue with back this riie.tor Sam Collin, of I'nlt-e- d the prison commissioners and asked don't blister be, Satan's bellows to for kindness In word and deed, and Of flea over J. B. Crutcher's Mora brakes of 85 per cent, of the cars knew that the biting, don't for a little love, with an Intensity She Adington. IVputy for a parole. Office hours from I a. to. to I a. a. In any train operated In interstate city; John in the blow up the fire of strife States Marshal of Pikeville. and case would not be considered, after community. Either rut off a bit of that youth In lis fulness doea not I. Commerce, effective September They must forget, or one know possemen are making a moonshine a refusal to grant the parole for ARKtcaY'i It with HAIft BALSAM i,, Iiiie Fork Creek. in six months, so she would stay away your oftongue or season to work the would not so often hear such re report crop grace, lie quick The Government nd OM MS Ww, of that long each time, but was al salt marks as. "Oh. grandma, don' county, where a number spring Pike shows the area soan to to talk. Think of your own bother; grandpa forgets everything E had been located. ways on hand when the six months slow stills tM TnUlM Cafe. ' a. I nliunil ImmIUtLm wheat is about 1S.742.000 acres, or moonshine Offi weie up. Combs has been in the faults ere other people's faults you grandma, what do you waut to go than It will be an important raid 1.349,000 acres 7.3) more i been a tell. for? Old folks ought to be conten en cers are making a most systematic prison nine years and has own last year; the condition element model prisoner He was convicted ted at home the moonshine June 1 was 92.8, as compared with search fur many girls It is unfortunate that In our words to others. In all ou of killing a man in Breathitt coun H!nn June 1. 1909. and 93 0 the of this section think all they are required to do Uriiiii wuu men;, it io our VULJ ty, the testimony being average. June ten-yeis to make trash, read trash, ureas to Mrs op an(1 think; and with the Ky . June S Mt. Sterling. Effective May . 1910. well and entertain Moore, their friends. n lt positive cruelty not to do Ky . June in. Judge l.illie MiMire. wife of Tlios Princeton. cirOne-eigof ne Parents often Imagine It to be the , t , down hill, remember; L. Fort Oar ICentral Time.) to important died suddenly under peculiar hand. Robinson's farm 1:J0 today Indication point gro blood makes a rhilM negro in quintessence ol Kindness to allow till with steps, stony paths, and at Iroulon. A. M. Dally ror Kcnore. witness In the night rider trial at cumstances Portsmouth, Cincinnati. ttieir daughters to waste me years tu there Is only a grave. Don t Columbus. killed to unison being the cause of her the District of Columbia Pullman Sleepers ! Hopkinsrtlle. was shot and Because Justice Dan Thew Wright of their girlhood in such a manner bv Impatient words and looks pus Cincinnati and Columbus. Connecdeath and the is surrounded from ambush Thursday near Otter ( y; tions via Chicago and 81 Louis far of the Dristrict Supreme Court, so We are appalled when we realize ,heIll ,ong lu propitious ter Pond. There Is no clue to the with much mystery d what a vast army oi young gins are dont bruise their weary feet wit ths West and Northwest no Tbe body will be taken to Kiel. decided. Isabel I Wall, the Robinson had paid assassin. 1:10 P. U. Dallv For Cnluoihuw Mrs daughter of Stephen Wall, throw 'iig away their opportunities ru ks r ridicule and uncalled-fo- r attention to repeated warnings to Morgan county, for burial We would be glad Jest, don't glaze that downward slop Cincinnati and Intermediate stations. Moore was 20 years old. daughter of the proprietor of a negro pool room for iwfulness country. Heave the ruiimaa B lee per. Cafe Car to Colof indifference; and umbus. will not tie allowed to enter the if we could arouse the girls wao;wUn ,hl) Dink Murphy, of this county. Connects at Cincinnati as4 thi white schools of the District. Wall prefer gaudy clothing and glittering above all. don't hang on every bush Columbus for points West. She became seriously ill the In the Louisiana Assembly Jewlery. and having a good time, to',,,,) boulder placards of their own At the time of her death will appeal from the decision Lr. 1:58 A. M Dally For Will. bill. morning. Oglesby Senate passed the home The decision Is even more far- - a correct education; and who pre- deterioration. It Is not necessary to lamson. Web b. Hluefleld. Koanoke. nolice officer was at the which demands capital punishment on a war reaching than in Its effect on the fer the society of silly young men remind them yiat they have left UU.UUU,H, .imiuit, niroaono. rail man Sleepers. for persons convicted of wrecking to arrest her husband J Cafe Car. "'v If their prime and strength con settlement of the Question of the to the work of g. od autnors. disorderly behind attempting to wreck a train. Dut-ln- g rant charging er 2:00 P. M. Dally For William, girls would be truly happy, they They know It; none so well. Wall ihlld's admission to schools several duct. two seasons the last son. Welch. Bluefleld. Roanoke. by hou' I select a work the same as Yes, let us sometimes stop and Norfolk, Richmond. for It establishes a precedent Pullman Sleeaer trains carrying members of the Asthey think; let us turn from our own am to .Norfolk. Car. The Winchester News, the nhly which may be determined the more their brothers do a profession; Cafe sembly have been wrecked on their important question of what propor- will then have an Interest lu life bition; from our ambitions for our Train leaves Kenova I: daily paper In the Tenth congresk. M. way to Baton Rouge. come out against tion of negro blood makes a negro and sill find happiness in useful children and lend a hand to the old Dally for Williamson, sional district, has via Warns, reneomt-nate- d work let and leaves Kenova for Porta rooate, us smooth their path, who was folks in Washington The heavy storm which swept ov John W them lean on us as they step over and local stations i:4T P. M. Dal'c In handing down his opinion Jus-tii-- e Mississippi. without opposition for Reper Arkansas. Northern . W.VW A Mother's live. ReWright said: the steep ledges and let us warm except Sunday for Columbus W1JT Tennessee and Kentucky did much resentative in Congress by the aat It is not prMerity. with her the chill of that bleak hill side with local stations. "It is to be concluded that the property. The publican convention at Mt Sterling damage to crops and one-- sa.lle and beauty, that tries the pur- sympathy and love. Let us give the i hild is of negro blood or Editorially For full Information apply to Friday. Arkansas, last in worst damage was W. R. UEVII.L. U. P. A. not eighth or her ity and fervor of a mother's love: them back all they gave In past days Langley has that where, the wind attained cyclonic v News says M. F. I1R.UM1. T. P. A.. Ifaaaoaa. Va of racial status Is that of a negro it Is in the dark and dreary precin- and uive with Interest; for believe satisfactory memlier locity and hall fell. Two fatalities out She is therefore colored' according cts i' adversity, amid the cold us however useless you may deem He has been an resulted in that State. Wire com- Congress. & man. only to the common meaning of the term frowns of an unfeeling world. In them uow, you will miss them when Ry. Cannon out is being gradually re- and munication of poyerty and despair. In sickness and they are gone. to and the application for a writ It may be as you Heavy loss to newly plant- once mustering courage enough stored. Sosefels ostfost to soooos apjMOl senss of in sorrow. that it shines with aistaud by their coffins; In the mandamus against the Hoard it may be ed tobacco In Kentucky Is reported vote against the speaker. Loral trains leave Louisa, southbe Education must be denied " mortality. and years lu come, when you tread the brightness beyond In many aection.B and many fields tariff fiirht he could always bound, 7:24 a. m. week days, aa4 . every sched counted on to support were flooded. 5:21 p. m., dally. Ely's Oram llalm lias been tried om. strives but to pour balm and and think; thoughts will come. Then ule which made for the interests North bound, leave Louisa now up and not found wauting in thousands consolation It is a against the people tion the sufferer, and Cod help you! Ool help us all a. m., dally, i:6 p. m.. week days. Mrs. Jeanette Stewart Ford. It the cup of misery, filled to over- That lu those thoughts there may figure at the trial of to the Democratic party to nomi- of homes all over the country leadinz Arr.v Ashland 1:JS a. m.. dally. If a satisfac has won a place in the family medi- flowing, serves but to bind them not be that word of flame remorse nate a strong man Charles L. Warrlner. now serving 5:20 p. m., week days. among the reliable house more tirmly and dearly to each .a. en in i:em. cine closet (or the tory man is term in the penitentiary However worldly and sinful peo from the the Nes will oppose the election hold remedies, where it is kept at other, as the storms of winter bid embezzlement of " children a. hand lor use in treating cold in the sheltering Ivy twine Itself more ple are they want their Uig Four railroad, will not be furth- of m.. .dally. Local, week days How are you going to have ti e head just as soon as somo mem- ,ose'y around the withering oak. good. She escaped from a er prosecuted. Islington. 10:40 a. m. th, Abscme cannot chill a mother's love them good Buy them s few good A NewYork iiMs;,ai-- r prints a ber of the household begins hospital in Cincinnati and was reTo Cincinnati and West. Teach them a few excel itself destroy z biHiks? At this story of the fire at Myden and says preliminary sneezing or snuffing It ..or tan even vi turned after a struggle. eio ieave lauetisnurs. Hrlng them to mentality. it is thought the blaze was started gives Immediate relief and a day mothers kindness. The lowest de-- j lent catechisms?' evidence of a weakened f m m Itdallv Tins is the kind ofl,,r two's treatment will put a slop gradations of lieman frailly cannot church? That is all very well.but the prosecutor entered a nolle pros- by feudists. by to a cold which might, if not i heck- - whol'y blot out the reniemhram e of Utile flual result unless you do charging stuff, sent out from Kentucky es in the Indictments 11:24 p. m., dally. a ho. become i hrouic and run your i into f the first fond yearnings of your it with the grace of Cod in kians willing to make blackmail and receiving stolen mon your Do you realize that flection, or the faint memorial of heart. dollar at '.he cost of the State's a bad of catarrh, ey pending against her. 4:10 a. m :I5 a. tn., 1:0 reputation, that hurts Kentucky i primeval Innocence; nay. It seems as hlldren are started for eternity? Locala, S:5S a. m., week SOI TH CHAUI.KVroX. o. they on the right road? Those Ky.. June 10 Three No newspaper correspondent would Are Whitesburg. 12:41 p. dl, dally. Mrs A T Hoggs is visiting her Is! dare fake a story like that to now so bright Ittie forms that are times married at the age of IT FUuMSoaiHl. Main Una. and beautiful when they have scatthe. remarkable record of Sarah Jane the Keutmky paper, but he sells daughter and son near this place Leave Ashland, tipress Mrs W. M. Peterson and w hi; h pub-the- n Mrs Craft, of the vicinity of Tonny. it) it to the Eastern papers. tered In the dust, there will be writ- - Jake Steins were visiting Mrs W. T Editorials are an Immortal spirit living on In a this county, who has just become lish it uocai. oaiiy 9 nuiKiiiaion, is Trusty Sunday and m; runs mighty theater of action, week to Hlnton Mr and Mrs W. T Boggs and your faithfulness or your neglect daughter. C.retta. were visiting E. destiny. now is deciding their 1.1, U. 1U. W. Eikhardt and family Sunday. visiting is Miss Berths Parks W I Saved from Awful Death. X "Dr. Miles' Restorative Nerv friends in Xeula. How so appalling calamity In his rL- ' Fred Miller, John Miller and Willi ine cured me of a period of family was prevented Is told by A LOCAL STOCK MtiikiT Wrii-h- t were visiting W. T. Uoggs nervous prostration of over three A. D. McDonald of r'aye"6'"'' N A market for the sale of rtatt(P iMtuuay evening years duration, and the Anti- - C. R. F. D. No. S, "My sister had etc., wss opened Saturday. Jan. 1 Mrs W. M Peterson attended IS 10. at my Disco at Pork nrTr-.- l Pain Pills are as necessary to consuniDtlon." he writes, "she was. Sales overv tmn Mb. r L. V hurch at Selma Sunday. very thin and pale, had no appeU- - date. Convenient pens. Trusty was vislt- - us as the roof of our house. M Feed rer iss Gertrude seemed to grow weaker cVry onable, tkales handy. She gave him a bill, and and .t ng Ipt grandtnolhre the past week Thev have been household rem day. as all remedies failed. J. W. TOWLER. told liim to gee one five In Hiange Mrs l.ina Trusty is on the sick edies with us for many years." w Dr. King's New Discovery one dollur lu small pieces. The XOTICR list. VM. T. LOUGH RAN, ed, and so completely euro oer. large a This community had merchant gave Hie Ihij a five-doll- ar Ws want 25 good tie makers 1 1214 Catrrcrine St., that she has not been troub1 "I"1 as tne result ol a si are Tuesday rood teams to log saw mill,, hill, four ones, a half and two quar-ter- s. Philadelphia, Penna. a cough since, its tne mad dog which passed through the 'or Johns Creek. For further Infor On the nay home the boy Inn I ever saw or heart10'- Much sickness is due to ncrv-on- e of bit country. It did a good lagrippe. mma.crou tion write LA BE 81MPSOX, KM a quarter. It cost 33 cents to Headache, diz- coushs. colds, troubles. image, biting two girls and some hemorrhage-al- l borno'' torubhii. Ky or JAMES 8IMPSO.V, 1 IO bill changed. g.t the A checklock. After a long chase It was ziness, epilepsy and insanity are I, Trial K. 1111 eonal. EOov"-00- - A. at Floyd Co., .Ky. Will pay ea ing account would Imve saved this ry SO days. killed and Its head sent to Colum nervous troubles. Then there bottle free. Gaarw, bus for examination. trouble and loss. Ask us alwut the is a large class of disorders Hughes. The Only Child. which arise from a weakness of advantages of a checking account. roHila. the nerves of an organ or part, Twelve M.'k We'll cheerfully explain. "It ured me." orit saved the life as weak lungs, heart, stomach, the expressions of my child." are bladder, eyes, etc kidncyr By unanl JU TO,e ,h County you hear every day about Chamber of Kanawha county Dyspepsia and indigestion are Commission lain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea usually the result of nervous voted to O) PPHratlons for ,n cbsrleston Remedy. This Is true th eworld ov and VoHIDESanoT i disorders. saloon lie remedy has er where this valuable Kanawhr 0,,n,jr for on Restorative Nervine M. G. Wntsoo.rres, Following J.P Hiickworth S been Introduced. No other medi u" this M.F.Conley.Cashier . cine In use tor diarrhoea or bow- - soothes the irritated nerves, and aOO men. women and chil v actio!" gener V JTea. cells to Aug. Snyder, Muaty(iui(n' 1 ' n, 1saw W lUIh S I ei nan re ved such gen assists the nerve dren'40 hd ,,,eud"l he session ' .. I V It, Hvt. aLL.lll,L Itltroce aoy kuk L' ri ecret ot the ate nerve force. TOUrt marched from the court G. K. Burgess, S of T Marine Is sold sy all dnn Tn. uiue i's Colic, Choi success of Chamber! ? L- - Vinson Asst. Cathie slnclna. "N'eorer lr nnA t to boiMSt, tin yoar aliu. If the Srt rotara s"o monoy. ho I mi era-- md 1 snsdy It that Diarrhoea y and Dixie. a sons I! MILKS MEDIC Ab CO SixXart, lad. Mrs. a.HMlI 4 mk- - 8010 bX.-nrh'er hall roods fust iwcsTWwwOoaloy's riU.WMMMain.ter, I Johns Baa Ay ahd Sunday. .' I 1 Store, JUST C ONE ITEMS OF INTEREST FROM MANY STATES WORD T. MEANS HEALTH. 'm . oss .. Tou Nood TutfsPills I JONES, D. 0j f,, It Ohio Chesapeake t:tt Nervous Prostration For Three Years A Mother Sent Her Son to the Store for Change ' : ti h. WE : iiif:vnT.r.rfTw r "Ni Jl l. v.. vu BUS rct .int. t W t I I tl teau .sua -- ! A Sl " lv:n hi

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