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Image 8 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 1, 1952

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

:-K- - DEAD WANTED i ;c:r couirro TIE JTFFIZr30ITIAlT, TAG3 FOUR STOCK McQueen, bros. uAKsoa Mrs. Carfield have srone to ject has been scheduled for Febcomplete their home. Mrs. Ray ruary 5 at the home of Mrs. David Roach, club president. Eliars has tanen Mrs. arneia little daughter, Marilyn, to join Mrs. Charles M. Beatty and her parents. Mrs. Elliott Gaines will attend In spite of the rain on Friday the Farm and Home Convention evening there were more than 6D at Lexington next week as delpersons at the family night sup- egates of the club. per. A picture show on Mexico and South America was shown. SEEDS fc PLANTS FOR SALE Offering was taken and funds Tennessee Beauty strawberry were given to mission work in plants. Henry Haag, Fern Creek these countries. t 3722. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stutzenber-ge- r Fescue seed (Ky. 31) very good entertained at dinner on Saturday evening in honor of their but not certified, 50c per. pound fourteenth wedding anniversary. in one hundred pound lots; or-k Lam-brooCovers were laid for Mrs. Frances chard grass, 20c per pound. Stock Farm, Anchorage Sexton, Miss Trilby Gellhaus, Mr. 887. 36-George Yenner and Master FredRed top and lespedeza seed; die J. Stutzenberger. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stutzenber- straw; 100 bushels corn. Ray Senninger, Fern CrefJk ger have a new television. 37-Miss Peggy Schneidtmiller is ill with the flu. Orchard grass seed thresher run, $2.50 per bushel. E. Shearer, Brush Run Road. Jeffersontown . Si. Mailhews News 5034s t Br Mrs. Anal Haha TAylor 1344 CT. I1ATTHEWS PRODUCE ( agent for ) "WHERE PARKING IS NO PROBLEM" I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree A tree whose hungry mouth Is prest Against the earth'a sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray; A tree that may in summer wear A nest of robins in her hair; Upon whose bosom snow has lain; Who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made by fools like MEG DM JOHNSON AND MAIN STS. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MAKE IT YOUR BANK IN LOUISVILLE ,; i: aar i mm, a Mia, J. - FIRE - AUTO KENTUCKY - ' FARM BUREAU IIISURAIICE SERVICES J. LLOYD ROSENBERGER ' Rout No. LOUISVILLE. KY. Box 813 CHEROKEE 2781 8 Blue Cross Farm Liability KYGAS IS GAS SERVICE COUNTRY HOME WATER HEATING COOKING HOUSE HEATING TO BOTTLE 3t 3t - I I PHONE CALHOUN Roof Painting Guttering Spouting ' Furnace Repairs Available on the FJUL Plan th 4 n M EASY TERMS Incorporated 101 PLANT TAYLOR 8813 Jaffaraontown, Xr St Matthews At. JAS. J. BUTLER. JR. Amm M fJ W. Ht St, LmUiO L. C. STAUBLE DETROIT JEWEL GAS RANGE 139.50 With 2 Cylinders Gat Very Small Down Payment Up to Two Yean to Par Also television sets, refrig- erators, farm freezers, washers, other makes gas ranges. COLYER'S SAY YOU SAW IT IN THE JEFFERSONIAHl BOTTLE GAS COMPANY Anchorage 712 Jeffersontown 4638. 31 kr. 61-- . UJ-ilU- SERVING THOSE WHO DEMAND THE BEST I SETTLES SALES & SERVICE Minimum 15 Words e? Classified 35-6- f Drive' Loui3vUIe' K? MiS?8t Sales ladies to sell Nylon hos- iery; no experience necessary: liberal commission and bonus. Write Miss Monroe Hosiery Co., 37-Box 42, Aberdeen, Miss. SERVICES OFFERED Piano E. Stocker and feed cattle; also Box 43, tuning. R. Ky., Bergdoll. Lyndon, TAylor dairy breed "cattle. Marx Bros., 2912. fs-Bourbon Stock Yards, Clay 3806. t Contracting ana tmllding, genrepairs, prompt service. E. Registered Poland China serv- eralHall, CHerokee 3972. A. f ice boars and. bred gilts, farrow March and April, bred to outin standing sire. Fern Creek 3365. THE ARK tf FERN CREEK. KY. We Buy, Sell, and Trade All Kinds of Furniture When Planning an Auction See, Phone, or Write HERB YOCOM. 32-8- 83-t- 38-- 3t Fr( Eitlmatei Fleaurt Kldft ROBERT I. ROWE Six shoats weighing about 75 pounds. Will sell separate or all. Also work mare. Jeffersontown t t 36-3- Cfclmncr and FlrtpUct SptelallH Oaldaer FlrepUtu Br1e Grill All Work Abiololely OnranUi K. I, Boa 1S VlUy Station, Kr. t 36-- P-- 36-- 3t 5565. Duo-Ther- ALBERT SHACKLETTE 37-3- m ville, Ky. Louisville, Kentucky certified Ashworth. Chenaugo, Sequoia and Sebago potatoes. per hundred. $5.50 t CHerokee 2836. Three-cushio- n 37-- Jafferionlown, Ky. Truck beds and sleds built: farm machinery repaired; will buy wagon tires. Katzman. Jef- fersontown 5103. 37-- 3t Ky. 37-2- t 36-1- 0t 38-3- divan with slin ccvers; good buy. TA. 2548. Phone 5645 Remodeling, repair work of all types; new homes built; concrete blocks laid; free estimates. Leroy Yorkshires, registered boars and J. Eisenback. Jeffersontown bred gilts, reasonably priced; 2 registered Aberdeen Angus bulls. Charles A. Bastin, Fisherville. Prepare your house and outt Anchorage694W3. buildings for spring painting done reasonably. Free estimates, Sam Two Bluetick fox hounds, cheap. Mclntyre. Phone Fern Creek . Andy Key, Anchorage 37-- t 36-3- lt 3t 37-- 3t 3t 076-W- James Coal Cc Inc. Volkman & Kerlin Phone Ui for Building Material 2601 South Third COAL STOKERS Dependable and Most Economical Electrolux refrigerator, gas box, 38-can be converted to kerosene, 6 cubic feet, excellent condition; Water hauling, quick service, Black mare pony, foul about 9x11 rug, slightly worn; ladies March 1st; 2 Toggenberg goats. reasonable price. L. H. Snyder,. bicycle, reasonable price. Fern Creek t 88-Jeffersontown t HI. 7579-J- . 9 nice Poland China pigs, 9 , TRADE old. weeks Merritt Bischoff, 38-- lt Palmyra, Ind. House, 9 rooms, 2 apartments; NEW AND PSED Four fat hogs, extra nice; 7 1437 Highland Ave.; 40x240 lot, SINGER SEWING MACHINES cinder block garweanling pigs, reasonable; table 1 V story; top gas stove, very reasonable. age with shop; trade for farm ia Singer Representative Lazi Creek Farm, Watterson Lane. vicinity of Jeffersontown or Mt. Washington. CL. 1291. 38-t K. ROBERTS Fern Creek 3157. TA. 3253 or HI. 1100 FOUND Nine shoats, 50 pounds each. George Henderman, Blankenbak- - j Tan male, long hair, about size New Singer Electric Porter ttoaa. jeiiersomown oaou. of Cocker Spaniel, bobbed tail; able, $89.50. (Includes lesson dog appears to have been lost and attachments). some time; owner, call or give te Demonstrator Singer Vacuum Want to Sell Your Property? really good permanent home Cleaners Reduced. where dogs care. On our advertising of one Jef- WA. 4030. are given proper 38-fersontown suburban home we WANTED TO BUY Heaters, bottle gas and fuel oil, received over 60 replys. We sold each heats 3 to 4 rooms; gasoline it but have many real prospects Shallow well electric pump. cook stove; will trade divan for left for all types of properties 36-studio couch or sofa, makes bed. j with ordinary lots, small acreage Jeffersontown 5168. and farms of all sizes, prices t Fern Creek 3t 3t St 26-in- 38-3- 3t 37-3- LEGAL NOTICE! herv given pursuant to the provisions of House BiU enacted at the regular 1938 Session of the General Assembly, that the persons whose names are set out below, have filed with the undersigned as Clerk of the Jefferson County Court, an application for a permit to be issued by the Jefferson County Court, authorizing the operation of a Road House, Tourist Camp or place of public entertainment. On the first day of the February Term of the Jefferson County Court, On Monday, February 4, 1952 at 10 a. m. at the Jefferson County Court House, the County Judge will proceed to hear evidence in support of the granting of a permit on said respective ap plications, or in opposition thereto. Name of Owner of Said Business Location of Place of Business V,ce 18 No. 210, to-wi- t: Martin, Mary B. (Dixie Lane Club) 4435 Dixie Highway Witness the signature of James Queenan, Cleric of the Jefferson County Court 38-3- lt ; : 3t 37-3- ranging from $6,000 to $40,000. Genuine red cedar and locust Let s talk over the value of yours. posts; end, corner and line, all Call F. H. Krack, Highland 5066, with Ted W. Bossung Company, t sizes. Anchorage 694J1. 37-3- Rough hay. Claude Campbell. Cooper Chapel Road. Fern Creek 37-- 3t Resthaven grave lots Call Jeffersontown 5920, after 7 p.m. Gas grate; kitchen cabinet; table; 2 double galvanized tubs with drain spouts. Jeffersontown 3t Corn; living room oil heater; large brooder with electric heater. t FR. 8307. Flowers For Every Occasion 3000 Bardstown Road 38-3- Dump truck bed and hoist on Phone CH. 2651 '34 Dodge running gear, tires, $75. Okolona MINISH & POTrS with 6 t 38-3- Truck, 1950 Chevrolet, ton pick up, black. Jeffersontown FLORISTS PHONE: HL 6700 1577 Bardstown Road Hardware Seeds Locust posts, standing, 35 cents. Furniture 38-3- 37-- 3t 3t G 38-3- 22-- J. ri 38-l- p 36-3- INSURANCE HOME AUTOMOBILE BURGLARY Kennedy Insurance) Agency CH. 4072 Bank ef Buechel Bldg. 38-3- 38-- LODGE NOTICES Jeffersontown Lodge, No, 774, F.&A.M., will meet in stated communlca- at a lion, oaiuraay, teo, POULTRY AND SUPPLIES 9- at 7:30 P.M., ia FOR SALE the Masonic Temple, V Indian River pullets, laying. ia Jeffersontown. Jeffersontown 5519. Members expected and visitlaf t brethren invited. SWAP C. H. Eppihimer, Master E. Ward Jean, Secretary Will SWBD 1.500 VPllnur file building blocks, enough for 4 or POSTED NOTICE 0 rpom house, lor pick-utruck J. A. Morrison. Anchorage 745W3 The public is hereby notified t that the undersigned property holders have "posted" their premises and that no hunting or 1s unauthorized tresspassing "Complete Coverage" allowed, under penalty of prose- ' Highland 7646. 38-- 3t Joe Shewmaker, Fisherville Star KIRCHDORFER DIXIE LAWN SUPPLY CO Route. Phone Taylorsville 2105. HARDWARE t tttt.T. SERVICE COMPANY WIRING LIGHT AND POWER DeLANEY FURNITURE CO. Seee Us For Seed Peat Moss We Deliver Aspinwall potato digger; tracBadiai ant ApaUaatea Repaired 822 BAXTER AVENUE Bardstown Road Complete Line Of tor disc harrow, Blount, 822 BAXTER AVE. , Prompt SarTita WA. 6736 Lane Beinbl Priiee And HOME FURNISHINGS WAbash 6738 t first class shape. CH. 4939. Highland 820 STEWART JONES Jeffersontown Kentucky BONNYCASTLE HDW. CO. Kitchen with Phone Jeffersontown BERT FINZER SEED CO. new. Ferncabinets 3716. sink, like Creek Walter S. Schneiter, Prop. Banks Tba Chamber Bead Co., Warehouaa, Inc, Lumber QUALITY HARDWARE rfaled lespedeza hay, clean. C. FIELD SEEDS ELECTRIC COMPANY 1616 Bardstown Rd. F. Wallingford, Fern Creek 3926. 1201 STORY AVENUE BANK OF HL 1451 Cool or Lumber Call Our Number LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR t JAckson 1047 JAckson 1546 JEFFERSONTOWN MAgnolla 2054 Quality Work Reasonable Prices All Banking Services Hay, mixed and alfalfa; also T. B. MILLER & SONS JtfferionUwi tat Laala Hartaat Trucking Sorvlce Home Supplies INSURED DEPOSITS straw. Anchorage t 8128 1350 Kentucky Avenue Jeffersontown Cemeteries Straw, about 8 tons, reasonably JOHNSON'S DAVENPORT BROS. . priced. Anchorage Incorporated MODERN 38-RESTHAVEN Choose Your Own Banking Hours Hauling General LUMBER & MILLWORK CO. MEMORIAL PARK Modernized Store Offers 35 shocks fodder on Brentlinger BANK BY MAIL EASTWOOD, KY. p Lumber, Mlllwork,, Storm Sash Service For Lane. H. E. Sewell. Fern Creek WAbash 2139 Bardstown Road at Buechel Your Household Needs BANK OF BUECHEL Phones Anchorage 2903 3923. t 1101 STORY AVENUE e Electrical Appliances Member F.D.LC. Phone CHarokee 2681 A. B.C. oil burner and coal e Wiring and Repairing HUGHES LUMBER CO. Groceries hot water heater. Jeffersontown BANK OF MDDLETOWN 38-Household and Builders Mlllwork Roofing Lumber "FRIENDLY SERVICE" Don't look for EASTWOOD GROCERY Hardware 2336 S. FLOYD ST. FOR RENT Middle town. Ky. Feed and Hardware e Lumber, Mlllwork and Phonei Anchorage 143 MAgnolla 1020 Two room house, electricity, EASTWOOD, KY. Building Supplies '133 lays water in yard. Fern Creek Phone Anchorage 4400 Conveniently ocated On Bardstown Road At Buechel Plumbing and Heating Small farm, Grade B dairy, 1.1 Pay Us A Visit acre tobacco hn- , j uii Established 1926 We Deliver CH. 2C81 Sherman Gilliland, Jeffersontown JOSEPH B. TOBE & SON 5095. 37-Plumbing and Heating JAMES-HARTUN- 33-t- woodworking, no Men, perience necessary. Jeffersontown Wood 81 Metal Products Co., Jef- 37 .3t fersontown. 4t 2-- COAL HEATING SERVICE , Housekeeper, white, maternity case, care of children and v house March 1st to April 1st; write stating age and salary, to Mrs. mm advertising V figured at the rate, of 4c per t 5168. word, and no ad will be taken for less than 60c. The same ad . r or Vjreener raaiuica-ii- ; ia-- (no change) will be run three ture Dream renovates seeds and' times for price of two. fertilizes without disturbing sod,i t 1113 ally u uciui waii jk wjiic. EMBRY TRACTOR & SUPPLY: LIVESTOCK FOR SALE 35-Shively At. 5821 37-- Phonei 5639 Jeffersontown 810 Mile East of Jeffersontown Auto Service TTTTT7 I I Itl r. Resthaven CemeRegistered Polled Hereford tery lots, section 9, bargain, bulls, 16 to 18 months old, sired terms, low down payment; must bv M. G. Domino 33. Shobe 36-move. Anchorage t Realty, Fern Creek oil heater, practicGood fresh cow, first calf; good ally new; also four corn drill; good Kerosene Brooddrums. 512 Barret Avenue, Louis- er. E. C. Woolet, R. 4, Box 883, ' JACOB SCHULZ CO., INC. Service Anything Electric ftTTl"' UllJ--l Protect your cistern water from all trash and filth with a downspout strainer; they stop everything except the water; many Jeffersontown satisfied users. 36-3- Florists Electric Service . f Two A Jefferson County DIRECTORY Business, Professional Service o t 22-- tf j 10, j en 3166. I sontown, Ky. ATpX T ) Experienced man to call on farmers to sell new arid used 3 jarm machinery. State salary and references in letter. Write The Jeffersonian, Box 38, Jeffer- - nriTriTrin IUU Ulli APPLES AND APPLE CIDER. William Fegenbush Orchard, Bardstown Road, opposite Rest-havCemetery. Fern Creek 10 hop With These Friendly Jefferson County Merchants LOU. FARM IMPLEMENT COMPANY Dairy Farm Equipment Poultry Equipment 319 E. Market JA. 0549 l!!Mr.i1JM8 35-f- JAMES QUEENAN, County Clerk Farm Supplies mt tf J. f , 3t 2SS1 )NOOIeATCO 1 Cobzrlsan Leans Kentucky Gas Service OFFICE aMa rmi a tt::t q to-o- RANGES AND REFRIGERATORS a km Used refrigerators. $39 tn $99. delivered and guaranteed, easv terms, aeuies &aies & Service, - )K Nineteen Western ewes and one ram; will start lambing before Cisterns repaired; Eight tons lespedeza hay, $35. February 1. See Julius A. Krages, basements cleaned and Jeffersonpumped. per ton. Jeffersontown 3rd house east of Dixie Highway, town 5168. 36-on Pendleton Road. WELL DRILLING Alfalfa and timothy hay. Call White face Hereford heifer. Highland 6398-between 8 and Floyd McMahan, Jeffersontown (FROM THE HEART OF HARLAN) ar- - J V,, USE CLASSIFIED AD3 MUcen&iMoua 36-3- RED FEATHER cco!L COAL coke Call Highland 6718 V Alfalfa, clover and lespedeza 5604. hay; corn and straw. Jefferson-tow- n FOR AVE. Farm Loan: AND WATER HEATERS ; WHAT HAVE YOU TO SELL? 36-3- PHONE JACKSON 2634 Roofing HEATING EQUIPMENT (eiye: FERN CREEK, KY. Phonei CHerokee 2167 SAM MEYERS TINNER OR TANK .y jasmin sk. 'x THE ARK FULL DRESS SUITS CUTAWAYS TUXEDOS WHITE FORMALS For Weddings and All Occasions 312 WEST JEFFERSON 1908 DEERWOOD v dress suit rented r.I lr.i GAS SYSTEMS 38-3- The St. Matthews Homemakers' BERRY PLANTS. FLOWERING SHRUBS & FRUIT TREES Club met last Thursday at the home of Mrs. George Goldner on Berry plants from J. H. Shicrown s Lane. Mrs. Verlin Rogers and Mrs. Robert Marshall vers Plant Farm. 20 discount thru March 29 on all Stark taught the lesson on "Decorative Brothers fruit trees, grape Stitches." vines, flowering shrubs, shade There were numerous patterns trees and roses. on display made by the leaders and huck toweling in various Call Farn Creek 3348 colors was used with embroidery RUTH E. JOHNSON floss. A work day for this pro- BuecheL Ky. VH. DRIES FOR THE ir r But only God can make a tree. Joyce Kilmer. Spring is probably around the corner for the jonquils and tulips are way up, forsythia is beginning to bud and all that is needed is to see the robins hopping and chirping and then we'll know spring is here. In Springdale Sunday School there were 59 in attendance. Rev. Pegram preached a message to a large congregation taking his Scripture lesson from II Kings 19:8-1and his sermon topic was "The Prayer of Faith." He ex- plained that prayer gives us peace of mind. In the Lord's prayer the first petition and the first ' word is "Our," not my or mine. in anoiner peuuon uive us inot me, also another petition, "Lead us." We pray for protection to our bodies. In the daily paper we read that India is about to line up with China and Russia. What then will happen? They'll take everything that we possess. On next Sunday morning Dr. Janie McGaughey, Executive Secretary of the Board of Women's Work, will speak to Spring-dal- e congregation on her tour of Latin America. M. P. James Carfield has been transferred to Maryland and he 9 LIFE FEBRUARY 1, 1ZZ2 35-9- me, DTTQEla nnnuatY Arid Springdale News COWS UP TO $1.50 EACH I KCSSSS UP TO $1.50 EACH I Collect . '. Phone as ftecdvcdl d cution. EASUM PLACE SWEENY RANCH VIRGIL RHEA FARM LEWIS FRENCH J. R. MARKWELL FARM FARM OF BENSON AND KETTERING SWAN BROTHERS INSURANCE SPECIALIST e Fire, Windstorm, Automobile, Plate Glass, Burglary, Etc. 43 years without a litigated loss. 38-3- 842-M- 3t One-Sto- A SPECIALTY Lawrence T. Ililler Phone 5411, Jeffersontown 112 W.MARK.T ST. LOUISVILLE KY- Gcneral Hauling 38-3- 3t I!:: 'pi to 35-- YXJ'SCDu CD USE OUR HjQIjil WAIVT ABS P"T'A K A WAI.I !' VT mum I O 3t Lime Dust Sprecd H. B0SSE & SON e Anchorage 21S Call MIDDLETOWN. KY. PETE H0LL0V7AY FUNERAL HOME Yea Ccn: Tell Tjm 111:3 This n Vm A .. 3t Myers Pumps USE THE CLASSIFIED ADS- TIIEY BRING RESULTS. Middlctown T.lvlnir nun 1355 At Barret HI. 4343 Jeffersontown Kentucky or for business, three rooms with Phone Fern Creek shower bath. AMhurst 2260. Three rooms, water in kitchen. A ITEM: Phone no bath; working couple preUSE THE CLASSIFIED ADS Jeffersontown 5143. ferred. Jeffersontown THEY BRING RESULTS. 37-- 3t 33-l- t Want Ad ELLISON AVENUE NES !lJIILi i-a- .: t.

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