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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, December 6, 1803

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

nFionsnnnTT N I? Pi A & 41 I- - w --- i - AND GENERAL 'ADVERTISER. tfJnjKiBMuni N. VOL. XVII. BY DANIEL BRADFORD, 899. v m LEXINGTON. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1803. iEMaiaaaaMfaigHwimgcs TOBACCO WANTED. TERMS OF THE GAZETTE. This paper is published weekly, at iwo dollars per annum, paid m ad- - Lewis Sanders WANT to purchase &? Co. Seitz & Johnson, At their Store in Lexington, have a quantity of vance. Those who write to the Editor, must INSPECTED TOBACCO, pay the portage of their letters. on the Ken At any of the ware-houstucky river. J. hey have on hand a very good ano To Lease, ifive affortment of A VALUABLE FARM, received a veryextenfive Cargo of Cheap and well afforted Merchandise, es )Q LYING in Mercer county on Salt ri ver, about one mile and half above Mai. Buchanan's mill, on the road leading from Frankfort to Harrodfburgh With about 100 acres of Cleared Land, a good Dwelling House and other Conve nient Buildings, a large apple and Peach Orchard, Meadow and Pasture : the tfhole in good repair. James Maccoan. Lexington, March 14, 1803. FOR SALE, 3j i she following Tracts of LAND, CONVEYED by John Fowler efq. to to Cuth. Banks and T. Bodley, by deed f trult, dated the 16th day of Decem ber 1800, to wit. 2800 acres in Montgomery county, Flat creek, between creek and the upper Salt Spring, entered in the name ol Crunio and Patterson also, 1700 acres, in Campbell county, part of a survey in the name of Jacob Kublammon, including Fowler's lick also, 1000 acres in said county, on Bank-licbeing part of a tral of 4000 acres in the name of William Tones. Which said trails of land, or either, or part of them, will be sold at private sale, for the purpose of d and discharging the truth in said deed. The terms may be known by applying to the subscribers in Small-Mounta- in k, men-tione- h Lexington. Cuth. Banks, Tbos. Bodley 7 MERCHANDIZE, Calculated to suit the country amongfi which are the following Fall or Winter Common and Coarle Goons Clolhs, Calhmeres, Swanldowns, Files, Mixed, Blue, Drab and Blue CoatinRs, Pains, Halfthicks, Velvets, Fancy Cords and Thickfetts. Lexington. tf - jh FOR apprehending1 the fellow this morwho slopped the ning, about 9 o'clock, three miles this side of Paris, K. and took from Post-ride- r, j HE is supposed to be about 25 years old, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high and slender made ; had on a bide cloth coat, cotton overalls and black-ha- t. In behalf of trie PoftMafter General, JOHN JORDAN Jun. P. M. Lexington, Lexington, l6 Nov. 3d, 1803. K'. K. , STRAYED FROM my farm about ten days ago, small SORREL FILLEY, three TTTVT l I ! I d, J same-mont- h New-Yor- ,: yi 0 with-him- uk 6 1$ " NEGROES FOR SALE." Attorney RAN faclfor , flioe-maUn- WiJIkitti Perrin, horse, about seven years old, and walks, tiots and canters remarkably under the fiddle, for a ho, se of hi, well Daniel Bradford, For Printing by Subset tption, THE POLYANTHOS t ; OR KENTUCKY ELEGANT SELECTIONS ; CONSISTING f THE public are refpe&fully in- - Formed, that my buge Coach will start from Mr. Bradley's Inn, Lex-irigto- n, every Monday and Friday morning at ; and from Frankfort, every Tuesday and Satur day at noon. rallengers may en gage places at 9s. each allowing iolb baggage, and 1 cents per lb. for extra baggage. J No. KENNEDY. Lexington, loth Oct. 1803. day-brea- k -2 Bat weight. OF ESSAYS, ORATIONS, DIALOGUES, AND HISTORICAL ANECDOTES. The whole extracted from the most celebrated authors, inculcating the purelt principles ot morality. and displaying excellent models of lt)le and language. The other horse is about five feet and an, and lengthy made, has generally a film on his off e)e, m which he is blind thouoh the eye is not sunk, and has a handsome star and narrow blaze, with one of his hinder feet a little whue, and one of his sore legs appears to have been foimerl, cut Uy a hobble, wither is thin and high, on which he has his marks of old galls and is now frefhealjed the bv the tree of the saddle broken under the pummel, on which the said lervantrides, with a coloied horse tug under the saddle; the horse walks with an unufualfwing behind and very fast and pleasant to the rider, trots long, We and uneafily.cantirs tolerably well, has well hanging mane and long switch tail, winch may be newly docked, and perhaps is about ten yearwld, and is altogether a handsome laddie horse, and draws also well. Theaforefaid fei vant lest Charleflon, South Carolina, on the 14th September, dreCld in a i white negro cloth round jacket wjth black horn buttons andoznaburgs overalls, but took with him a brown colored fustian round jacket and overalls, with redifh colored facings he was to have carried the aforesaid bright sorrel horses to myplace, 19 miles fiom Charleflon, in Goose-CreParish and near the bridge, and being a total stranger in all other parts theftate, tuenrefumntionis. thathe mni.,.,of been foiced off by villain or villains, in which case, on convicrion of them, the above reward wm.uc aiu.n taken out ot the state, and is within the state, a reward of Two Hundred Dollars on their being delivered to me, in Charleflon, No, 34, Church-Streeor other-wis- e, Fifty Dollars for each horse, and One Hundred Dollars for the said servant, who has the little toe of one of his feet off, and is of a heavy countenance, and answers dull and slow. ek subscriber,living in Bourbon county, type, op. good Kentucky paper, 4 miles from Paris. About 18 years old, near tr feet 7 or bound. 8 incheshigh,of slender make, light JOHN SOPER. III. The price to subscribers will complexion, and has remarkable be 1 dollar and SALE OR RENT, cents a copy, ont. A convenient two (lory 9 large and very rough hands for one halt paid at the 25 JL time ot lublcnbing, yj ' mfaKlo Framed House and Lot, of his age. Took with him a new the remainder on the delivery of the i! u.t.uu. aWhai- Cnr n n!i.nA - ....Li. wmw iui a iLivaiG JUUIIW Hie. wool hat, one round about blue cot- work. being situate on Main Crofsftreet, three doors from T. Lowicy's hat manufaftnrv. and now ton jacket, A do. of blue linen, 1 IV. It willl be put to press as JobnDu Pont. Sept. 22. occupied by N Prentifs. The house is in blue cotton vest, 1 do. clouded dimitv. soon as 50.0. subscribers are .obtained, good repair- - there is on the Jot a good pump pair striped cotton patalqons, 1 & finished with all pofTtble difpatih. with never fmlintr vafpr a Crill rnn o THE MINUTES pair blue linfey overalls, a country convenient cellar, kitchen, &c &c. For OF the North Diftrift AlTociafi. A sew copies of the linen old fliirts, 1 pair gray woolen terms apply at tre prenines. on of Baptists, are printed, and rea- t Lexington, August 22d, 1803. socks, and 1 pair half worn shoes. REVISED LAWS dy for delivery at this office. Whoever will apprehend and fecurej Kentucky. RAGb Of Three cents per pound, or 18s. said apprentice, so that I get him a - Handsomely bound and lettered, may be Iwd at this office. hundred weight, given for clean gain, fliall be handsomely rewarded.' linen or cotton rag-sat Charlcfs's ilUOtt CRAVVbORD. 1 he GENERAL INSTRUCTOR On Paichrr.ent and Paper .for sale printiiig office, Lexington. iam Lexington, 28th Nov. 1803. May hkewifebe had. at this ofhee. ijQR STAGE. '6 draft 'PROPOSALS By in sale for Cafli, a Negro Man, FOR THE USE 01 SCHOOLS William Farrow. dream and leat are equal to any! abouro years of age, stout, active, The November the 34th, 1803. BY SAMUEL WlLSON, in the Uate, and the mills and dntil and is a good waggoner. Alio, his Author of tbe Kentucky English Grammar wise, about 25 years of age, who is away from the subscriber, lery in prime order. For terms apSunday morning-- the 2Cth ply to the subscriber on the premi- - a good house servant, with her child CONDI ITONS. of 1 1 months. They can be well inft. an Apprentice Lad to the g ies. I. The work will consist of at recommended as valuable, honefl business, named ROBERT PORTER leas! 250 pages. f (laves. For particulars apnlv to the Madison county II. It will be printed with a neat tf ppR FRANKFORT ""g 46 e, &? v hisper-formanc- es Merchant, mill LEXINGTON f k 171 111 ' Oft. ift, 1803. - rjJUuuuLk years old this spring, about 13 hands, high, short docked and the hair of the Also a dark bay tail eat by cattle. NOTICE. JACOB BOSHART. two year old FILLEY, rither taller Lexington, June 25, 1803. SHALL attend the commiffion-'er- s 3stf than the sorrel, no brand or flelh mark appointed by Clarke county on either recollected. A reafbnable reBOOK BINDING. ward will be given to have $hem sent HAVING employed a Book court, on Tuesday the aoth of De home, or notice given where they are to nrnrn. wlin hrm vortnl, . 1., oember next, at William Farrow's be sound. bred to the business in Philadelphia FPoveraent' ort Graffy Lick, made ROBERT BARR. my orders for RECORD. A (5- - f" th-- e scar x775i and then to pro Fayette, May 27, 1803. tf COUNT, or any other BLANtf cee9 10 cuaDiun tne mecia tv at 1 improvement and calls of an BOOKS, will be thankfully receiv FOR SALE, entry of 1000 acres of bnd, entered, ed and punctually executed, I have a bn hand, and (hall constantly keep, a lurveyed and patented in the name SAW MILL, and supply of BLANK BOOKS. Old of William Farrow; and do such o- DISTILLERt, Books in the neatest and ther things as are agreeable to law Should the business not be compleSituate on the waters of Silver best manner. creek, in Madison county, about six ted on that day, will be continued DANl. BRADFORD. miles from the court-housand ten Gazette Office, ") fiom day to day by adjournment, unmiles from the Kentucky river, to til Hniflied. Lexington. J which is annexed 140 acres of WILL. FARROW, L'AND. is l brought from Philadelphia. He hopes it win oe the ltudy ot every good citizen to encourage this manufacture. He still continues carrying on r.nnrvvnv r Vn V .L " I . ...i rtf 7T mniit-l- the first quality, 6n which are several improvements ; the balance excellent upland QUEENS' & well watered and timbered. , CHINA The lines of ADVERTISEMENT. HATTER'S' TRIMMINGS WINDSOR CHAIR & WHEEL nathan survey will be fhewn by JoWhereas, I am legally authorized Taylor, or Peter Demofs, and DYE STUFFS',' making as usual. who live on the lands. by power of attorney, grantea by GERMAN and CRAWLEY ROBERT HOLMES. . I will sell on a long credit, the v John Wilson of Philadelphia, and on STEEL, Lexington, 061. 17th, 1803. interest being paid annually-dated the 15th of September, 1803, VICES, For further information to make leases of two tra6ts of land, , ANVILS, Morfon,,n Lexington, Keniickv! entered, lurveyed and patented in NAILS, who is in poffeffion of a name of Thomas Franklin, lying .$! BAR IRON, &c. &c. K cnptiveofthe surveys, or The subthe waters of Kentucky river ; Unlimited pains having been ta fcriber in Pittsburgh. one containing, by survey dated the 3d day of Augult, 1784, 116,650 ken to feledt the above affortment oa. 8, ftitLULEY NEVILL. acres the other, by survey dated from the Vendues, principally of 1003. TO BE SOLD, Baltimore and Philadelphia, purcha-fer- s the 2 lit of the and year, On a Credit of Five Tears, eS6e celebrated, either WHOLESALE or REfull bred Imported' containing 108,344 acres, to such Or to be Rented for the same time, Horse persons as may be desirous of fett TAIL, may depend on getting much That Valuable TRACT of LAND, BARONFT ling on such lands, and upon such greater bargains than have been here Ot 1000 acres, on thp mtert ns Nnrth IS on his way from tofore loldin this Uate. Elkhorn, eight miles from Lexington, terms as are hmittedby the said powto and about sour from Georgetown, for- "... .,ii.c, wnere he wil stand nexbv 15th August, 1803. er of attorney. Therefore I here merly well known by the name of the leaion, and be let to mares. He jL by give notice, that application can WANTS EMPLOY, Bryan Spnng trat, being part of an old has perhaps won mom money be made to me in Lexington, where who wiflies be at It firfe ever iPoi ted from4 I will be ready to act agreeably tolffirch PERSON writing, as tooccurs Military Survey Hateis equal quality business of to any land in the won at one time the of Kentucky, and ' tne powers in me veiled, as relates is well watered and timbered there arr Oatland Stakes of to the making of such deeds and or a Merchant s counting home, or about 150 a.cres well cleared Scfenced & beating 18 of the best. horse?? Jtnquireat this Umce. in records. the grants as may be required. dvided into convenient fields 8c lots, 20 kingdom of Great Britain, besides a ay virtue ot the powers velted m acres ot meadow, besides lots of clover number of purses. A l.ft of me, 1 hereby forewarn all perlons ys and blue graft there is a large, elegant on the turf, together from cutting "timber, working salt- brick house, two flories high, with three with his n, "1 l A3 &rt . pedigree, will be made springs, coal petre caves, rooms on a floor ; also a kitchen, two known on his arrival. Also the florieshigh, together with a good spring mines or minerals ot any delcnption, Noted Imported without they are authonfed by fpe- noule, corn houie, ltables, Sec. There full bred Hunte is convenient to the dwelling house, a cial contract ; dr in any mannertref- HIGHFT.VPR never sailing spring of excellent water. Will come in company paliing on the above lands, as any . The above land is in the vicinity of fomc Qt FOR SALE, perron offending herein, will beprof-ecuf.e- d Lexington, Ofl. 25, 1803. valuable merchant mills. For further with the utmost rigor of the The Valuable Stallion, information refpefting this traft of land, Three Hundred Dollars Reward, law. SILVER HEELS, those disposed to purchase may enquire JOHN M. J30GGS. WHICH flood at Mr. Edmund of the Hon. John Breckinridge, now at W fli'rn'benPa!d foraPPrehendi"gTnyyounE, . Lexington, icthOdt. 180-?tf Bryant's, Jeffamine negro man TOM, about twenty county, the past the city of Waflungton, to John Pope tall, earsof age, mtj, two large bnght season, and covered between BLUE DYING. and Esq. in Lexington, or to the subscriber 90 Sorrel Horses, 100 mares. The pedigree of this on the premises. SUBSCRIBER, WALTER WARFIELD. And the villain or villains who have flolen to inform the public, horse is good, and may be seen bv re them, proof ,0 bring them toconvMon. that he continues to carrv on the ference to the Stud Book for the OdJber 10th, 1803. defection -- One .rSare apf thc year 1803, or to the subscriber, in BLUE DYING, on Main Crdfs CASH, beingabout five and an half feeth.ghfand ve! Street, between Mr. Adam Weber's Clarke county. One or two years Will be given for ryftrongmade, with a hollow and Mr. Myers's, where he will dye credit will be given on giving bond of his Ihoulder blade oPthe mounZ GOOD BARLEY, L,inen and Wool, with a and security One or two geldings noc ,auouf tneiizeof a man's hand, andknowS Cotton, Delivered at my Brew House in in the U1fper country to be the effeft of the warm dye Cotton deepest blue, at would be received in hand is prefer- Lexington. d.forder that is there generally called the per pound Wool at is6 per red by the purchaser. , Swainy, his mane hangs on bqthhdes, he car- GEORGE A. WEBER, pound, which he will warrant to be H. TAYLOR. tai that was formerlv Baker sc? Brevier. Ig 7erif and1fl?ortwitch equal to any dye in the town of Lex- August 7th 1803. tf nuked, has no natural ' 06L 29, 1803. 3W white marks nor brand that isrecollefled, ington. is a very sine 1 THE MAIL. One (hilling and three pence per For Sale, pound will be given in cash, for good, TADrV,alU',bIe tra6h of MILL clean, well combed HOG's BRIS-TLEby the subscriber, at his"fliop TARYLANDJteontheriver phio (ttate of Ohio) about 25 miles the'ec-rneat of Main Crois ftrcet Limestone, including ,he and Short street, Lexington ; where mouth of Hear creek, and extending hfiS'crries on . UD tip rivoi- - t -- . , h 10 nerchpt r pie cree,c- r iny "cur tracts containing 1400One of! acres, n may be supplied with all kinds i en. johnNtvilh &7""-cof BRUSHES, either wholesale or the other containng 2222 acres, retail, at a much lower price than granted to Gent any heretofore ever sold in Kentuc- A large proportion Daniel Morgan. of each ot these ky, and of a better quality than any tradls, is river bottom of -- U I salt-wat- er 200 Dollars Reward, MILITARY LANDS. BRUSH MAKING us various Drancnes. SADDLERY, STA TIONARY, HARD : March 14th, 1803. ," IRON-MONGER- JAPAN'D, Mili'lFFir WANTED r Consisting of Jf DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, fl LtKY, ffi HOG's BRISTLES t, - WI , Blank Deeds, r

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