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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 16, 1948

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Shop Early For Christmas! jl 4f VHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY EVENING, VOLUME KU. 42. Jury List - January Term, 194'9 Whitesburg Comets Burdine Man Shoots Then Defeat Pound Eagles Wife, On Saturday mght, Dec. 11, Turns Gun On Self met Whitesburg GRAND JURY ' NUMBER 25. i WAR II VETERAN RETURNED HOME FOR L Comets tthe A 16, 1948. Spaghetti Supper 'Jcc's Commended By Postmaster General Sponsored by Welfare County Judge Dixon Warns Against Mail-I- t has recently come to my' ing Packages Late Fund Committee AVORL.D In-La- ws . Luther Lucas T-S- gt. DECEM Friday, December 17, at 6:00 ' aiLiiLiuu uic guuu wuiA. urcmg local Junior. With the nrmal mail high, " .1 "- Z- r ' to1 Va. Both teams seemed Chamber of Commerce in volume at an Colson Arthur Cook from his wife four days ago, De opagneiu wm f pre- helninff nnnr familip.:w anri t i rosimasier general Jesse M. fplay a good brand of ball but followed her by taxicab toW'burg r Dewey Sexton, pared by the Master Spaghetti wish to commend this organi- Donaldson today warned jthe Comets came out victor- - day, shot her and two other Eolia Curt Coiner, Chief, Mr. Joe Romeo. The zation for joining . Christmas mailers that unless KirrVi 11 rt ,'iAiin A( )K i nir tt in on so il. n. iioiorooK, mayiung women to death, and wounded "s" proceeds will be used as a worthy a cause. They are they mail their Christmas men on the Comets team were Blackey Floyd Back, Welfare Fund and is being annpalintr Tnnstlv in mfrrVianta parcels at once and then-' police reported. 'Edward Stallard and Dan Day Fred Frazier, sponsored by the Whitesburg and other business men for Christmas cards .well in Maggard, with eight points Before the eyes of his terri- Mayking Frank Blair, Jr. Chamber of Commerce to clothing, food, etc., Yance of Christmas Week that daughter Leon Blackey each. All . the boys seemed tojfied Troah Campbell, help the needy families of with which to help these face the likelihood of not y Partridge play their best and were en- - Caldwell, 35, Burdine, Ky., Floyd Elkins, Letcher County. having them delivered until fortunate people and it will Partridge couraged by a large crowd of shot his wife to death, then J. B. Eversol'e, " Christmas, To those in Letcher County be greatly appreciated if all ' boosters from Whitesburg. fatally wounded his mother-Presto- n Blackey R: B. Preston, not familiar with the purpose people who are in a position Directing Monday night, Dec. 13, the and his wife's sister, Bentley, Neon the attention of of the Welfare Fund, the Jc's to do so would help with this Christmas Jeremiah Comets played the Harlan All- - officers said. He is near death Gene Adams, mailers to the fact of Whitesburg after careful worthy cause, as God has help- Whitesburg stars at Stuart Robinson himself, W. E. Cook, much p? vnn. sn m'vp at fhi; wnnrlsr-- 1 that normal mail volume , in consideration and School, again coming out vie- i Van Leonard Cockrell, down the thought have decided to do all ful"yul'e season for the benefit olce, battered Whitesburg torious with a score of Jesse Caudill e . within their power with the Gf A. poor, three min- - lockf doorandf found Skyline They had to yfLrtnA 01 the peak of the Christmas lim, little ot the people 01 our county ,,to nWr m. aid t Sincerely, .period a year ago. the Post- iJlCK oilins, aauuni rarnlvn Caldwpll enhhintr nvpr to neip relieve some oi me ARTHUR DIXON, ,, the two scores, me nanan Democrat .master General said that this John Martin, iviia hardships and misery which men woro all AViwipnood hall . ule uuu ui "ei County Judge. Gordon 'year's Christmas mail, added Chris Shepherd Luther Lucas, son of at this time has beset our comDelores Caldwell, 25. to the present everyday re Jeremiah players and everyone reported Oscar Back, Arthur and Nannie Sergent Mrs. Pearl Stout, 50, of Lucas, of Farraday, Ky., was munity. (this to be an exciting game. cord volume, has created the Stolen Car Recovered, PETIT JURY jEven better crowd reported Burdine, mother of Mrs- Cald- returned home from France most acute mail congestion With the coal industry at a and transportation problem in in the family lot virtual standstill, and employ- On Defeated Creek Noah Bentley, Jackhorn ifor this game than did at Nor-ito- well lay dying. Caldwell was for The outstanding players sprawled unconscious near by, of the Thornton cemetery. Neon ment at its lowest ebb in years Vernon Collins from Smootthe entire history of Postal James Fulton, John Thompson, Whitesburg were Paul Pigman, Ben Bow- - critically wounded. vHe was Sgt. Lucas entered the U. S. those of us who are more for- Creek and Douglas Williams, Service. en ana n,awara otauara. taken to a hospital. Roxana Crit Gentry, iArmy in 1942. He was killed tunate- than others having from Colly were arrested this Only by the immediate mail- The Comets will play Vicco's Isom Bob Stout, m active duty in France on steady jobs, and our families week in tEe case of Homer T. ing of Christmas parcels. Mr- independent team at the Flem- - Neighbors said Mrs. Ruby January 19, 1945. H- Y. Brown Van He was well provided for should ex- Mclntyre car which has been Donaldson said, can the sendCalbertson, Mrs. Caldwell's ing High School Gym., Grates Bates,' Jackhorn thejborned on Dec. 15, 1921, being press our thanks by giving, missing for some time. The car ers be assured that their gifts sister, fled screaming down Webb, Millstone day, Dec. 20 at 7:30 P. M-- , CST. back stairs' after the shooting.!24 years, 1 month and 4 days yes giving as much as we pos- had been and the will arrive prior to Christmas Admission will be sixty and ' of age at his death. Letcher Frank Blair, He was sibly can to help some young- color changed, and the grill on and thereby be in keeping Halfway to the ground she H. D. Caudill, Carcassonne forty cents. We would like to crumpled and fell to the married to Geraldine Frank-botto- ster to believe that there is a the front removed. The young with the spirit of the holiday see another extra large crowd Isom W. B. Adkins, on May 2, 1942. He leaves Santa Claus. Your old cloth- men have been placed in the season. of the stairs, where she! Colson t out to help encourage the boys jail awaiting J. Sexton, to mourn his loss his parents, ing which is taking up valu Whitesburg The Post Office Department, was found dead. Christian Johnson, Part- - who are trying so hard to have his wife, and little daughter, able space in your closets atJ of further charges, which it is Mr. Donaldson pointed out, a good team representing Detective A. P. Brockwell: Joyce Kay, several brothers home, which you would like 'thought at this time will be has been making preparations ridge Wilburn Honeycutt, Jack- - Whitesburg. Let's give our said Mrs. Culbertson had beeniand sister3 and many friends. to give to some needy person placed against them. They for this year's anticipated "reall!!! shot before she fled from the Before he entered the ser if you knew of some such per have been linked with several cord Christmas mailings horn since room. break-inBill Pendleton, Whitesburg and other early last spring. He added, vices he was employed by the son. Please send or bring your other , Lions Club Sponsors Jim Banks, Whitesburg Mrs. Stout who came here Elkhorn Collieries Coal Cor--, donation to any of the church- petty thieving in the county. however, that only the wholeWhitesburg H. H. Taylor, with Mrs. Caldwell to live poration, rarraday, Js.v. rle es of Whitesburg. The pastors Jim Short, M. Adams and hearted cooperation the at ade School with Mrs. Culbertson, died on was a fine good looking young will be eager to receive your Bill Dyer questioned Douglas mailing public with of this Isom General Adams, Isom I. K. Maggard, the way to a hospital. man, rle won several military help. You may help by don- who was in jail on another urgent mail early plea of the The Whitesburg Lions Club Dongola John Long, Brockwell said the Cald-wel- honors from the U. S. services ating money, clothes, canned robbery charge, and he "gave Postal Service wil it be sponsored a play at the Whit J. Matt Webb, Ermine separated four days ago and died bravely for his coun- foods, flour, meal, lard, and them the information leading possible to handle this Butler Day, Kings Creek esburg Grade school Auditor-Kern- and Mrs. Caldwell came here. try. He was returned to any of the other staple items directly to the car. The car has unprecedented holiday year's mailWhites- - ium on Tuesday night, and a Yesterday Caldwell telephon- Whitesburg. from the Colum-- 1 which will see some person been badly damaged it being ings on time. Sexton, good crowd turned out and the burg While every available means ed his wife and asked her to bus Distribution Depot 'on and his family through a tough alleged that about three trips Mathew Elkins, Partridge Lions did an excellent in have been made to Detroit, in of transportation and extra return. She refused to do so December 10, 1948, and was spot- , ducing a good play. The play immediately, but said she taken to his father's home at We all can help by attend- - the stolen .car. Jim is on the facilities Craft, Mayking have been pressed Whitesburg consisted of a "mock wedding" would think it over, the detect- Farraday. N. R. Gibson, ing the affairs which the Jr. heels of several others who are into service, together with the Isom Marion Clay, Jwith "Dainty" Emmett Fields ive said- Memorial services wre held Chamber of Commerce will thought to be tied in with employment of approximately Ben A. Craft. Millstone las the bride and "Buxom" Paul at the Thornton Regular Bap- sponsor in the future. We, can these boys, and that the group 300,000 temporary employees Caldwell hired a taxicab in Vermillion as the harrassed Ulvah Tip Cornett, tist Church at Mayking, Ky., start this drive off in the right might be rather extensive. An during the holiday period, Neon groom- - Cossie Quillen acted Kentucky and started ,out for on Sunday, December 12, 1948, spirit now, so be there when F- - B- - I. man is investigating W. V. Holbrook, Va-police At Pound, Steve Craft, Jeremiah as parson, using a large catalog Virginia. stopped and bought a with elders, G. Bennett Adams, the Old Spaget is served on the accused boys for further much of this emphasized that advance prepara- said, he Mose Whitaker, Roxana as his marrying book". Celetion wiirhave to be in vain if pistol. He arrived here late to- - Dewey Sexton, and T. R. Col- Friday night, Dec. 17. Come details. . n.r rt Tina Qnort- - lier officiating. The Veterans and bring a friend. the mailing public fails to senting President Iruman, ""J-- a"u monf Curt Adams, Isom wife, her sister of foreign wars,, Joe Wassum Robert B. Collins, To place their Christmas parcels Roosevelt, Hedy Lamarr, ment where his Kings Ck.!Mrs. Elmer Meade, in the mails at once. mother were stav" Post No- 453, Jenkins, Ky., had M. L. Webb Urges Joe Louis, John L. Lewis fn Dewey Seek Sheriff s Office charge of military honors at Mr. Donaldson said that the . num-- 1 Sinatra. Mae West and a Citizens to Attend Department is Robert B. Collins, one of Post Office As Mrs. Culbertson fled the cemetery. Burial in Thornothers. The Kindergarten ber State of Kentucky, ton Cemetery. Craft Funeral Meeting Jan. 1st Letcher county's best known relying on the mailing public class under the sponsorship of down the back stairs, officers County of Letcher: to do said she was followed by Mrs. Home in charge of funeral arI wish to take this means of young men and present State tion inits full part in cooperarangements. I, W. L. Stallard, Jr., Clerkllvr. this ,. Caldwell's two other children crmT urging everyone to attend the Representative from Letcher problem, year's holiday mail of the Letcher Circuit Court,. f - to the greatest ever to County stated today that he of a previous marriage all crowd meeting at the Whitesburg certify that the foregoing is aj plans to announce himself as confront the Postal Service. Glenda Douglas, 9, and Roger Letcher County Court House Jan. 1st at 1:00 true and correct list of Grand jE Je con.atulas the Lions David Douglas, 4. a candidate for Sheriff of P.- M., for the purpose of orGoodwill Fund and Petit Jurors drawn for Letcher County in the early Whitesburg Girl On &r eir efforts and alg0 The detective said Caldwell, Efforts are being expanded ganizing a good government jury service at the January'. r t, p in nromnt. who is conscious though not league of some type- The meet- part of '49. Robert is the son 10.4Q f T Atnar. rir-1 our f f expected to live, made a corn- to make Christmas more en- ing is not intended to wrong of the late Ira Collins of Col-- Concert ing a play of this typejoyable for many of the needy any cuit Court, as shown by list son and is widely connected MUSIC DEPARTMENT plete confession. He said he one, but rather to help our signed by Hon. S- M. Ward, of As the vear 1948 beeins to bought the pistol "with inten- - families of Letcher County. county officials to do a better in the county. He was the Judge of said court The Junior Chamber of job of ' mnnn Democratic campaign chairMorehead State College V.nn. vf o TiiimViOi. rf itinn in 11RA it." Wf Tiairl fSRfl for enforcing the law- The vxivcxi uuuci iiauu u, Presents d citizeBS who plan to be his cab fare, officers reported, Commerce working in connec- whole public is invited and man in the recent November f said court thls Dec-- i with the Churches are, urged to election, and a veteran of THE ?ler.k county offices but said they couldn't find the tion candidates for attend- The pastors MESSIAH by Handel 14, liHO. all out to collect clothing, toys, of next vear. Amone the rumors cabdriver. the various churches are World War II and spent four on the following dates: W- - L. STALLARD, JR. years overseas in the on the Democratic Ticket are: The bodies will be brought books, food, and money which Clerk Letcher Circuit Court. John H- Campbell for Judge, back to Letcher county for will be used to buy food for urged to bring their congregaTheatre of war. Morehead: Sunday, December tion to attend this important 12, 4:00 p. m., Breckinridge families of the County. A more complete detailed Enoch R. Holbrook for Judge; burial on Elk Creek, accordmeeting to help organize and Auditorium. story will be given when he On Saturday, December 11, Neon Civic Groups Robert Collins for Sheriff; ing to information received toannounce Olive Hill: Tuesday, Decemthe four groups of Bov Scouts cuiu lumi x peiiiicuicui Caudill for Repre- - day. Ha"T M; ber 14, 7:00 p. m., Methodist To Give Xmas Baskets sentative; Bob Adams of Mill-Th- e rounds' ization. I know that urban- ment. and J.C's started the someChurch; Neon Lions, Eagles, stone for Cierk Danville, Ky-- , Dec. 13 The to find things that could be thing can be done and feel Mt- Sterling, Friday, Dec. 17, Jaycees, and Homemakers. Qn the Republican ticket Carnegie Foundation for the used to help someone in a time that it should be done, if not 7:30 p- - m-- , First Christian combined with the various we hear mentioned the names Advancement of Teaching has of need- - The contributors by the officials, then by the Church. churches of the Neon area are of Noah Gibson for Judge; selected Centre College as one were too numerous to men- good citizens. Soloists: o make Xmas Gilbert Polly for Sheriff, Astor of 32 colleges and universities tion in this issue. The cooper- again working To all Parents that have Rosalie Collins M. L. WEBB, Contralto. cheerful for the many un-- Collins for Clerk; Burley W. in the South to be included in ation is wholeheartedly. Temporary Chairman. children that go to SCHOOL Whitesburg, Ky., Graduate of fortunates in the Neon vici- - Hale for Co. Attorney; Steve the Foundation's experimental Let us urge everyone to not in wimesDurg. we nave xramc whitesburg High School. nity. A goal of $1,000 is their (Adams for Judge; Burnett program of grants-in-ai- d to wait for someone to call at CHRISTMAS CANTATA lights in the City of Whites- Madolyn Wheatley Soprano, aim to furnish the baskets. Hogg for Sheriff ; B. Dave Blair improve undergraduate teachi- your door, but phone 175 or The public is cordially in burg and they are to PRO- Ashland, Ky., Graduate of Any donations of food stuff for Tax Commissioner; Lexie ng- The announcement was 224 and someone know vited to TECT Your Child in crossing money will be received at.p0tter for Sheriff; Kirby Ison made by Centre's president, when you have things you Christmas attend the annual the streets going to and from Russell High School. or presented Baritone, the same location as last year. If or judge. We have also Dr. Walter A. Groves- Dr. have things you wish to do- at the First Cantata Church on school. I am painting Yellow James Gabbard Baptist Covington, Ky., Graduate of After the drive a list of heard the names of several oth- - Groves and Dean J. H. Hew- nate. "He who waits is last.' ' Sunday night December 19th Lines for them to cross the Holmes High School. names amounts and stores at ers being mentioned as possible lett attended a recent meeting If you will call someone will at 7:00 P. M. The cantata to be Streets. You parents can help This which the baskets were pur- - candidates, but thev mav prove last week in Memphis of Car- be glad to pick up whatever given this year is "The Coming by teaching the child to cross voices. is a chorus of ninety It is an excellent renchased will be given. to be only rumors. Anyway negie Foundation officers and your contribution may be, and of the Christ." This cantata is the streets between the Yellow dition of this difficult master Names of needy persons and the New Year is approaching school representatives. you can be sure it will be presented annually for those Line only when the lights are piece of music This fine families will be greatly when candidates will be chosgreen and also the School chorus would be a credit to placed in a needy place. who love to sing. appreciated. Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Lewis en and elected next November. The Churches as before are Teachers should caution the any organization. If at all It is too early yet to talk of and Karen and Miss Faye getting their Christmas bask- - Experience is a strenuous children to do the same? possible, you want to hear the "All the exercise some feL county politics seriously but Jones of Washington D. , are ets ready to go out in the var- - teacher. No graduate, no deThank You, harmony of these young voices .lows get is jumping at lt might be wise to think the expected to arrive soon to ious communities. Let's help grees, some survivors Detroit HILLARD PROFITT as they bring this great matter over any way. spend the Christmasa holidays themNews Booster. Chief of Police. Jim Nease, Colson Neon Bill Vanover all-tim- I e i - - T'l-ir- 1 ad-mea- ns, un-le- in-la- w .JJrr' - iStoSrtfaS 27-2- 9. i ' t. I - n. re-buri- al ', - Mon-Lawren- ce ed m s, r ,lay j I . ! ls el ; ! pro-Da- ve 1 I ""f - Blair.-Teremi- ah r--- - n;sW rv-. - 1 - - ! - ! - . China-BurmaInd- ia - I NOTICE j ! lt - . C-- i j - -

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