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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MinUtes of Called Meeting of the Board of Trustees, University of Kentucky, March 11, 1947. Pursuant to adjournment of the Board of Trustees at its meet- ing on ;ebruary 25, 1947, the Board of Trustees met, upon call, in the President's Office at 10:15 a.m., Tuesday, March 11, 1947? The following members were present: Governor S. S. Willis, Judge Richard 04 Stoll, Mrs. Paul GX Blazer, J. C. Everett, Thomas Cutler, Robert C. Tway, Grover Creech, Judge Edward-C. OtRear, J. N. Smith, H. D. Palmore, Harper Gatton, John Fred Williams and R. P. Hobson* President H. L. Donovan and Comptroller Frank D. Peterson, Secreta- t'y of the Board, were also present. A. Approval of Minutes. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the minutes of the Board of Trustees of February 25, 1947, were approved as pub- lished. B. Broadcasting Policy. President Donovan had previously distributed to members of the Board copies of a report of a Committee on Broadcasting Policy. He explained the necessity of adopting rules and regulations con- cerning broadcasts made from the University campus, and recommended adoption of the rules suggested by the Committee. The report of the Committee is copied in full below. COPY REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON BROADCASTING POLICY The Committee has assumed it was assigned the task of reviewing the policies pertaining to the broadcasting of athletic events. It has studied the rules now in effect at the University of Kentucky and has tried to evaluate them in the light of the procedures of several universities and of comments made by several radio stations in Kentucky. The Committee is indebted to liessrs. Sulzer and Shively for gathering this information By and large the radio stations endorsed the present rules, They seemed to like many of them and to accept most of them. They support unanimously and strongly the policy of non-exo1usivity, The Committee concurs whole- heartedly on this point. The stations accept the present financial rates but they claim they are as large as the traffic will bears Some of them suggested that radio sta- tions are entitled to the same status enjoyed by the press.

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