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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, February 11, 1860

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

i .1 DAILY lllli III ii Mil II 1'orLlxs. Guthrie A. l.rothers received 1 lot of plain find figured exrrcus, roplins and ttin luster", to which they invite the ladies' fpecial fit ten: ion. This is the firal arrival of fine dress poods for the spring. and they wiil 'e examined with interest. Call a llo Fourili street, cart eiJe. j 1'. V. IUxf i t, on Tl ird gireet, is one oi in our city. If you the I st have a fine watch or clook out of order, take it to him for repair. He has a great variety silverware and he is felling very cheir-- At a time when there is great fear thai the e:ock of dry lumber, Fash, doom, blind-- , fchort, o ing to the vast amount tc., will f improvemenis in Louisville, it will Le inter f'l to the j'ubiic to know that Alexander. Ellis k. Co'., have enlarged their factory and Iistc now on hand fevcral fciiV.ion of dry lurr.-t- r. Call at their office on Main street, opposite the Gall Housp, or at their factory or, l uilon, above TreMon street. Bailn Democrat. Printed &ici l'ablwhod Vv HARNEY. HUGHES & CO. Ortioe.Kivit ftiulo Third Street, botween MiarUe-- ftiid Jotieraou. ADVANCE. tSfBSCRIPriON I'KICK-I- N 6 tf paid Id advailc. DAILY IiKMiK'RAT ft Dally to r.r , Illollltl. copy. EKiiLY liEMOCKAl-Oi- ie tan copiea. fl iarti: twenty fliW. U'l.l.AU H hl.K.LY Slnrle copiea. or for any number ibder mt; . f I; l, fly and over to one addna, so ceula. Ii Advertinlnc In Daily IrinK-ral- . .,r.are ( 10 Vina or first inKrtion fcai h additional t!iwU.u...m.m. . hie Bach square, WrrLly lirnurnt. flmt Insertion..... tacti aiuiiionai FATtkDAY MOUSING. H ( 'ib ..$1 01 So ...... JTi.b. II. Io0. c&ii&g tZ&'J. K. Colling sells the best of coal at Third Kret-L- , between Market and Jefferdt f son. Give him your orJre. XceTh great clo;Ling house of J. M. Ann etrong. on Main street, opposite tLe National Hotel, i now Ltii:g replenished wii.ii an tie-gaatock of lueu aiid boys" iloshlcg for the II U Mock is well assorted present na-on- . Thowe ia want of ary gr.rmcui for eiiher men's, youths' or children's wear, will do well to call tu Aruistrouzs. Tttixws. Among the places worthy of the Attention of the visitors to Louitviile at the present time, is the great trunk manufactory and emporium of J. H. McCiesry, on tht northeast comer of Fourth and Main streets. His large manufaciory enables him to sujp!; trunks, Taiises, bonnet and hat boxes, carpet bags, bureau trunks, etc., of the very bes: quality, at unprecedented low prices. A.l o! Mr. McCieary 's work is beautiful as well durable goods. Give hiin a call. Look to Your Iitereiu-Th- people are aware that b. O'Kare, Kg 427 Main street, is the olJebt, largest manufacturer ot trunks and similar articles in the city. Thy should avail Utemselvea of the rare oiportuniiies afi'orded by Mr. U'Hare. To eoontry and city merchants he offers peculiar advantages in Lis wholesale department, while in the retail line Uhoever wanti to he cannot be equaled. or a travel, whether with a email carpet-ba- g mammoth truck, need go no further than to tht Creo. Western Trunk Factory of Mr. O'Hare Hi manufactory is a cred.t to Louisville, ami Uun-ired- s fdiouid meet with extensive patronage. of workmen are employed, and thousands cf dollars weekly disbursed. As a matter of thome pride, and to subserve economy, purchasers will coufult their best interests in purchasing of Mr. O il are. N NUMBER 177. IH BUSINESS AFFAIRS. cf watches, jewelry, fine tpec:clee, which DiSMOC MAT. LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY, SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 11, 18G0. VOLUME XVI. I'lHIIIHH LOUISVILLE The organ is making desperate efforts to defeat all action of the Legislature upou the bills iu relation to this city. He defends the tax paying qualification yet, after all our experience of its fraudulent and corrupting operation. We Lave said this ought to be uflicient with the Legislature, as all should re. A party that with united voice and par ty drill opposes the repeal of such a policy. must feel a party, not a public, interest iu the We don't suppose any argument matter. would weigh with a man disposed to sustain it with its palpable demerits. We have sneer.? parly drill. What else brings up a united party in lavor oi sucn a measure as a qualification for voters in this city? A bill to divide the First and Eighth wards. each into two, was defeated by a 6trict party Now, by the report of Mr. Kaye, in vote. I the First ward contained l,ti37 voters more than twice as many voters as any one oi The the other wards, except the Eighth. Cighth contained 1,273 nearly twice as mint s any one of the others, except the First. Mr. Kaye is a member of the Opposition. and no one supposes he would report voters .e did not find in a ward. All the Opposition ire opposed to the division notwithstanding. Now, upon what fair or just principle are he people of these two wards deprived of heir just representation in our city affairs Party interest may reure it ; but is that a reason why Democrats fchould allow such in justice? The Louisville Journal quotes the vote of be city since 1850, to show that it has all been polled. Take his own showing, and more rotes were polled in 18112 than there has been since. We polled 6,70-- in 1S52, and onlv ,817 in 1S".0, with I'ortland added. Subtract the rote of Portland, and the rote of 18o2 ex ceeds that of The interest in elections has not diminished, and if fair voting had been allowed, all the voters would have been at the polls. Now, we want to know if the city has not increased in population since 18o2 ! Does his party maintain that position ? If that be true, reform here is needed, as any one must see. But we have shown the falacy of the impression auemf.ted be made, by Mr. Kaye's report. The only objection we ever heard to it was, that he did not find voters enough not that he found too many. It was believed that the population of the city was then larger than he made it. We remark, in addition, that the great of the city for the last few years has been in the First and Eighth wards, and there has been the falling off of the vote. As we have seen, the editor gives the vote of the First ward, iu lbj2, at the Presidential elec. lion, !'jS, and on the SJ of April, 1804, at 084. He says there was fraudulent voting. That he 1kj fvrslull Lttforc a.n election, arot assort ifterward. There never was a particle of foundation for eiiher the prediction or the as sertion. Still less is there any foundation for the assertion that any man was hindered from voting in 1sj2, or 1S04. The last was not party race at all. It was between two men of the Opposition for Mayor, and nothing at the time was heard of keeping voters from the polls, or of fraudulent voting either. There is not a word of truth in it. We shall pass over the voting of the middle wards, between the First and Eighth for, with exceptions in one or two of them, order at the polls has been tolerably ob.terved. There has been a gradual increase in all of them when ever there has been an exciting election. The First and Eighth wards are to be observed. Let us take these wards and look at their votes by themselves, and let the Opposition explain if they can : tiTpon reading over the bill passed by the Legislature we overlooked one important provision, which allows an appeal to the Circuit Court against the action of the Commissioners. Such a provision is unheard of. The Commissioners would not go into an invest and expense to defend themselves. A sufficient guard against injustice is provided in the power of the Chancellor to remove the Commissioners. At present our City Council have provided as follows, by ordinance No. 220, section 8th: "For any misconduct or failure to rerform duty, the Mayor shall have power to dismiss any Watchman, and 6hall report the fact to the General Council at its next regular setsion thereafter, that a suitable person may elected to fill the vacancy." Here no appeal is allowed from the sentence of our Mayor; nor can any appeal be allowed from a Board, withoutbreaking down the whole system. If the Democrats of the Legislature think no Board composed of Democrats can be trusted, as the Louisville Journal informs them, then let this proviwion stand. The Opposition here can trust their Mayor to dismiss a member of the Police wiihout an appcil and, indeed, an appeal in such a case is a novelty. How will the Commissioners defend their actions? Shall they employ counsel to the endless details of a suit? This is, no doubt, the work of the Opposition. They are united and drilled to defeat all that is asked. They ere suited now in the exercise of unlimited power, and will not give it up. Letter from Hickman A UXFOKTl XATE CITV., Kr, February S, 1M. IUrxit, IIiohrs a Coj GentUnun : " Misfortunes never come singly" is a saying that now holds good in regard to fires in Hickman. Early in the new Mngsr.4. yearwe had an extensiCftnrc that destroyed between fifty and sixty thousand dollars' worth of property. Tho past week again we have been twice thus visited. First, on Tuesday last, the ollice and shed storehouse of Rode-wold- 's large tobacco stemmery was destroyed by fire iu broad daylight, burning to the ground in a few minutes' time with an immense which greatly endangered the stemmery for a time. Loss the building, tobacco, and all perhaps S2,0o0. Next, on yesterday evening just before dark, the two fine frame dwellings iuSaangliae (a suburb to Hickman), formerly the property of Thomas L. Allen. These houses were unoccupied, and the fire mut have been the work of an incendiary. Loss about 3,00. Our town u closely built, tha streets nra narrow, and there are no provisions against a fire at all. All Sorts of Paragraphs What rm,ttutt-- a State? .l lni!ements, or laiiur'J mouriJ, Nut tilli-r'I w.ill ur IllOileit U:lle; Nut citlea priHul, Willi spiles an t'lrn-tcrowu'J, X"r !i.i a'icl trout nrmW Krts, Where, al t tie umiii, lieli navie, rlJo; N jr .1 an l Mti le.1 Courts, Where l iw l.row'u (seiie- perfume to prlJe, .ii No: men, men, W Hli powers as lar .iDove t imiies imbue I, In brake i.rdeii. n.ei.s ami bramble rule; Men, win tiieir lu!ie know, Inow tb 'ir liabts, uiei kn .win maintain. I'reveiit he blow, AnJ cru!i the tyi.oi, wml- tlie cliaiu. I'neM! eoiiititute a Slate. t Ef'L.Mis.s Howard, an American, undertook JfisT We can assure the Democrats of the the task of walking l,230miles in 1.0'JOconsccu- Legislature that, if they read the indignant hours, and successfully completed tho comments of tho party her, at the indiffer- journey, winning; a considerable sum of money. ence aud hesitation they seem to manifest DGlThe Pennsylvania Dragoons, of Roxbor- gh, intend laying on Feb. 22d thecorner stone the mildest suggestions of measures of a monument to seven irginia troopers who justice, they would concludo there was were betriyed and massacred while Washin?- somithing a little more serious than they ims army lay encamped at Valley Forge. agine in the grievances we wish to cure. &r,The village of Banksfon, Choctaw conn- They s?e the Opposition under perfect drill Missi.ssinpi, has been built up from noth- gness to beauty and prosperity within eli'ut opposing the plainest reforms ; and they have ears, by the establishment of a cotton facto- known the charges the Democrats have The uite carries the recollection back against the injustice of elections here. about the period of the erection of the infa The Opposition will not divide the wards so mous Pembcrton Mills. JOi? The latest advices from Captain Paze. is to let the people have a just representation in the city government ; they will not repeal commanding the L uited States exploring ex pedition in the interior of South America. an odious which every one were dated on board of the Argentina, at anows is a source of fraud and corruption ; Comerities, on the 30th of November. The they will give no more voting places, which all general health of the crew aud officers was good. Captain Page states that the exploraknow are needed. They will not allow a Demtions had been greatly extended in the head ocrat a word in police matters for the organ waters o! the Paraguay, ascending to Ciuaba, says it fears no Democrat can be fouud who two thousand miles above ti The steamer Alpha, one of the vessels of the cx- will do justice. to be put in ution, If Democrats in the Legislature will not dition for was at Argentina,Indian arrows. con defense agiinst heed our requests, we shall appeal to their tHY" The first number- - of "The State Rights constituents at home. We ask no advantages Louisianian," published at New Orleans Januat all. Ve want the means of protection, that ary 2it, by M. Jerome Bayon, is received. It well printed in English and French, and will the voice of this city may be heard,, and that for the present be issued weekly, on Sunday. an election here nay be no longer a sham dethe doctrine ol "sii'ianer soverncnty it termined by rounders with brass knucks, or trongly proclaimed irt its salutatory. L'JVE AND MUHTMXd. regulators between the voters and the judges A la lv who her love lin.l soi l, of elections. l if a reason roubl be lull cf tho City of Louisville and the Louisville Gas Company. The General Council Men, who, in their ordinary business evince a just seme of the rights of others, and by their general probity have commended themselves to their fellow-citizeas proper persons to select and clothe with municipal authority, whea acting in this new capacity, frequently cast aside the ethics which governed their private conduct, and adopt an entire new system of rules to guidu their public acts; these new rules do not always embody integrity and justice. Recent Acts of tho (ieneral Council of the city of Louisville have given rise to these reflexions, especially an act which I think proper to discuss and present to the citizens. Tlio Louisville Gis Company was chartered by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for a period of thirty years from the 1st of January, ISO;), w;tu an authorized capital of $GU!),Ui)0. The conditions of the charter give the city certain aud peculiar advantages over the individual stockholders. The charter requires the corporation to be managed by nine directors, who shall hold twenty-fiv- e share3 of stock each, three of whotu to be elected by the city, and six by the individual stockholders; the niuo choose a President from among themselves. Some of the peeculiar advantages the city enjoys under this charter are these: The price of sireet lights is fixed at less than cost to the company. The charter gave the city the right to subscribe for i?2i)0,000 of the capital stot-k-, pny for 5? 1 0 of the sutu in cily bonds, pay tibia ia thirty years bearing 0 per cent, annual interest, the interest to be paid by tho (i is Company, out of the dividends on $1W,-tiOof cily stock paid for, the excess of dividends to be placed to the credit of the city semiannually, as new stock, uutil the 5200,000 of stock was paid for in full; the residue of the dividends of the city to- - be invested Jn safe stocks to create a fund to pay the $1110,001) of city bonds, and to purchase the Gas Woiks ou tho expiration of the charter, if the city should so elect. The city availed herself of these favorable conditions and took the stock; individual stockholders subscribed and paid for $232,300 of the stock. This cash capital, iuveste I by private stockholders, enabled the compauy to build and extend the Gas Works. The city bonds were not sold by the company, but held until a sufficient sum had been made for the city to pay in full fur her stock; subsequently the company padd oil and can)0 of these bonds. celled Tha General Council of the city of Louisville, wiihout any notice to the Directors of the Company, or notice to or concurrence with the stockholders, passed the following Act, and sent it to the City Representatives ia the General Assembly, urging them to procure its passagei AN ACT TJ AMi:XUTHK CHARTER OF TUK LOL G AS COMPAN Y. 1st. Be it tnacttd lu the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That it shall be lawful for the Louis ville Gas Company to contract with the city of Louisville, aud for the city of Louisville to contract with said Gas Company to retire the stock of individuals in the Gas Company by ceasing to make dividends on the stock of he city and applying the same from time to timo to the purchase of the. stock held by individu- ihall be paid to ttochholder, but the whole of the profit on their slock hall be applied to purchasing their t'ock and tranjemng it to the cily. Was there ever so nel'arious an act passed by a de. liberal ive body ! The capital stock of the Gas Company was, on the 1st of January last, $181, too, of which tho city owned $200,000, and individuals $281,400. The latter is held by ninety-nin- e stockholders; a large proportion of these are females and children. The proportion that Ihe city owns is $41 in each Slot), and individuals own $58 40 in the $100. By this act the city would be empowered to pny the stockholders for each share of Cieir stock $:J1 lot of the money of the city, and $4:1 81$ out of their own money. This payment would only be nominally in money. The stockholders would have to wait for final payment until the cily had made from the profits of the Gas Works $281,400, and an additional sum to pay the interest of this interest. The stockholders would be paid $2 40 per share per annum of the money of the city, and $:J &0j out of their own money. This iniquitous act, if it had become a law, would have forced the stockholders, many of whom are widows and children, to sell their stock, which is worth ia the market from $;2 6Hto $t5 per share, to the city of Louisville at $:J1 iih per sh ire, then wait for the payment till the Gas Works had made the money to pay for it, in the meantime rcceiviug au annual interest of $1 'J8l on the hundred dollars. Now let us consider the provisions of the act, which are to cause a reduction in the price of gns. The 3d section states that the price of gas shall be reduced to consumers, "so that not more than C per cent, net profit shail be made, " 'after pacing for repairs, exttnuioiit, expenses of management, and manufacture." The General Council seem to have been und.r tho impression when they prepared this act that ihe Gas Company made and paid for extensions of the works out of annual profits, notwiihstand-in- g il they have had regular statements from the otlice of the Company, showing clearly that the extensions were not made out of profits, but by the capital of the Company. The extensions of the works ma le by the Gas Company are now, and always have been, uiade and paid for out of the capital, but ing the last six years, the Company have expended in extensions $201,055, a sum equal to 7 per ceut. per annum, on their capital. During the same period, the average aunual dividends have been 11 per cent. Deduct the extensions from this dividend, and it would leave only 4 per cent, annual dividend. Therefore, if the city had possession of the gfs works, and if, in accordance with the provisions ol this act, the city required the profit from the sale of gm to pay t per cent, annual dividend and an additional sum to pay for the extensions required by a growing eity, the price of gas would have to be increased. What motives induced the General Council to make this attempt to oust tho stockholders of the Company, 1 leave them to declare; if by the arrangement they expected to reduce the price of gas, the fii'-t- s show that they do not understand the subject, for under the provisions of the amended act which they endeavored to procure, the price of gas would have to be increased to pay for extensions, and make an annual dividend of li per cent. Ihe act which the General Council attempted to procure, entitled an act to amend the charier of the Louisville Gas Company, was rejected by the General Assembly of the Common wealth of Kentucky. W hen we consider the diseourtes y to the directors in not consulting them respecting this amendment, and the manifest injustice of the act iu its provisions, we would feign believe that it was rather tho result of inexperienced, immature, and hasty legislation, than a predetermined purpose to wrong the So tasty stockholders of the Gas Company. and inconsiderate was the action of the eueral Council that they did not examine the harter of t lie Gas Ccup,ay to see if the General Assembly had retained power to alter and amend. Had they douo so, they would have found that the amendment was an ia. friugement of the charter and a violation of the Constitution of the State. Tweuiy-on- e years ago a fuw enterprising citizens invested their capital and built our or many years they had but a I gasworks. small return, not because the manufacture and sale of gas was unprofitable, but for the reason that under the peculiar conditions of the charter the profits were divided between the city and the stockholders; only recently have the profits yielded a fair dividend. ill not attempts like this of the General Council make persons cautious how thev em bark their capital iu great works in our city? Vt ith this spirit dominant in our city govern ment, can they feel that their capital is safe Manufactures and the industrial arts have u direct tendency to build up, adorn, and enrich All who engige in these pursuits. a city. whether as a corporation or individually, ought to be encouraged, and their especial business fostered by all good citizens. MISCELLANEOUS. SALT HIVER WHISKY DISTILLERIES AGENTS. A.L.SIiotivf-I- &. I AGENTS. Son, LOLI3V11.LE. OLD SLIP. NEW YORK. WHISKY! IFROX SALT RIVEE V. DISTILLERIES I C. CHICAGO. ILL. . V 1T.T. Coleman it Co., S.T.SUT, BAN n. 64i AN D MA! tTP.KKT, L 1. . CAHIIIAOE liAKEIl k RUliEL, SOKTH SIDE. .NEAR CAU POSITTTU.T SUIT, Proprietor, C ISV IK, E. T. N , rRANCI.-iCO- 'PIIK T.KKSD HERE REPRESENTED WILL BE Bl'RNr.D ON THR HEAD OF EACH BARREL. A iio.1 only in Jubi -- rj mil me H Uulele Initio. OrUer aulUlteO. .VM' rj c e y MB II. H eckn lib X Co., E'iSTO.V, MAS?. nen Co., OP . Jai. E. Kreenleaf, 9AM L. II. BAKER A. BALTIMOKK ( Ilcnrj Hart, Em., 21 Harris Xenle, KIT. BY. F. KCBBb rACTOHY. BKiMK. Tv0 DOORS A BOTE TUB OALT UuLiK. I.OI lVII.I.K, RY. "IT AMFAITUHl KS , OP ALL KINDS OP IUW T CARKI AU , RtH'KAWAY.. Bl'LilEd. c. PERSONS IN anumii o, i;,i an;,-!..irmi Irnlt- -l m ua!l ii rx iiuii..- our iu k pur, h .iiiir All worn u. by in arrani- -i to ,iit n! taction. All uf'.rr promptly uttrn!l lo. Kvirliii ol bi"r a.1 all kmla Joue witb il3iulMn I V !,. PHENIX .FOUNDER Y, STREET, OPPOSITE TIIE ARTESIAN WELL, TENTH EOI ISVILLE, KY WC II. aHAXN3rEIl STEAM EXGINES.FOR COTTON GINS, AW ft "TVJJ-SSr?T?7? HOTCII- - ?:r rjKISS' REACTION WALTER WHEELS, FOR yi LLIES.fc'V iron Railing and House-Smithin- RE EN ' .li'llV SAV ic. OR GRIST MILLS, uoZ diwrim Works. g II. J. MEAD & SOX, STREET, OPPOSITE THE CUST0XI10U3X ATANCPA(Tl'!EI!S .7. ;Y,':; OP BlTIUil.Ai; PROOP SAFE.', IRON RAILING.-s fill San!,, Ac. ?.,."";l'rV.'.'.H.".' l',rr. -. in ,, niiii.Aii 1,1 in ' e'-ir- uoii- , .TtTKCP JAILS. VERANDAS A.,o. uvrrr variety of IkvS Witli lor i.oti,oi new pat.i-r- n tiitntaa- tior;-- t none, au I at Drier aa lo ttt y !! iv. rut VM. GEARING, 4o. CIRCULAR OR SASH GRIST MILLS, &c, &c. ton-i n s r.r, v r.x Tst SHAFTING. I'L" MILL MATT H. J. MK.1P JO. D. ALLLN W.M. PIATT, ALLEN & CO., W. . S. 1 I (SUCCEHSOHH TO WHOLESALE A V DEALERS T T), IN" BOOTS JZnJSTJZ ND 372 MAIN rot f. WRtKLKK STREET, BETWEEN A SEVENTH AND EIGHTH, E. BARBAROUX, (hUCCEHSOU TO BAKUAKOUX A 8NOWDEN), als, and for the trausfer of the same to the cily. 2d. Tiiat it shall also be lawful for said Gas Company and the City of Louisville to con Why n- Mini: win,'s in de of BoU: tract. lhattheGas Company shall cease to 1 CijfAny commission which could be ap ".itui'ei tlius to tnilruiil lien make dividends of the net profits amongst the pointed by an individual is bad enough, but Loi-e- , ma un. an lightning are the s line stockholders, and apply the whole net profits the bill of the Legislature in its present sliapt iiit eari'i they utaii' e heaven luev came; to the purchase and transfer to the city of the v is the No'il', elertrii- II line. is less objectionable than either the original hirV( have just learued that McLeas's And ttolj in best conductor. stock cf individuals at au agreed rato not bill or its substitute. The Chancellor will cer Eteesgthesiso Cjciiial will cure the variou ErThe penalty cf guilt has been sadiy re- $75 Per share, and at an agreed an taiuly endeavor to feelect honora ilied in the case of Mrs. Smith U inucrman'. nual interest not exceeding So per share until diseases rrevalect nmoce chuuren. It is nec ble men, but we fear that the tinge of preju he English heiress, who recently eloped with all the stock of the Company shall become the dice has so far overcome every Democrat iu ilcv. A. Green, h?r curate, from essary every parent fchouid keep a supply or London. The the city that strictly impartial justice will be parties embarked at Gravesend, on board a property oi the city. J'rovid,d, however, That Land, and when required give as directed the city may from time to time transfer to in- hard to obtain. Louisville Journal. upper ship bound to Australia, and it was hvi'luuls one share ot stock so as to nunlify Try it it is pleasant to take. See advertiseWt should like to know if the Democracy of wrecked in the channel, all on board being the holder for the ol'.ice of President or DirecSold here by all ment in anether column. the Legislature think, like the editor of the irowned. tor, and thus keep up the organization of tha diwlm druggists. B?2Mr. Ashbel Baker, while at the house Company lor the bettel management of its Journal, that no Democrat in Louisville is fit Hoop fcKiETS. of his brother iu Tulaski, N. Y., was observed financial and prudential concerns. M. lwibiuson i: Co. arc John to be trusted, and that it is betUr to have a o be filling over, and was caught by hisbroth- ol. 1 hat from and after the city shall have stock for the new manufacturing a lar-rdishonest minority here unprotected from the er and wife. He was found to be entirely become owner of all the stock in the Company rrine trade. Their Skirts have attained ad, and had not breathed or moved a muscle; relentless despotism of the Opposition. except what the President and Directors may Comer of Floyd and Washington Streets, Louisville, Ky., great popularity, as they u.--e ciily the verx From the hesitation some of them evince, his death was literally an instantaneous one. hold, the city shull have no authority to levy OVARY AND PORTAULK STEAM ENHINF.3 AND ROILF.RS; C1KCTJLAR SAW. Af A 0' APT"!! FT. aud oolicct a tax as now authorized, to pay Left tempered watch tpring bteeL, and eacl Co! A , kt Ijm. sd.iii u S EhJJ-few days ago a man named Elias Democrats here begin to think that they have ir aim Braa W irK. l ami W roiilit-lroWat-- r; l'..r- virii.u km is ami ulin AUi, Tokaeco S,r.wa and lr Lpl. T!mlr aiat Mil Loop is fastened to the tapes by means of a Deinus, who, wilh his wife, was crossing a lor the public lights. And from and after the vt ror.': llaiilui., Bokculnt ana Yer.nul.ia maUo lo or lei ironi tit auU beauliiul design. t't adopted the theory of the Journal. same time the price of gas to other cousumers ravtu;;s senL l.;; lver near 1'itisbiirg on tho ice, tell through tiovru loop instead of the ordinary clasp of i shall irrl were both drowned before assistance could cent, be reduced so that not more than six per Thos effectually preventicjt the annoyance o! net profits shall be realized on the slock HeGEOSGE'S Personal. be rendered. ot the company after paying for repairs, exthe tapes be; r.g constantly cut. Their skirt: The English newspapers state that th GREAT EXCELSIOR SHIHSLE MACHINE! is a la J in Smbornton, N. II., who tensions, expeuse of managemeat, and manu can be had et all the retail houses t'uroughou Hon. Mrs. Norton is dangerously ill, aud that but is paying his tuition at school this winter by facture, and ttie city snail cause a report of I nrik'og from nrly to riohty SlirVi prr mtnutr Cioai.le Sold only at wholesale. mkui.' st ivi-- Barrel Hejalu. and ail kluda ot tfuort Lumber. the So'iih and Vest. he sale ot ducks, which he shoots in th? open tho operations ot the Company and little hopes are entertained of her recovery its finan ivater about Sanbornton Bay. They are of the ces, and any surplus profits over six per cent It is reported that Mary Howitt, the poet and ''c'baim in cTmachines. Usbialtht Bklah. In do article of food ueldrake tpecies. on any one year shall constitute a fund for ex novelist, has become a Swedenborgian. dnrmM. itn Poothenifr anl others wanting the mX should more cautiousness be exercised than aySixty-tw- o cranes are being ereoted at tensions the next. yil anl cht ap I'rimun: M; huiery now kon, can b tuppilfl Hon. James Guthrie is the president of a some of the principal ports 4;h. The holder of one share of stock thus with Mtrrnnr- of an size or i ipUv at thr Hv.traallc Voun'lvty in England, for the the ' staff of life" bread. In order to have n La Woritia McM- -l csn ilwiv shop. whn mail board for the establishment of a publishing hipment of heavy machinery, and goods. They secured as aforesaid, and also the Mayor of K. i H BA KOI.'X i JvJ7 .iwm oirtl..n. it healthy and nutritious, good flour and pure tne city ot i,ouisvii;e shall be eligible house, in this city, to furnish works expressly cost about $ 14.000 each. Quick Yeast is KoBT. U. COL'RTEXAY. Pre-'- t. are Recess'iry. Hurley's yeast to a place ia tho directory of tne said Louis Orncx OasCo., Feb. 7th, lwio. JEt"To be worthy of an oiT.ce for the blind. Agents are canvassing through the best article in us-e-. and ia uing it there ville Gas Company. And all other laws in out various States to raise funds in support of in'; must be entirely unworthy of anything conflict with this provision are hereby re fear of swallowing a urspepsy with your KENTUCKY LEGISLATURE. else. breakfast. dii the institution. JEQyA Mexisan sheep drover lost 1,000 head pealed. Frankfort, Ki., I tb. 10, 1XL Resolved by the General Council, That the SenorOviedo and his American bride, of in one night during the recent severe weather AT liiK IJK SENATE. foregoing amendment to the charter of the fc iEowi. Ivn, Act. 1, 18M. "diamond-wedding! " the fame, sailed on Mon m lexas. A number of local and prrvato bilU were re Gas Company be approved by the General Db Rc back Dear Sir: It is dae to you and ported by committees, and passed. day for Havana. iHenry Ward Beecher's church Council, and the Mayor be requested the public, more especially the aSlieted, to Mr. Havcraft Circuit Courts A bill tore of $800 forward tho same to the Representatives of Comonfort, of Mexico, left Brooklyn, N. Y., raised a pony-purs- e I ay that I have given your invaluable Scandion Sunday tor the purchase of a slave girl. the ( ny in the General Assembly, and request gulate the time of the Circuit Courts in the New York on Monday for New Orleans, com District. Passed. navian. ElcoJ Purif er a fair trial in a number yA fruit dealer in Rochester is sendins thoia to urge the passage of said amendment Third Judicial having insisted ou its disagree pelled to seek a more genial climate by the The II. It. scores of tons of dried cpplej to South America, J. A. CILLISS, P. B. C.C. from unhealthy of cases of diseases ari-lr- g ! ment to the apportionment bill, the Semite ap exigencies of his heatlh. J. M. Vilnius, C. B. C. C. lie Gloucester New3 says that a couple K. l. WKATHEKFOItl), blood, in all of which it h:.s exceeded my exP. B. A. pointed a Committee of Conforence-oit. .1. V. Tompkiv.-- , C. Ii. A. The literary societies of the University of have just been married in that town, after a A resolution wa3 adopted authorizing the up to its recommenlatJO. pectations, and carries fully AroveJ January 1, T. II. CRAWKOKD. Mayor. Virginia have invited the Hon. D. V. Voor ouriship of thirty years. employment ot additional engrossing and en dations. I i , theretjre. w ith pleasure, recom! A cojiy attest! J. M. Vai uhax, C 11. C C. DfX-T- iie large spot now anparent on the hees, of Indiana, (who was counsel for Cook. rolling clerks. mend it to all '.Le a:":ctei whose disease indiThe citizens of Louisville have not com urtace of the sua are sueeessiully photoliy ihe liank Committee A bill to. Chartor hung at Charlestown,) to deliver the Anniver cates a reined "v of that description. Fit Va-,- 1 rJ RATE., fKIPTION, TAKEN" ET CIS, AT THE LO WEST ES7ABL1.SU K Klitli graphed by Whipple, at the Cambridge Ob plained of the management of the interest of the Paducah Mechanics' Savings Insliiutiuii l.iV.JAV. Ks IUYFN8. Your-- . tru:y. sary address on the 3d of July next, and the ervatory. The Company Rejected. covli ddiwly See aivc r iserent. He is now engaged with Prof. the city ia the Gas Company. In April, 1633 : tu the following RELIAULE INSURANCE COMPANIES?, has always been managed by directors, whose invitation has been accepted. Bond, making a series of photographic ob A bill to charter the ''Maysville Coal and lira uman, the well known auctioneer K:m WVd interest in the shares they held in the Gas Oil Company" enme up as a special order the Maj. E. A. Blanch, Democrat, has bee servations on these remarkable appearances t:g.' BY AUTHORITY GF THE AUDITOR CF KENTUCKY: Company was small when compared wilh their bill was amended heretofore Uy chauging the is reaiy to accept ti.y kind of consignments of In May, 1833, "Sam" began to reign frff" Mr. Siieucer, the United States Consul interest iu ths city elected Senator from Harrison county, Texas at large. The city has no name to "Fulton" instead of 'M:iysville," aud NIAGAF.A FIRE IT73UF AKCE COSTFAIJY. of New York-Ca- sh Assets $320,000 n(W and sec-s- 1 hand funi;urc, nhich will b. Ftm vm n Paris, last month gave a magnificent re ia the place of Col. L. T. Wigfall. riirht to complain. Her interest iu the Gas the amendment subsequently reconsidered Wan! do 320,000 do CITIZENS' FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, epiiou to about four hundred Americans now Company has been exceedingly profitable promptly aiicuJ-- to. TLe faleof the above I Ou Friday, the 3d inst., the Rev. Cranmore do 400,000 do In August, 1S33 : the question again came up, on adopting the INSUiiAUCK CO., sojouiinug in that city. Among those present mentioned articles will be ecery Thursday V;rt tr.-of the amendment. do 250.000 do Amendment adopted aud bi rdilKUAiVriLi". S1AE INSURANCE CO., minister of St. Stephen's Episcopa' were Mrs. Gen. Scot I, the Countess Dissy, a when we consider th-t- about i 4 allace, . t.jiliih War.i product of the Gas Works has been sold to the during the ttason. Fauiittauces made immedo do 170.000 FIRE5IEN S I'UMD INSURANCE CO., Chapel, Charleston, S. C., ami during twenty languter of Gen. Harney, of our army, who city at less than cost to supply street lamps laid on the table. In April, lb-- : do do 175.000 HOPE FIUS INSURANCE CO, The Senate took a recess until three o'clucl diately after the sale. Coti. mission cheaper was mimed iu Paris about live years since, years secretary to the Diocesan Convention and the large sum she has realized from her do 525,000 do !' rM V ' -- 1 UNITED STATES LIFE INSURANCE CO., Hol'SK. Miss McLean, of Washington citv, Beverly berethaa at;y other auction house in the city. I War.1 1,500.000 do died after a painful illness of three weeks. do A large number of local and private bills JiOIYU' INSURANCE CO. Fire and Carrot, Mijor Crittenden, Capt. J. W. Todd, profits in this Company, and will continue to fucker, i given to out - door Particular August, 1830: realize. do 230.000 MERCHANTS' INSURANCE CO.. of Hartford. Conn. Gains B. Rich, Esq , has, iu a spirit ot and Lieutenants 11 use and Pegram, ot the L passed. tales and real eoie. Ti.e well known characThe city, on the 1th of April next, will own were 375,000 A House bill, in relation to common kcUooI PROVIDENCE WASHINGTON INS. CO., of Providence, R. I., do liberality, recently given Jl,0o0 to the Vottag S. army. Ml requite- - no Mr Giant.. an as a fale-ti.a- n ter of $220,000 of the capital stock, on account of tli OF OVER LOSSES districts iu this Commonwealth, passed MAKING FUND AN AGGREGATE TO MEET Mr. Amuon arrived in London by the which she oves the Company $77,000 November, 1830 : ecomuiendatiou here, when, fur 3 eats, he ha. Men'rl'JbrUiian Union, $l,0Ut) to the Young The bill, as it Senate with an amendment. Bombay mail, having for sale a considerable .t V een favorably known among the business mer. Men's Association, aud $1,000 to the Bud'alo parcel of diamond, some of them quite ex- - bonds a calculation based ou the present bus passed the House, gave to Commissioners un the city, and especially by the foreign pop- Lir'lith Wai.L iness of the Company shows that these bonds Orphan Asylum. April, 1837 : raordinary for size ami importance, lie had may be paid by January, lbOl, and leave a til the first of April to report. The amend ulation, remember the plcc, a! L. Ka'.in a. of our customers, and Los- -, j.roniptly a.l!uteJ an J paJU a Strict given tu bnsinr and the Interest the Senai gave them uutil the fir: lisposed of a few, tha price ranging frora surplus of $V,G-)8- . Mr. David Torter Heap, of Washington Co.'s new commission house, 4'.'4 Main street. F'rt Want Oa the expiration of the ment of urorTh-eAmendment concurred in. r.tilli 15, Oi)0. An uncut brilliant of un- - charter in ISGVt, tiie city of Louisvile will have of October. 1,000 to be promptly attended to. JUT den from a UliUate Regular sales of dry goods, boots and shoes, ty, D. C, 6on of the late Dr. S. D. Heap, who A bill to incorporate the Mississippi Railway August, 1837 : to part with realized from her interest in the Louisville Gas BULLOCH fc CO., isual magnitude he Ins refu-ienotions, 4c, every Wedne-day- . was for many years U S. Consul for the Ur T5 MAIN STREKf. N.,. o Lti W. 11. ifukKs' sfuRK. J.i4 11t tor 7,000,00!) francs, and stands out for JC300,- - Company $22 j.OOO, invested in, stock of the Company. 1 assed. N. B. Liberal cah advances mnde on conA bill to incorporate the Daniel Boone In gency of iunis, liarbary, nas oeen appointee; )0 , which, if he can't get it in Paris, he Company, jlodlm sign men. s. aud$lol,b2U invested in other secu surance Company. The vote in 183s and 183t was Rejected. arries the g;m to Amsterdam or St. Peters rities, making the wuole sum realized for the for the Port of Pensacola British YaM.VT AM) CL'rTH CoAkS, SHAWLS, RlClI ls'.s A bill for the boneril of turnpike roads in to i. a w. a. sroim), Klr-- I W rl Elisha W. Tracy, Esq., a well known aud burg. The "diggings" in Lucknow aud some cily during the term of the charter $;)sl,82il. this Commonwealth. Allowed to hold not OK AND DEALEH IN I'JIH. localities, during the mutiny, The city will have made this sum without the Viiloi rt.s, Murinoeh, t.(ililU rj other hidden iwr Fact Silk, Ph,lis, of the bar of Chicago, is were not unproductive. promiueut member exceeding ten acres ot laud at each gate expenditure of one dollar in money. De Lai.s, T.lavK Silk Mantlls, Lacis am Iluw came the I irstward from near one Passed. dead. O.OiK) bottles of the late Lord Itl-SoThe following are the dividends which have Illcsiok RoBt.s, kc. G. B. Tabb, corner of thousand in 1834 to half that in 1833 but A bill in relation lo tho common school sys SADDLERY WAREHOUSE), in Paris recently tcJ.mong the public works now in course Seymour's wine werethere were sold many ynur- - been paid to the individual stockholders since tern, Vote to be taken in August, 101, upon Fourth and Market stteets, h just received, little more at subsequent elections, and not yet so Xo. 1.J5 5IAI. STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH A.D SIXTH, not at high figures the beginning of the Gas Company to January, most of levying an additional tux ot the propriety by express, a lar;re and handotue assortment up to the vote of lh32, although the population of completion at Washington, one of the uir't present and the article was so interior. sb,0, inclusive: five cents on the hundred dollars worth ot tax of the above poo Is. wbb h'jie is offering at un is increased at least fifty per cent? The vote remarkable, though least known, is the Wash iciins iu Paris are complaining One year ending July, 18o'J, G per cent, div WuULD FIND IT T TIIBIR IXTKRKST TO EXAMINB Ml frfnj AND MANVyACTTRKR able property, for the benefit of said system MTC'Jr, l usual'y low prices. Mftr.y cf ti.e above goods has been increased by an additional voting ington aqueduct bridge, over Rock creek, at ihutttfAmeiletters are opened in the French idend. will tie to js U ma.lejn prioii. from a W It '.h';r (mti Ihms, an. tiieir On motion, 1 SO 1 was slrickeu out, and 1'A differ in Ftyle an 1 drigu from any goods hereOne gentleman found money for postollie.'s. L'LMAN Two and a half years ending Junuary, 1812, inserted. l'.acc, or the vote would have been what the the Wes'tru end of Pennsylvania Avenue tofore received lu ti.e Market. We cordially u milliner's bi Is sent to his address it was 5 per cent, dividend. Mr. M. J. Cook moved to strike out five now nearly completed, from the designs and & recommend tiiis house to ladies iu search of Op position could poll. the enclosure from a London lady's, placed by One halt year ending July, 1812, no divi cents and insert three. the latest and richest goods imported this sec. under the directiou of Capt. Meigs. Thi Wheu the vote is divided between the parmistake iu his envelope by the otticials. dend. The question was first taken on striking out fc'tore on the southeast corner of Fourth eon. arch of twenty feet rise Light years ending July, 1830, I! per ceut. and it wa3 dscided in the affirmative. Yeas jgS"The whole of France a nation of thirty-ties, the slate of the case is still more glaring bridge is a cast-iroand Market streets. semi- annual dividend. MAIN AND WATER, only approprimillions of .inhabitants TIIIUD STREKT, 47: nays, 35. six In November, 1832, the vote of the First and two hundred feet clear span between th One half year ending January, lbod, 4 per LOUISVILLE, KVn The question was then taken ou insertin ates as much money to common schools as does The nrch consists of two rib abutments. Fiji Fibniti Et. Wharton & Bennett keep and Second wards stood: V(K WILL AT ALL T1M.3 KFKC AUiMD ARTICLE C UI1KK OL'R OWN V AN VTACTTRlf TKOM VIROINI New York six cent, semi annual dividend. three cents; and it was decided in the affirma r S Al.fc TttALiK v rrLxUUliy call Uailltulluuul loe !! to wliKn d i'eiiiiesar each of which is composed of seventeen cast the city of francs! alone something like constantly on hand a Urge stock of desirable Six years ending January, 18 j7, ii tier cent. tive yeas, 08; nays, 117. Ml millions of Iru IS dtf First Wjir i inches internal diameter, ironp'pes, forty-eigh- t di ideud. Ion Mr. Rrown oifcred an amendment, appro' &. iUNOlT .u. j. Law is. parlor, and chamber furnkure, of all ,Wra 111L -- J. W J. Beechcr wants women BviT Henry Ward Three years ending January, 1800, 0 per priatiug half of said tai to the support of was So the matter stood in the First ward until and twelve feet thiee inches in length. They male voters. He say?: "Tho woman kinds and patterns which they sell at their cent, dividend. school or schools, for the education of teacher and she who had carried re vareroeni a! the lowe-- t prices. Their etore is 1?33, when but little over one hundred votes have flanged ends, pierced with holes for screw God's The average cash dividends paid to private Mr. Buckuer ottered an amendment, 02 and w'4 Market street, between finement everywhere e'se, would work refine Kos. stockholders during twenty-ou- e and a half ing the law reorganising Transylvania I'ui ari'eared in the First ward. From that time bolts, by which the pipes are firmly connected ment iu government." dtf Second and Thud. were placed have been, 7 8ii 100 per cent, per annum. versity, aud es abliahiae a school lor teacher years After being cast, they together. to the present (until last August), the Opposi lle'i.Wc are assured, says the Cornwall A motion lo lay upon the table was rejected lathe, and the ends and flanges were ac Freeholder, by a party who pretends to know, la addition to tins, a stock dividend of 22 per tion have increased their vote a small amount InfortDEticn Vaated! cent., making the wholo annual average diviyeas, ol) ; nays, in. curat ely turned or faced off. They are put that a compromise has been effected between dend 8 68 100 percent, to January, ltij). In 1830, Buchanan got, in the First ward, S4 PFfciV Mr. Rrown's amendment was rejected yeas OF 1. Cic M.K.O. e Co. ti kaitu l bur-TENTH STREET, BETWEEN WALNUT AND CHESTNUT Weir, who violated the person of Miss Christio, votes, and Fillmore 331. The Democratic vote together in the form of a circular arch, the of St. Mary's, C. W., and her friends, by the The effect of the act to amend the charter of 20; nays, 00. LOUISVILLE, ZY. vjt In Tnot. w of Sm'i t Atnion. An amendment was then oil'ered providing every one knows in faced ends abutting against each other, and payment ot the Louisville Gas Company, asked for by the is not polled there that ' ill t, i. It is said that he is at IXMK3, BLINDS. SASH, WINPtlW AN'n DOtia FRAMES. MOLPIN(53, MANTLES. f . ;. .lu uuuie itoo-- this city ; and the reason is want of protection foity ecrew bolts firmly secure each joint General Council, would be virtually to repeal that the increased amount collected in eae MAM'KACTORY The figure is pretty large. i -d Oglensburgh. on haii.t I'lne Luinr-r- . Hi oriun. f lielvim. eainerooardiBX. Aman said county, in the An 'afti.W of the charter ; although the amendment Mates county shall be expended in KipuiiiR, i'rol aud S.roU Bawlnn, 0h, LVors, .Moidinxa. done to order witu uvalma and of Such is the accuracy obtained by the present Louis at the polls. Jr'JUdlT . t, l& The London Morning Chronicle,Ameri that it shall be lawful for the parties to erection of schoolhouses; aud it a majority diM"'li. li.S, Ol hr, use of machinery in engineering, that these Napoleon's paid org in, is edited by an Now, we want the minority in this city pro ic., c , apparently giving theGas Com- of the qualified voters be shall so decide I ' K I M : Ti ) C M I C K ? L O A R L A X D-. uf ir of tlio fi. FIXE expended in the OFCHuICB the whole amount shall under the adequate can. pany the option to contract or not ; the Comtected by lawful means. We have a right to joints are water-tigh- t, F'RKSH FKUlTs.-- A Iheinea, straw hrrnea, kaapberrtra, l"eui !ir. bv .'Iflc n.t f..r Paul Akers, the sculptor, was at last pany by this act would be forced to contract erection of a seminary or college in sn .1, lAtll- At.l.KN. MiKKK M 1IADKN. Z3 urte u ii;i'i I'lneapi'Ke Ac, for aie by demand it. The editor of the Journal coolly pressure of one hundred and twetity feet head, accounts dangerously ill J. T. LANHAM county, or for other school purposes. 1! nr. John C, by ihe power it grants to the city. The Gen in Lyons, trance - l) UV.i IrouorviH or 1 a. Ac. Tfilrd J.,21 MOLAsSKS Mid and fannc a 1CK M 'LASsKd LAN1)1.U tells the Legislature that a Democrat can't be by mere application of the dressed surfaces of era. Council could elect Directors who had no iecied yeas, 42; nays, 47. JCliT Of printing cloths, 31,000 pieces were Vu. --Wicia . C ALLKN MiNMlK A IIADKV HHPS FROM FUR TO cast-iroltd f.W ORLEANS SIUAR.-- AS no packing or cement being used in li. hAI.KI.I V. The House then took a recess uutil do justice ; yet he asks the Legisla would willingtrusted to sold in Providence last week at 0, bit and ogc interest in the corporation, who Ar p on the part AT EN'j "VT 11 4TS 4 I I. Tl 111 IKS STVtlN V I v.Li. fcv , v ture to trust the Opposition with unlimited the joints. .. fcjf The Agricultural aud Mechanical As ly enter into any contractcity desired. I of the two o'clock. Your., le. ."A quant ECHO. of ton lantpv on tuin and :or ..). ttiean l' Aw1 Gas Comyany which the !Ui(.ri!!'i illf ought . ri i r . AS Mam HKAI11KK sociatioa of St. Louis have fixed Monday, Sep authority. A strong expression de"Ljbebtv or Death"' not to crived. lu alore and tor aale br citizens do not the Iiriwn Koiirlti ami K'lth. Of5ce Eentuciy' Islutnai teuiber 21ih,' for the commencement of their sire to say any city, for our kind, especially not There has been a great excitement J. D. BONDURANT. It is but little we ask of the Legislature do thing of the YS S'rr ii a r. 1 7 Sixth at., brtwu Main and N.,rkot. ri.A.'K and brown, wr- which comes in well at the end of a poetical annual Exhibition. Insnrriiice Ccrapany. LondonJerry. Vt., during the past week, J rent slvUa and PKii.ito'. tut rr.v. at to force any persons sell sheer justice property IKK A SMITH S. 4i M.iln , the seduction and abduction of THE AVSCAL LLHTMV iii"i VU'V.Cl t'MFT!II? and that is but oration; but liberty, as a finality, doesn't rsy Troy papers announce an earthquake htlf its value, and totopocket their difference. forI consequence of Churchill. Her friends have . i.MiAV, : i ihe j. k a a girl named j-- i, at NEW STYLES ON UA-amount to much. People have liberty to work in that city. It occurred on the 2d lust., and m;an to say that the General Council, T'Y."' LOTH J. A failed to fiud where she is, or to get any trace LP nd I Ier, eiia nrl it tT ralttna- al tUKkl'l tft Some of the Locofoco editors of this or starve liberty to live in a cellar or freeze cracked one of the streets opeu. as it now is, could aud would force Dr. of the direction she went. ihraim Tanii..--: kXCM Ltxt Va I'Auii liAMs.-- A State are so soft thai' an v one of them would Ml'I'H I&oaey. Hare Chance for EgT J- - W. Dulton, formerly cashier of the every stockholder to sell their stock on the )LV;.SKIN' AND i'ASSIMKKE HTJ. I.olISVILLF. kJ ll.inn. second to Millions of freemen have li ker has been arrested on suspicion, but denies 31 iirthe street. n W A.KS WILL EKUIYEN - make a big pond of hard water so.'t by jump AM) price Ira" 3 to j. hail. I and lor sale t'T .t o. thr of the Iowa State Bank, terms stated in the act, had it become a law. Muscatine Branch inaiulL'.ctur. ly. 'a i the charge, aud claims that it is a conspiracy c.i J aUaya be Uad al t!,- - II .t Cap and h n; ti i,.ri iii. i. ii, li.e It timr Itus .nei. wbniE t'orta- ing into it. Journal. berty to toil six long days in every week for a who resigued his position oa the ICth ult., has hi reeoii'nief.ii PRATllKW A tl. 4.Q Main Hi. Let us examine what these terms are which to injure him. ir kl Dili K.inu. ai an to' Don a to buely ai4 v. do; do. do And some of the Opposition editors are such very miserable existence, with the poorhouse been arrested as a defaulter. The amount is th General Council wish to thrust upon the "eVKRY PKSi'ltlPTIoN OK II ATS, K A ". Jil'.AV.M TtR I5AKOAINS I do do Cotton 4 caaH Wow ki ii atel Tenth st. T APS and LA 1I La' ami CI1ILDKK.VS FANCY iLKd. Jnnt received and foru aaie by hard cases thai they would harden a lake of and a pauper's erave at the end of it. This is stated by one authority to be $14,000, and by stockholders. The stated price of $75 per The Paris Court of Cassation confirmtad at the ll,t. Cap -- " JAMF3 V" CO, UWViai l another $10,000 to $j0,0o0. He is held to share, and annual Interest of $0 per share uni' SMITH, iM Main at. ed the sentence of Madame Lemoiue to twenty NOTICE. not "liberty or death" it is "liberty and answer. LOTTERY soft water. HAIIKOTn til ?uid, would be liberal and no doubt satis- years' imprisonment and hard labor, for burnN K E7S AUK" HKRKEi P.s death." XTR A FI.iU R -l- .'O BBLS SMYSEK"J S3. AND the pur- ttJA grand ball is annouueed to take place factory to the stockholders; but this act e;u ing h er daughter's illegitimate child. ur M'illar4 and S. S Whitehead have T"! l wlBsCF.i'BI F'lK TH Eilia Hour in lore n'ld A io .v t 1'IUi.i I f so.N. s Market at. a"e Wl'SI'RiKS. - We learn from the Memphis Enquirer iu tlio Philadelphia Academy of Music on the powers the city to pay the stockholders for griy1 i doi Apron GlrdWa, ll.oir ho purcnas'il Innu purchased the Evausville Daily Enquirer aud tan: t. retf sol'l liT I O on the same, partllih inst , to raise funds to repair the theaier. their stock and the interest .... a ill'l n.F al t aiaUU Of A. C. UaJIK. LAxjllkUiltU, M carlooiia biack .suk teivet kibbooa. -l di T I ILC KUS CLoTlls AND CAssiMKRKS. I lirti klm; an I tiHiiiif o slyly. In bn io; ly from the income of the stock whioii is the i pta Jacoiwl Kdtna, two orchestras, cue for promecome out for Douglas. We thought it would that twenty murders were committed in that Tickets Ti.tro atrwel. 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