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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), November 27, 1801

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

"jtjuLBmLuM.rJj&iju&Baijij. k W3 ctj ').. i' 'Ifc- - .mml'm THE KENTUCKY GAZET1 yEia Mo. 793-T- Printed by JOHN BRADFORD, (On Main StreetJ .& is fooher required, on a little more AdC vance, they fliall be given up. Will be sold by the Siibfcribejf, and for Mo.n,ey, good Merchandise Negroes, a greater part, Extensive Credits will and Horses, will be taken byinftalments, be given, in annual payrhents, thepur-thafe- r as will best suit the pui chaser. giviug good bond and security ; Application to my fori John Edwards, 7 be following PROPERTY will sell, jun. in Bourbon, or to mn David S. from ibis day. forward, (to wit: J in WaQiington, or mr. Enoch Smith, near Montgomery court house, or VALUABLE BUILDINGS, and the James Brown efq. in Lexington, for inthey are on, in Paris- -t they begin at the Main Corner formation and contracts with refpedl to flreet facing the Court house, and run- the property, or to the subscriber, either ning parallel, with the public ground one in Bourbon or Washington, maybe made. An,y of my creditors choosing to purhundred feet chsfe, shall have on the lovveft terms as frame, buildThe first a.large two flory ing, in which there is a large well finifii-e- d I am determined to sell. lore house' and counting room, both be Twill sell 1000 barrels of flour, all to delivered before the 15th of March large fireplaces of brick; the other part .nd, nexti well calculated for a tayern, six. well I'have-alfone other plantation .for rooms- plaiftered and fo'ur'large-fir; another room, thirty-sifeet by sale, near Warwick, 233 acres' cleared, places, and the title secure. twenty, and two sire places, and within Any person, purchasing the milk I will room door, a brick five feet of the back furnish with wheat at cash price, and will, lodging room, and akitchen adjoining The balance os: tlfe building of brick, is employed, engage 9 clear them in the sales of flour &c. this'feafon, 2500 or two stories high ; with sour houses, twendollars: Jt& ' ,u. ty feet square, rented out to different fa- 3000 .; JOHN EDWARDSjSfcri. milies ; convenient toi those are two small 14th September 1,80 1; garkitchens there is a table den fortheufe of the;large- building. I THOMAS'' REFD, VA have also" nine acres of out lots' in Copper and' sin' cultivation Those buildings were first valued, by a number of INFORMS' his friends and' the. public, removed Ms fliop from opworkmen at eight thousand dollars ; and several tifeful additions, have been, made psfite' Mr. Bradford's printing office, to to them since I will nowjgive them ex- the house formerly occupied, by Mr. Ch. tremely low, and give them) cleaof all Humphreys, next door above Mr. Wm. Morton's and nearly opposite Mr.Brent's incumbrance tavern, where he continues to carry on Another property I have M county, one mile- and three quarters from ins DiuinelSjas uiual. Limestone two valuable overshot millsw " He will tak'etwo or three apprenticesj g. nv as high credit for manufacturing floury; itthe';above as- any ftate4 and are now repairLAND FOR SALFjJr" ing and almost done, so as r 'Am autho'rized'bv sentlefhen ofref- order1 when thefeafon for grinding peccability in Ph' iladelphia,'tb sell the bell Burr and: Allecommences,-withstones, rolling screens' &c Those boilt one hundred and eighthy thousand gany mills in tHefeafonfor grinding, can' make acres ot L A NV, flour everyday that they forty barrels-oand' any penort inclining to in different parts of this state, fomeof it are worked purchase,' can be inforrrfedj-th&- t the qua MILITARY LANDS fouth.of Green lity of the1 flbur is1 superior to any that river Thepayments will be made easy. has been boated from Limestone. With I will take' a small part in CASH, the' negro 'man, a ballance in HORSES, FLOUR, HEMP those I will sell or allow a credit for or TOBACCO good miller ; the plantatiort'oF-i40"acfespurchsfe;mpnev.,.pa'v- 100 apple trees-- , of fruit equal to any in three fourths-of'tlj'able in one, two and three. years. A de- the state, a sine clover and and meadow, a small dwelling houfe-a"n- lQfip.tjon- ojtiie ,LAND, and particulars by applying. t6 farm, with other out houfer, cherry-an- qf the term's may peach' orchard! the title indlfputa-bl- e qiCin Lexington; ; and I will giveitclearof all incumThos Bodley. brance. For thisproperty-- havein two December 20th, iS'ooj thousand dbllars.- years FLAX SEED OIL MiliI have' alio for falc, ocacres-otary land, fourteen miles from WashingJ "rlEflibicribers ton, North1 West of the1 Ohio river, with r X that they havebeg leave to'infornl CTSiDUIullC. commenced the makiii net' a very promifirig fait1 lick, fuppbfed to -FLAX SEED OIL, small-- ' trial have falf water," a at their mill near LexlnStotrrthore whoj are in wakt made, and'fomc fait made'by a'roty Sher-- of oil niaybefupplied by applyii&at the Mill. GREAT BARGAINS I Bro-dric- T?flR IV iooo acres on the Kentucky, in Mad: foh county; 4oo in ditto, waters of Otter creeic. 5000 on the Ohio river, opposite Lit tie Miami river. 400 on Severn' Valley creek. Good titles will be made to purchasers For terms apply to the subscriber in county, on Otter creek. ''jdtf Y . nev flioes, 8tc. vr thepur-chaferma- y - s merman. March 24th, firfd a s7n 'f 6; iliapirdRufiia,ag-i!"ft- j HOUSES tit notieil, 1 jto-th- e s ' Ffcnif ' . LOTS II(J(JIES. as the . . SIGN OF THE BUFFA'LOE, square. (7 QACtf 1 from. Philadelphia,, inform their friends in particular, and tlie pub He in general, that they'have j?lt commenced thevarious branches ot CUACH it COACH HARNESS MAKING, PAIN-TIN& TRIMMING, oppsfite mrrDavid Stout's Lime-Stostreet, and near meffrs. Baftrop and Nancarrow's Factory, where tdofe who chose to employ them, may have their work done at the Jho'rteltnotice, the most reafdda . tie price, and the neatcft manner. Richard As"b.ton't John W. Stout, LxirtjrUH,'MjTf, idth 1801"- fbf - ne PORT, S 'HERRT& MADEfRAWINES. FIRST &f SECONH QUALITY ' COP- - MADDER. QUEERS WARE' assorted . HARD WARE &? CUTLERt assorted. WINCHESTER'S DIALOGUES ". Qit ' ' ',''' "" ' for'Taleat this office. ' '" JUSTPUBiJSHEfP ' ' ii v v " may be in flieets for frames or Pamphlets trated with fifteen elegant cuts. .,? - - J' 'line,'-'H'Ta- f readihefslfbr feJ- '.' September io. We arve,liapjr;:tb'hear, that Mr. Fo, theSvifhes of his friends, has ,refolve'd,to attend parliament .in suture ,i:,i'. - i.: r n .nV...v wo as corii'j;iv a F1""- "is Jeccni-oThere nevefwa'apiridd which Call-- ' ed more loudly for1 the'esercii'e of hip' .ereat .ani,,"ca-n. bad at this Office. The matchless hiftory'of JOSEPH and his BRETHREN; and THE t? '.' Vi ' - univers'al'e'storation:" " " He has also on hand,'a quantity of Mann's I.ick' SALT, of a superior quality two years old.- N. B. Country merchants , and. others may be supplied with any article in the above Jine oh the mod moderate terms for CASH - C On..?'??'!1 ftreef, in 'Lexington, opposite the Public "THE fubferibers. co:;ciu"?- l- NOTICE. C maV- of indemnities ' is at !.," . l ther,p6int;of'beiltg-a;6ltfaIitferfinrat . FPom,1tli'e";n'ttei'ior of' Franc e, he A- deV. is" of lit'ti'e imfdrtane'e. 0f the3 Choualv's attilfery has bees vre"d and1 Vetoed'. A repjrt-ha.en itiade'by the"' niiniftfer.-othe inter' or ori the atis; b'wh'jcfi itJappear? the rnCii g6er'nmeht"is"ppireffetd of an extv,,, vj collb6lT6n. of fli6 Ihbft valuable tii ti- ies" public gal'ieft .irr'airthe CflieT cuTes-- rThe p'jan of fete to celebra'te'the Founda'tibh of the.rptio-llon the zdirifli is1 pflbliflied th the ?iioniteur, but'cbhtains'nothingWaarka-i- ' ble. - Aterhpfe-ddicatetp' &$: bee,reCed ; but wc sear the chjelpKnfu.l.i not very defrrbiis of feefng it reft6redb ( this country. ' ' fro'in'our fle'6.t; offBreft'. Wihe' Letters '30th ult. say, ourfbrc.w'a'ir compofed'of jjf'fail. of th'e Which" were two deckers. 'I he enemy5! sleet consist- -' ingbf'3 fhipsofi'the Jme', were in the a term of a" PUBLIC ENTERTAINMENT' ; the bifftle we y wouldimakenn allov- - Will be kept . tii'e business J. . -- . I Ji. Dufoun. ance to any one who would relit for ' ." acti-".-- at 'the nidutlfbl1 T2ai &? " i '' -- iTencti agents are e: "! .v r fw earing the tntia'oitdi'ift of-- ih fj jde'par'tnients on the RhiiH i'J bt ;i- ' "A rejnfblici All Uttv i colors the- agitation, diltrefs, and llb'iij that' prevail in Germany a;:d ; '' i, refervir.g a fmairpiec'e in frotic of Mr: Heed's (the chair maker)' lliop; for ai'Office1.', ' 1 ft? KENTUCKY. ALMAtfAC, For the Tear 1802 ; Is just publifliedand for sale at this office, by the Gross, Dozen of Single. J aai pittier Sitll'rx ru L. tf MUSCOVADO Sugars of h superior quallity, BEST GREENCOFFE ; CHO COLATE 6f TEAS ; MALA . GA, TENERIFF, OLD .ERAS 'C 'ti-der-f6- For bald. either or at the Vne' Yiird, or &? PEPPER, PIMENTO, ALLUM, - He-leu's.- ?- loolbj. uioie whp wm upwards liic furhifhed affix, purchase.Der oound.orHiliirj.roil oence WalleMVarieltf:-partn'crfliip of BtEDSOE &, , ( t AT ctlt FRENCH-BRANDT- . threa'tens the lempdrbr'with taking pcfr feffibn'of tjfe'late eled'or of Ct4'nc-'- i dominions, fhoiild-- 'new' bifiiop of elstt'ed ;. and accordingly ve v. Ad the' chapter 'of Munster' lias ptpone the election,1 tIiicH waYap56inted fur thS third 'illstant: There1 hs eVfery' reafm tit bellete thd doViniorrs 6P the late eleclof will Be 'rftehieved; and" that Prufilj will obtain pofiefiTon of the greatest part ef them. THb empiror of Ruffia has cofl- -' lented tcf the. occupation of Hanover b4 th king of Pruffia for the present ; ba? 'has invited him' to accede to the mari 'figried by "lord St. ' difp-itcu- the' Kentucky Virie Yardj about b mile's above of Hickman. nA the; Kentucky river, qr Quantity; of EXOELLbNT - ' ii - KIG.E bjf mutual consent, all BAYLOR, thole who 'are indebted tfl the said firm, are reqUeUed to call on- Walker Baylor and pay off their refpelive balances who has lately returnee! irom Baltimore witha general aflbrtment of GOODS, amongst which LOAF ; - ' 'JE" -l s hand-forael- tf s . plantation' on -the iff of Mai clffA&CllK 1JAY, FILLE.Y, two vears old this spring, about tourtcen nanas nign, ltout madef not branded, long mane andtale, star ui'her sorehead one'fide of which' isnraijnj fomewl'eon her hind feet, a sear on her lest buttock. Any person that will bring the said Filley to me, or give information, shall be rewarded by' Fuyivi'-m- Lexington, list ( , Bobb. S ane run, STRAETJ !' b! tile dlfeclion of the nroloi.ol r tftf- ' ." il6P was-i- Crarged to notify his ii'''tiftlre perfonsih emplnymerrtnituler orueriiiBt iney mav contour tnreto ,n i. tHat'liis Royal Highntfs may' nor .i hlinrelf konftrained to ret.'ari"e ti rigorous' m'efures against tinSfr wl$ .1 Has-be-en Jno. WWm. ' teht talhiori, and dreU themM f jnij r. I IbOI. i A 'Courier' fronv Peterfburgh through' Vienna, on hisr wav WANTED, Palermo, with important 4 ffredling' the kirg& of Naples - 1 A Nego : " - Ji'i-'' ,i,nf iiAiccu or eigpjQen years old .ana nia, :Zl:. the emperor uuuui. deeply intereftr hihifef. A' N&ko Girl, margrave of Baden-iK 'lift.T . . nj- Ihnnl tTI'n m ..nM uuUU1.i.,,uvcjicdii.uiu. .ruyment to be Uthfe king- - of SardiVi, have i made in GASH Fqr fur thfer Informati Munich, the point ot rehdcvcu3 o: t A office1. onl apply frc-- r P- ,'"- -' princes who 6xrc be-ha- ZQtl1t .i.: n. L11T3 dnd-ffitc- yt y - '' ' i,;, ...t UllD IIJUlUCl'l, vialatethis regtdu't'S; The Pope nas ratified the treaty witli Frith'ce, send a legate tJ ?r;4 The' S'pdnifli niinifter h preR sing tlie'emper'br;;toackrrdwledr; ih.'i.e'ahyi'r-I'H- b king 'of ptlur-- .a pa-ftu- re 'croner ,rl ! Ma".-fl'eV- e arc-moft-- . fliould fajther IfwillgiVeimrrtediate employ to one or two r Nniftr.ilzvriipii' Cnirh-KAnba- ii.jiifisi J (ri I. i.v.i.y'. yidare wellaqUainted with that branch of business. The Pnhlir nrp rpfnpVrnllv irf,rmeA skis i..k firiber still Continues to carry ort tie COACH1 and CHAIR MAKING BUSINESS, in all their ri)ili branches. He is happy also to inform the public that it is now in his power to attend particularly to the Ironing of Carriages, as" he is furnilbed witli a' smiths Ihop of his owe sod being well convinced that the principal' (bejigth of ,qarn&ge depends 011 tliejr.beipg well ironedj he ij ready to- - underlpke that branch of the business. He has just received, ind'Uiortly expels a fresh fitpply of trie Best Paint. ?, , ing Materials, from PUilartelppSai JOAN WYArTiMaiiuftreetJir Lexington, above, Sauiuel Ayres's j I 5 I have' also two' small plantations in Bourbon; that I willjfell they Srll rate land. I have patents for lands court house, of the first quality ; eight thoufandacresv the half" oF which I will sell at onethirdits'value-- ; havehis- choice-- patented 17' ago; entries very' special. years Also the half of 600 acres of first quality, three miles from Fleming court lfoufc; old'.patents and special entries on the same terms. I have also one thousand acres for sale, adjoining lower Mackafee's tract, level, but of inferior quality 'for this I will take good1 horses at 6s per acre ; theji-tl- e , V undoubted. I have also for sale about 300 acres, on Cedar creek, of Floyd's fork, with sailing spring on it; a part rich land, gnd a part indifferent, within six miles of Mann's lick; this has excellent range and timber; Cor 'this I will take good fait at i as per acre, is cafii 9s per acre. I have alfofor sale, tix. hundred acres, patented land, on Clover lick, eight miles from the Crab orchard this I will take ;; per acre for in cafli, or 4s 6d in horses. will be an accomodation to those who may incline to purchase the mills, I will give in an excellent house wpjijin, sow living in Lexington, fI will also sell a good flock of hogs, Cattle, mares and colts, with the mills. I will give such excellent bargains in ijll, or any of the aforesaid property, that qny person inclinable to purchase, mav be well accomodated. The mills I will deliver up the tenth of March next, or rH. Vonfs men in the fcrvice , G.. Ad Any person having Flax Seed for fals may purcharer by.applyuig at faidMilI, i a - 5 jF o-- - AnynDgr.fbro:.wh6 any-'Jalb- havir.r- - r rrian-ie- , a- e &c." fii"i, T" His'ttihnefs iftet'- - Ji will fdcure the abovejlegfo'iin' so that I get hin$S?aln-- ,fli'alh rfceive TVENTY.FIVE)OULARS reward, or the above rej$3jnLif' brought home, paid by ugtrfu 'i.;- ,, ' tf jtJfMMfiS F. MOORE. toftart-incom-ple- paid-nin- i 1 iii'mntncteU that ai! 0 bernging to the cotn'.j' f v.'- tic .. ... iiiijA-h- high, very likely, adhve and weiN made', has a variety of cloathing with him, among which is the following.' . 'A new green broad cloth coat, fwanl'dbWh jacket,gingham do.vhite fhirtSjnewleath1 er overalls', Castor hatj a new greyliflv hunting-fliirt- , old cloth overasVfffong bufnf1.)''g blue-gras- s 1. teet- in-th- , tf f HARRY, 'v F s from the subscriber, living, at Mann's Lick about the 28 til December lafta Negro. man namtdf fik ? W about 25 years of. age, upwimS six AN-AWA- Smith," -- difp--furetfi- FORTY DOLLARS REWARD - - fenna, relative to the new fafinons:-- TfRoyal Highness the archduke Char:- havfflg learned with the greatest several young men inlerw, difhanour htf'dilties confided to them.a fervafuyrdf the state, in foIloWir,g'-;hrmost rBTOSlo'Os falhions, such ash'rmW withqutl'ef, cropped heads, neck-- i iri- ,. (1. J1MBKI &c.(ui Hsenveioru.Mj trie r hin n ' r ljbperS,ffcarcely coverirg tbe to'rs Is JOHN HALLEY. Sept. iz, 1801. x. l . LONDON, September 7. The following is art ordinance ifiued at Ma-difo- e and-smal- England: V U11U1J A. foreign Intelligence. TRACTS" LAN D litf. k, XV jVot. . Two Dollars pe rJRwum, paid in advance. trice THE FOLLOWING fin-Sfh- - - jM FRIDAY, November 27,.i8oi. . "LEXINGTON: M tSg Ji ; illus- - ThVi'nye'llignt'w'e'jttated On 'Mondv is daily. con'firnietfXhe duke,"f Vq'i. is at Portsmouth infpefljng the. 'orticsi-- 1 tions, afiified by able ofEceiS'; 'and he will; ''str" & make the. circuit of the qoaft Wr BW) Norfolk, for this purpose ti-- s 1 '

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