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BLACKMAN AIR PROPELLER rs used by many Leading Tobacco Manufacturers FOR VENTILATING, COOLING, & DRYING purposes. It moves mir through any roomi or building at the rate. of about 15,000 cubic feet per horse power per minute, and(lby ushig, nire or less I / i 1 1i ' :L avy rrnirei -dir currenIt is pr'odlcod struetion of the Blackman is siuli that when properly iiieiit of the air is gen eral a1(d dif- fuse(d: no CHMen- trated act ion, and thlerefore iii uni- 1)1e'llsant draught. iil-!l. 1IulXl instrucxtions for nay parlicular p irpos.4lfImildilrg s'uppli id gratis, with eoanh Pr peller, if required. WRITE IFOR1 PRINTED) MIAT42TIR TO THE BLACKMAN VENTILATING CO., LIFEITED, 63, FORE STREET, LONDON, E.C. ALSO AT MANCHESTER, BRADFORD, GLASGOW, &c:, &c.

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