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PREFACE the late Mr. Pierre Lorillard as a turfman. His career was one of the most important in the history of Ameri- can racing and one for which all devotees of racing have reason to be thankful, as it was the success of his stable in England with Parole and Iroquois that aroused the first real interest of Americans in racing, an interest that penetrated the country from coast to coast. In dealing with Mr. Lorillard's career, I have been compelled to maintain a chronological order which is unfortunate in that it prevented my having a more con- fidential chat with my readers. I should have preferred taking the subjects offhand in a gossipy style, as an enumeration of races won and lost is apt to prove tedious. The conversations recorded are from memo- randa made at the time, of which I have more than enough to fill many volumes. W. S. VOSBURGH. January 20, 1915. E viii

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