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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 26, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

I ti i t 4 J4 4 ice > 1 4 Aif J c 1 1T > T COLUMBIA XI i VOIJJME which was voted for in 1906 is being used to create a sinking Judge H C Baker having written fund with whch to pay the interest on purpose of bor- ¬ for information upon the subject re- ¬ the bonds issued for the ceived the following letter which ex ¬ rowing money to erect the building and to retire these bonds as they mature plains itself J and this tax will not be collected any Glasgow Ky4Aug 20 1908 longer than may be neccessary to re ¬ Judge H C Baker tire these bonds which will be only a Columbia Ky the district More About a Graded SchooL < few years Dear Judge The school until this year has been Your letter of recent date inquiring 1906 about the graded school at this place divided into ten grades and since has been for a term of eight months has been received It affords us great pleasure to give you a history of with eight teachers This session will this school and the results it is prod c¬ open the last Monday in this month for a term of nine months with ten teach ¬ ingExcepting a district school with about ers and twelve gradestwo years high been add ¬ three hundred pupils and Liberty Col ¬ school course of study having lege with about one hundred pupils en ¬ ed by the trustees at a recent meeting Heretofore nine grades embraced the rolled Glasgow was without schools in ¬ which to educate her boys and girls un ¬ common school branches the tenth be ing an additoin to the common school til in April 1902 when an election was held for the purpose of establishing and course Hereafter we will have three study maintaining a graded school At this grades embracing a course of higher than the course taught in the election a tax of fifteen cents on each schools All the teacher are one hundred dollars worth of taxable common paid 40 per month except the teacher propertywhich is about two miles square including the town of Glasgow in the primary grade and the principal and they are paid 50 and 100 respect ¬ which is one mile square and one dollar poll r 4 r e when it was found to be inadequate prd entirely too sniall to accommodate the pupils The trustees began to ookabout for a larger building when the trustees of the oldC Urania College which was an old educational institution that had been out of business for sever¬ al years proposed to turn over to the trustees of the graded school their old building This was a brick building erected especially for school purposes which had been used by the Normal School once conducted here and after-¬ wards moved to Bowling Green but this building was twice the capacity of that formerly occupied by the graded school The people not yet fully real ¬ izing the advantages of the graded school it was thought by all of them that the building belonged to Urania College was the one the graded school i r 1 m needed and that it would be sufficient for all the future Consequently it was cheerfully accepted by the trustees of the graded school and was used by the district until in the spring of 1906 when it was found inadequate and also too small to hold the pupils Thereup ¬ on the trustees to meet the needs of the graded school had an election held to vote a further tax of fifteen cents on each one hundred dollars of the taxable property of the district for the purpose of issuing bonds and borrowing money with which to enlarge the graded school building This election resulted in favor of this additional tax and the people were so unanimously in favor of it on ly four votes were cast against the proposition After this tax was voted levied and collected the trustees issued bonds arid borrowed thirteen thousand dollars and put this amo1 into an addition to the old building Thus giving to the dis- ¬ trict a building easily worth twenty thousand dollars This new building was completed last year in time for the school Since this money has been ex-¬ pended the graded school has a build ing modern in all of its parts heated > with steam and supplied with the latest ¬ i rtzT tIf3iit I fK 7 rJ ¬ N r fthe j I f f ii HATTON v President of Liberty College A r nett W v EL K < Best cabbaieBttieb Smith Best tomatoes Bettie C1Smitht v Best ewe R K Young Best herdof sheep R K Young Best boar one year and over Jo H i boar under 1 yr R F Paull sow 1 yr and over R FPaull sow under 1 yr Jo Smith sow any age Jo Smith boar any age R F Paull sow and 3 pigs R F Paull stallion mare or gelding in har-¬ j ness speed style etc Wm Dodd 1st R Young 2d Best phaeton pony Clay Coleman 1st W H Hancock 2d Best saddle stallion mare or gelding CofFey Bros Young 1st Wilson Stuffey 2d Best double team Wilson Stuffey 1st Coffey Bros Young 2d Mule race half mile heats Plato C Curry 2d Wade 1st plug horse race Plato Wade 1st i Vernon Rolt 2d W R Moore 3d Best Best Best Best Best Best Best SECOND DAY English 2d Best Jersey cow two yrs old and un ¬ der3E W Reed 1st Lucien Hunn Kemp 2d > HotIJ > 3R jj i 1 je- I I ii Q I L12I 1 jr i I I I I have a tobacco prize cost10000Tjll tike lit i l1 42it t SJSSS iirSitfi t v tw rfr > J I J J T T S J 4 i i A k 1 Best bull under 1 year R IvBaker 1st David Dulworth Best cow 3 years and o erR Tl Ba- ¬ ker 1st R F Paull 2l i Best coW two and uniaer T Baker > Best cow one and under 2 I JW Best Jersey cow 3 years old and un ¬ der four Mrs Lena Paull 1st J A 2dI broughtout Best horse mule two years old and under three W E T ddj1stR F be had as soon as Yarberry is able to I Paull 2nd come to town t Best horse mule under one year old W A Armstrong 1st S A Win ¬ A horrible murder was perpetrated frey 2nd in Cumberland county recently Miss Best mare mule three years old and May Dodson a thirteen year old school over 0 A Beck 1st and 2nd girl was shot and instantly killed by Best mare mule two years old and her cousin Sullivan Short aged four ¬ under three Plato Wade 1st and 2nd teen It is said that the murdered girl Best mare mule under one year old in company with some smaller children John M Blairilst W L Stotts 2nd were returning home from school meet ¬ Best pair of mules owned by one man ing young Short who had a gun she or firm 0 A Beck C But¬ asked him to carry her books The ler 2nd answer came If you ask me again to Best jack any age Coffey Bros carry your books I will shoot you Young 1st W L Grady 2nd11 The request was repeated and Short Most beautiful stallion rna r or gel¬ fired and killed the girl v ding Clay Coleman 1st Wilson Stuf Jesse Murrell a son of Mr and Mrs fy2nd Alfred Murrell met with a serious ac ¬ Best double team regardless of own ership or sex Coffey Bros Young cident Saturday afternoon the 15th inst He was pitching a game of base 1st Wilson Stuffey 2d ball near his home and in throwing Best double team Coffey Bros an out curve he twisted his right arm Young 1st Wilson Stuffey 2d Best roadster stallion mare or geld ¬ and suffered greatly for several hours and is yet confined to his home Dr ing Wm Dodd 1st Coffey Bros W R Grissom who bandaged the arm Young 2d thinks there will be no serious compli-¬ Best stallion four and over Wilson cations and that the young man will Stuffey 1st It > Smythe 2d be all right in a short time Best stallion t1ireeand Wder 4 J B Watson 1st W H Hancock 2d Best stallion two and under 3 Plato Two men one named Stapp the other Pierce were taken in at the Fair Wade 1st Dalton 2nd Best saddle mare or gelding three Grounds believing that they were there and under 4 Wilson Stuffey 1st for the purpose of selling whisky Thirtytwo quarts of liquor were found CoffeyXBros Young 2nd They were before saddle stallion mare or gelding in their buggy Best Pierce Stuffey 1st Wilson Smythe 2d Judge Hancock last Saturday confessed judgment for sixty dollars XFjnest turnout everything consider- ¬ ed S > Youngand Annie Patteson 1st and Stapp was released Pierce stating Wilson Stuffey and Mabel Atkins 2d that Stapp was notguilty withhim Best suckling colt by Jordan Pea Town Tax cock or Kentucky King John A Par ¬ ish 1st R F Paull 2nd E Clay comb 3rd All persons owing town tax for the Plug race Plato Wade 1st V Holt year 1908 must pay before the first of second October if they want to save interest FOURTH DAY The penalty goes on the first day of Best horse colt under one year old October Mrs Scott 1st R G Price 2nd J A Willis Best stallion mare or gelding one Town Marshal 423t year old and two M A Monday 1st Mr Josh Wesley a good citizen who Vaughan 2nd lived in the Glenville country died last Best stallion three years oldan l He was about 40 Stuffey 1st W Monday morning under four Wilson years old and will be greatly missed in H Hancock 2nd Best stallion four years old and over the neighborhood where he spent his Coffey Bros Young 1st R L Smythe whole life He leaves a wife and sev ¬ eral children 2ndBest old R F mare under one year Gypsy Cantata Paull 1st Walter Antle 2nd Best mare or gelding three years old and under four Wilson Stuffey 1st Lindsey Wilson Chapel Thurdsay Coffey Bros Young 2nd evening August 27th at 8 oclock Best mare or gelding four years old Home talent Seats on sale at Paulls C over Wilson Stuffey P Drugstore The most beautiful colt under one year old Paull 1st Mrs Scott Every member of the Columbia Baa tist church is requested to be presen 2ndBest stallion mare or gelding to be at meeting next Sunday at 10 a m in ridden arid driven Wilson Stuffey 1st the church for the purpose of calling a pastor Dont forget the hour and 2nd Best roadster Wm Dodd 1st Coffey the importance of a full meeting Bor Young 2nd Seweltorf aria Jamestown crosse Best walk trot stallion or gelding bats at the latter palace Saturday Auj 2nd Stuffeylst Wilson Best gentleman rider Jo Coffey 1st 15th The game resulted in a victor for Jamestown by a score of4 to p CK Wathan 2nd Best colored rider Jim Davis P C Best colt any age JR Fi Paull 1st f Mrs Scott 2nd mule half mile heats Plato 1ReYR JTl fastest BrOvn an evangelist Wade 1 tfGG Wilson nd assist Rev A R Kasey in a series Thoroughbred race half ileheat- I commencing at the sHoltSon 1st r 2nd W Th Moorei meetingnext Sunday forenoon JVCethoc church 3rd ¬ I J tried to force him to sell him a portion of it and the fight insued It is said that Yarberry first struck Smith with a stick and immediately both parties drew their knives and commenced using them Yarberry was severely cut about the neck and he also received a deep cut in the back Will Coomer got into the fight in some way and was slightly cut in two places by Smith When the trouble was quelled Yar ¬ berry and Coomer were brought to Dr Cartwhights office where their wounds were dressed leaving for their respec ¬ Smith was lodged tive homes later in jail but gave bond Friday morning It is also said that Smith was slightly cut on his right hand RL Smith 2dBest that he had some in his possession that he had went and got upon an order from stock men and that Yarberry sell Pp Ben ¬ T i It is impossible to give a corret state ¬ ment concerning the difficulty which oc ¬ curred at the Fair Grounds Thursday between Willl Yarberry and Aaron Smith of color It came up over whisky Yarberry going to Smith to make a purchase Smith claims that he had no whisky to J Simp- Best peck sweet potatoes Mrs V lBestLpeck Irishpotatoes 42 ¬ son ora Royse f lstL One of the most enjoyable events of the past week was the breakfast given by Mr and Mrs James Garnett Saturday niofiiihg at 8 oclock in honor of the Misses Dixon and Miss Mitchell of 1st R K Young 2dy Best cow under 1 yriR FtBaiill 1st Glasgow Miss Patterson of Cariipbells 1A 4 0 of onions Mrs J J wy C j E ToidBest t TROUBLE OCCURRED AT FAIRGROUNDS ndI many new selections The general conduct of the people was good though a few little disputes one rather serious resulting in two men being stabbed disturbing the pe > pie for a shorttime We can not enter into a meritorious mention of the many exhibits but take pleasure in giving the winners as follows Display of apples Mrs Josh Butler Display of Pears Mrs N M Han- ¬ cock Display of peaches Mrs N M Han¬ cock Best three watermelons R Lem Smythe Best display grapes Mrs Nannie Royse 7f Best display cantelopes M 0 Stev- ¬ enson Best half bu white wheat Flowers Bros Best half bu red wheat John Harris Best half bu oats LFwiIsoh Best ene dozen ears white corn W L Cahoun Best one dateears yellow corn W 4 Aaron Smith of Color Uses Hikt Knife Freely On Will Yarber ry and Will Coomer 2ndf The jColumbia Brass Band furnished the music delighting the people with 4 ft Cutting Affray The Columbia Fair isnow numbered with the events of the past and from start to finish measured up to the ex-¬ pectations of the community in general There was as much good stock on the grounds and as lively competition in the exhibits as has been shown in this part of the State for years The weather was ideal not a shower to retard the exhibition until the last show was made when a good rain fell to settle the dust and cool the air for the homeward journey The stockmen all seem ¬ ed to enjoy the meeting and left con ¬ tented with their winnings with noth ¬ ing but good will toward competitors and the Associations In fact it has never been the good fortune and the pleasure of the Association to have had higher class of stockmen on the grounds 2nd fJ Best mare or gelding one year old Mr S C Mackin of Lebanon was and under two A A Miller 1st Trabue the judge and so far as we have been able to learn not a single complaint was Shearer 2nd Bet brood mare and suckling colt made against him but to the opposite under halter R F Paull 1st Mrs Ty ¬ his decisions were approved He isa man of fine judgment and did exactly ler Scott 2nd Mqst beautiful double team Wilson what he believed to be right meeting Stuffy 1st Clay Coleman 2nd with the hearty approbation of exhibi ¬ Best stallion and three of his colts tors and the many people present In 1908 Coffey Bros Young 1st some contests where Mr Mackin had foals of W L Grady 2nd passed on stock in other rings Mr S Best colt of Highland Peacock Foals C Pembertori of Horse Cave was call ¬ of 1908 Golan Butlered to place the winner and his judg- ¬ Thoroughbred race half mie heats ment never missed the correct mark W R Moore 1st and 2nd The Association highly appreciates Mr THIRD DAY Pembertons services and no man who ial1friends c1 NUMBER Best stallion any age Wilson Stuffy 1st Keeney son 2nd Best mare or gelding three years old Stuffy 1st and under four Wilson Young certificate Coffey Bros Best mare or gelding two years old and under three Keeney C son P Best saddle stallion four years old and over Wilson Stuffy 1st Coffey Young 2nd Bros Best saddle stallion three years old and under four Keeney son 1st W H Hancock Best harness stallion two years old and under three Wilson Stuffy 1st J P Dalton2ndBest harness stallion one year old and under two W L Grady 1st M A Monday 2nd Best harness stallion under one year Old J A Parish 1st Mrs Tyler Scott Todd 1st Leslie Montgomery BASIL RICHARDSON RE 1908 COLUMBIA FAIR I S 26 AUGUST WEDNESDAY 1 F I ¬ I i KENTUCKY ADAIR COUNTY J i UUUU year In February 1965 Mr White of this place purchased a residence containing five rooms for the sum of 1250 He occupied ituntil in March this year when he sold it for the sum of 2850 In July 1901 MrDickinson purchased one of the handsomest residences in this town at the price of 5000 He OCt cupied it until in December 1907 when he told the same property for the sum of 80dHaGh These turee instances will serve to show you three classes of property and the increase in their market value and ofschoolsFrom and the increase in these three pieces we have said of our graded of property is not more than the in ¬ school it doubtless will appear toyot crease in the market value of all the that Liberty College has been on ao other property during the same period standstill and that the graded school Of time We are safe in saying that has supressdJt This is not the case the property in this town has increased As the graded school has increased and more than fifty per cent since our enlarged itself in the last six years so facilities for education have increased has Liberty College She has during As a moneyp ionthere is ncT t me period of time so increased in better investment for any community thsa pupils that her buildings and faculty than the establishing of graded school had to be enlarged and increased Prom This is true no matter how many col¬ the small number she then had in at leges you have Our people are con- ¬ tendance she has increased to more vinced that the investing of their than two hundred To accommodate her money in schools whether it be a pupils the citizens of this town within graded school or college or both in ¬ the last two year have freely con ¬ creases the volume of business the tributed of their own means more than population and the market value of 1600000 for the purpose 9f enlarging property of our community and at the her buildings notwithstanding they same time makes better our chances have during the same time paid with¬ for a nobler citizenshipout a murmur the tax neceSsary to We shall be delighted to have ome maintain the graded school as we have of your citizens to visit our town and described Consequently Liberty Col ¬ investigate these matters for them- ¬ lege now has a building Sarge andas selves And we assure you that if your well equiped for school purposes as any people once have the advantages ofa other institution in this section of the graded school no matter how many State She together with our graded colleges you may have they will never school are the highest excellence of our return to the school of the plan of the town and the hope and the pride of all rural districts our people Cave City a town of the third class The graded school not only has in ¬ in this county investigated our graded creased the interest in education but school and recently estaplished one by it serves well as a supplement to Liber ¬ a vote of the people Munfordville did ty College Withal it affords to the likewise only last Saturday and the unfortunate children of the community plan was so satisfactory out of ill and to the children of a p prmanan votes cast not one voted No opportunity hitherto unknown to the Asking your pardon for the length of loverscof a better educated citizenship- this communication and assuring you If any one will visit our town and at that we trust your people will see their the close of some bright sunshine after¬ way clear to avail themselves of an op ¬ noon behold from five to six hundred portunity to vote for the establishing small boys and girls depart prom our of a graded school we are graded school building and see them Yours respectfully leap and run and yell with that degree W Li PORTER of supreme delight that one enjoys only when a school child or observe more than t hundred uniformed jolly hap r py school girls stroll out of Liberty i evening exercise hie College forth truth of this will be convinced and will for once see what statement we have seen arid know what we knowit irid better appreciate the advantage of graded school is being maintained 1The fifteen cents on each one hun better arid more schools everywhere 7idred dollars of taxable property within reasons for having There areoth tL 1 move his family to town while the old- ¬ er son or daughter finishes in college Moreover our graded school and college have increased the volume of bust nessVthe population and the market value of property Four years ago a small four room frame house sold here for 28500 and last fall one among the nest citizens of Metcalfe county desiring to bring his family here so his children both the small and the larger could have the ad ¬ vantages of our schools and at the same titne be under home influence came here and purchased this property at the price of 800 cash His gamily occupies this residence during the school session and returns to their home in Metcalfe as soon as school closes to remain until school opens for the next You will observe that we have al ¬ ready said that the district contained about three hundred pupils when estab- ¬ lished in 1902 and for the present year 713 Until the graded school was es tabljshed the district school here re ¬ tained its number of pupilsj without very much change from year to year cts but as is common in rural since the graded school hasTjeen estab- ¬ lished the increase from year to year in the number of pugils has Been Te markable This results from the fact that many people from this county arid the adjoining counties have moved here and purchased property to avail them ¬ selves of our graded school Some of the best families in this and the adjoin- ¬ ing counties Tiave purcasecj property moved their families here and remain during the school season and then re ¬ turn to their homes until time for school the following year while others have made their permanent home on account apparatus There are 476 persons in the district subject to the one dollar polltaxand 1386065 of taxable property on which a tax of fifteen cents oh each one hun ¬ dred dollars is annually collected with which and the per capita paid by the State for 713 pupils in the district the t c both the graded and the private school Isuch as is Liberty College While families move here to avail themselves of the graded school the same family will send some of its children to the graded school and others of the same family attend the college For this reason it takes both the college and the graded school to answer the purposes of any community Very few families are accustomed to sending their small child ¬ ren to a college for this reason the graded school is absolutely necessary to draw whole familes into town so as to have the smaller children attend school while the older and the larger children attend college Unless the parent can havethe advantage of a free school in town he will not buy property and tax on each male inhabitant over ively twentyone years of Age within the dis trict was voted for the purpose of maintaining this school that is paying the teachers buying the fuel and other supplies for a period of five months each year At the time the district had no house other than that which was be ¬ ing used by the common school district and as the people here were not famil- ¬ iar with a graded school and knew nothing of its advantage it was believed that the old district school build ¬ ing would be sufficient The above tax was levied and collected and used for the purpose for which it was voted for a period of about two years and theold building was used during that time t a rS 1 i 1v- e Lt I 9 > 1 fr T f i Inri Tor sale 2000 l Ff not fail to attend the Slp Fair Columbia Ky next Iuljiay aftrnoon Fun for every IDo that cc j J i i 1 a JTr- 914 7 t V 1 ic

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