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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), December 21, 1802

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

tmmmtarae THE KENTUCKY GAZETTE. No. 349- - LEXINGTON: TUESDAY, December ait tSo2. Printed bv DANIEL BRADFORD, f9 jljgft Street price Twa Dollars per annust, FArri Itt on the twenty-se- day of December next with the I SHALL attend a- pre-empti- nutrn. anAiimu. :,3t Nov. 25th, i8o2 A TAKEN up by Robert Downs, in 'Montgomery county, on Slate creek, one BLACK MARE. & YOUNG COLT ; the mare in low order, some saddle spots, her lest hind soot white, no brand percei vable, about thirteen hands high, aoout seven years old ; the mare and colt to 30 dollars before me, Jacob Coons. Auguft4th, 1802. FOR SALE For Cash, or on Credit, 2000 Acres of LAND, Situate, lying and being in the county of Bourbon, in the forks of Brufli creek and Hinkfton, near Millerfburg, entered rt a military warrant early in 1780, and patented in the name of Chew, and by said Chew, conveyed in trust to Robert and John Watts, of The good quathe city of lity and convenient situation of this tract of Land is so generally known, that a particular difcription would be as it is presumable those inclined to purchase will examine it. It will be divided is required. The subscriber will sell it at private die, and is not disposed of foouer, it will be offered publicly at the Paris Dif-tricourt in March next, where the title papers by application may be seen, and due attendance will be given by H. TAYLOR, Attorney for Robt. & John Watts. 30th 061. 1802. fur-Vey- Jo-fe- New-Yor- k. 6l i ROBBERY OF THE MAIL. 200 DOLLARS REWARD. WHEREAS a robbery has been com-- i TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD. September 7erm, 180a. William Gist, John Kay, exe- cutors, and Margaret. Gate- - JComplts. wood, executrix of Andrew Gatevvood deceased; J y6ommifiioners appointed by the county court of Scott, at Win. Shannon's im- TJrovement, on South Elkhorn ! in order tSsjke the depositions of witnefles, to Acainft ' perpetuate their testimony refpedting Richard Taylor, executor, &J of iooo laid Shannon's cres ; and do such other things as may Sarah Beard, William Beard, Joseph Beard, .Robert I. be thought neceffary, according to law. Y f' LEXINGTON DISTRICT COURT, STOP THIEF. t APVAfcb'i ALEXANDER PARKER 6? Co, Save just received from Philadelphiaj tiuaaattion to tbeir Jormer 'assort ' SUPPOSED to have been stolen from went", ' Irifli the railing at doctor S. Brown's apotheLinens, cary's (hop, in Lexington, on the night of Worrted Hose, 2 lit init. Coarfe'Muflins, Mnflin RKo,l A SORREL HORSE, ' Z, . "vJ jfFjfiurteen hands 2 inches high, 12 uiacK uomoazettesi j Tyears old, trots and paces, mod before, Hyfon and 1 , j" 1EAS las a linall Itar in his sorehead, his right Imperial an heirs & devisees of Tohn r Def'ts. hind soot White, no brand recollected, Mideira, "j Cjlfnpbell deceased, & Tames with a new laddie and a green saddle-clot- h I WiKEffj Sherry, and livan & Alexander Robin- with yellow binding, plated stirrup-ironLondon Particular J also plated curb bridle-bi01, one pair proof French Brandy IN CHANCERY,- reins in it much worn. Also, at the fam Mustard in bottles, THE defendant Robert I. Beard, ha time and place, another Alfpice, ving sailed to enter his appearance hereSORREL HORSE, Nutmegs, in agreeably to law and the rules of this Fourteen hands 3 incheshigh, 4 years old, Cinnamon, court, and it appearing to tlie fatisfadtion trots and paces, a ftaVu.-hi- s sorehead, kis Cloves and Mace; of the court that he is not an inhabitant legs lately trimmed, his tail has been Spirits of Turpentine and Tiirpeh? of this commonwealth, on the motion of nicked, half worn saddle, double reined tine Varnish, the complainants by their counsel, it is bridle, plated bits, martingale with pla Coperas and Glue, ordered that the said defendant do apted hooks j one buckle to the collar. 2 pint and quart Tumblers, pear here on the third day of the next The above reward will be paid for the 8 by 10 & 10 by 12 Window GlahV, March term, and answer the complain14 by 14 & 19 bv 20 Coach Glafsj ants' bill : that a copy of this order be for eachof them and reasonable x' "I Galldn, infeitedin the Kentucky Gazette or He- charges by n and 'Bottles, rald according to law, another polled at WM. ALLEN and Quart J e the door of the for Fayette THOS. CARR. Queen's Ware,. Lexington, Oct. 55th, i"8o2. county, and that this order be publiflied tf Diflies aJTorted, at the door of the Presbyterian meeting-hous- e VegitaBle and Sauce do. do. TWELVE MONTHS CREDIT in Lexington, on some Sunday imPlates, aflbrted, mediately aster divine service. WILL BE GIVEN, China Cups and Saucers, A copy. Telle, White and Enamelled Queen's To be sold to the highest bidder, on THOs. BODEYrC.L.D.Ci Ware do. aflbrted, the plantation Tif Anrkv. Aor Enamelled Teapots and Sugar Dittiwo miles from Lexington, on the road es, STATE OF KENUCKY. fto Hiirhee s milL n niiinniu ns T4.,,, Bowls and Mugs, Washington District Court set. flock of Horses. Mares and Cotton and Wool Cards aflbrted, bentember term, 1002 bits, Cattle, Sheep, Hogs, a Waggon Sheet Copper, Brass, and Iron, Wilkinc, Complainant, "A John a 1 earn, a yoke or (.Ken. houfehnld Millington and Gerrnaii Steel, Againtt tchen Furniture, and plantation Jcfflu P. Duvall, & Alexan-- t Defend Mill and Croffcut Saws. Utensils, and a number of enumerated er Scott, BOOKS, ants. J articles too tedious to insert together IN CHANCERY. Jacob's Law Dictionary, withfiK or seven hogsheads of three years Sheridan's & Entlck's Dictionaries, IT appearing to the fatisfactipn of the old excellent good Tobacco Also a numYoung's L?tin do. court, that the order of publication here- ber of Negroes to be hired for one year. Guthrie's Grammar, tofore made in this cause has not been Cafli will be expected from those who do Ferguson's Astronomy & Lectures, dulv publiflied, and the defendant Alexnot purchase to the amount of thirty Vatell's, Law of Nations, ander Scott, ft ill appearing not to be an hillings. The sale to begin at 12 o'clock Duncan's Logic, inhabitant of this commanwealth, and on Wednesday the 22d of December. Scott's Leflbns, (till sailing to appear and answer the jf the weather will permit, is not, on Columbian Orator complainant's bill, on tlie motion of the next fair day, and continue from daythe to American Selection &; Preceptor, complainant by his attorney, it is order- day until the whole is disposed of. Bond Gibson's Surveying, ed, that he appear here on the third day with approved fecuritv will be required. Staunton's Embafly, of our next February term, and answer 'KAY, Trustee for JOHN Clarke s Homer and Virgil, the complainant's bill, and that a copy MARGARET CRAIG. Greek Testaments, of this order be publiflied in ths KenNovember 29th, 1802. 4w School. masters Affiftant, tucky Gazette, for two months fucceffiveBibles, ly, another posted at the door of the NOTICE. TeftameiitS) e in Mason county, and that Spelling Books, &c'. &c. this order be publiflied at the door of the THOSEindebtedtoDe. Samuel Brown, Which they will sell on the most rath in WalhingtonjJ for medical iervices, will please to call on me, Baptifl meejing-houf- e lome bunday immediately alter divine in Lexington, and either pay off their ac- derate terms fdr Cafli Couhtry Linen, service. counts, or give due Mb Dr. Bt Own bring Linfey and Hemp. Lexington, Dec. ad, 1802. determined to have a final fettlemcnt of all A copy. Tefte N.B. Have on hand a large quantity his accounts, hopes jthat those who do not find FRANCIS TAYLOR, Clfc. it convenient at present to make payment, of Mixed and Drab Plains, Halfthicks, will not hesitate to give their obligations, and Coatings, which will be sold very MILITARY LANDS. low by wholesale or retail. THOs. C. DAVIS, I . 1- -3 s, t, 4-- Half-Gallo- court-hous- Oat-PtVr.- , mitted on the mail, on its paffage from Frankfort, in the slate of Kentucky, to wards Nashville, in the slate of Tennef-fec- , and a reward of ioo dollars offered by the Postmaster at Frankfort, in behalf of the Postmaster General, for the and convi6lion of the villian who perpetrated it. Now be it known that by virtue of the power vested in the Postmaster general by an act of the of the United States, I do hereby confirm and ratify the act of the Postmaster at Frankfort, and do offer an additional reward of 100 dollars for the recovery of the mailatthe same lime that the FOR SALE, offender is apprehended and convicted of the crime, or 100 dollars for the reco1000 Acres of Military Land on Cumberland River, including the Big Eddie very of the mail alone. GIDEON GRANGER," crftk on both sides, and adioinine: the Postmaster General tiftct $n which the Scat of Justice for General Post Office, Wafliington ") jymguuu county is eitaoiniieo, k.qow City, November 16 1802. the name of Eddievule. Also, J 000 acres on Tradewater. STATE' OF KENTUCKY. The above lands were entered, survey- ed, and patented in the name of WhiteMason County sit. O&oberterm 1802. head Coleman, of the Virginia ContinenSamuel Smith, complainant, tal Line, and are said to be of the first Against quality in that partof the country, both "William Wood, Simon Kenton and 5 as to soil and situation Reference may $ dants. be had to the office of Col. Richd. C. IN CHANCERY. Anderson, who located' and surveyed IT appearing to th, iatisfa&ion of the them. For terms apply to the subscriber is court that the defendant Simon Kenton, in Lexington. not an inhabitant of this commonwealth, and JNO. M. BOGGS. sailed to appear and file his answer, he having agreeable, to Uw and the rulei of this court , $ Is the above lands are not sold before the ft day of January 1803, tney on motion of the complainant by his attor will be leased on certain termsApply ney, it is ordered, that unless the said defencourt-hous- Con-gre- fs Dec. 7th, 1802. THE SUBSCRIBER BEING about to remove from this tate, oilers tor lale, his tract of LAND, Yhereon he now lives, containing 70a cres ; htuate on Dick s river, in Lin coln county, on the road leading from Lexington to the three miles from the latter, well known by the name of the Stone House ; an excellent (land for a tavern, having good and con venient buildings for said purpose ; a water grist mill and horse mill, both new j with a good distillery AlUVa part qf a new discovery of SALT WATER, on another tract of land now occupied. The first mentioned tract of land has loo acres under cultivation, some meadow ground improved, of which the said tract has a.confiderable ptoportion. dant shall appear here on the first day of the as above. Also 500 acres of LAND, on Station next April term, inperfon, or by some attorCamp creek; near the Blue Lick. He ney of said court, and file his answer to the TAKEN up by Christopher Masselma' , flatters himself that he will give the Complainant's bill, the same lhall be taken as Raven cieek, Harrison county, greatest bargains that have been sold in A 1JAY MAKE, contelied ; ana it is turtner oraerea, mat atf state Some Negroes, Merchandise; years old, branded CD on the near but- - the codv of this order be . advertised for two and a small proportion of Cafli, will be months fucceffively in some public authonfedj , her hind feet and legs white, 14 hands expected in payment. (fgh, ablaze face ; appraised to 131. 10s. paper, and that another be polled at the door Crab-Orchar- Defen-Other- s, 1 WILL BE SOLD, On the first day of January, 1803, on. the plantation of Charles M'Kinny decesfed, whereon Rainey M'Kinny now lives, in the countv of Mercer; ONE STUD HORSE, By the namerof Comet, dr mdre general-l- y known by M'Kinny Roan ; also HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, HOGS, HOJJSE-HOL& KITCHEH fJ D FURNITURE, NEGROES,-FARMIN- G UTENSILS, And other Articles too tedious to mention.' Twelve months credit will be givenj by giving bond and approved security foe all films above twenty hillings: DUeat tendance Will be given, py me, , RAINY MKINNY 7, 1802. Ex'or-Decemb- er 3P - in trie town or vv alrunrof the court-nom- e ton, and a third ported at the door of the Bap". in laid town, iome bunday till meeting-hom- e immediately aster divine service. A copy. Telle Tbo. Marshall Junt c.M.c. Wanted, AN APPRE-NTIC- E " TO THE PRINTING BUSINESS. tie Printtr hereof. her 4th 1802. Given under my hand this 2tTday of December 1302. 3S CHAs. KELSO. ROUND TEXT COPIES, May be had at this Olft, Trice 23. JUST PUBLISHED Andfor sale at this Office, the second editionof WILSON'S GRAMMAR, Revised and Gerretltd. , 1JA.1N.I&L UYV5L11.Y December i, 1802; SI . w INUHLH. jrHE Trustees of the Transylvania University, are fequeftedr to meet on Wednesday the 29th instant,' precisely at ten o'clock A. M. By order of JAMES CRAWFORD, Ch. P. T: December 13, 1802, XC. TUT? fT1.-- i the LEXINGfONE CJ"JMi' AU. 1, UlB requested to be punctual in their attendance at their Lodge Room, on the 27th instant. at 10 o'clock A. M. being: the Anniversary of St. John the Evaneelift. An Oration will be delivered on the ocr cafionj which the Citizens are invited to attend. DANIEL BRATjFORD, See, December 13, 5802. BLANK DEEDS, Ear Sale at this Office.

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