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Image 7 of R. L. Polk and Co.'s Lexington City Directory 1914-1915

Part of Lexington City Directories

C FRED F. WIEHL JOHN H. WIEHL PHONES 122 T J. H. Wiehl & Soul C“§;,$,B,A,,§§§;,RQ,ggg¤* T Undertakers and Embalmers 159 w, SHORT S-;-_ l _ 16 R. Lj POLK & Co.’s LEXINGTON CITY DIRECTORY i . County OH·icers— Concluded ’. County Treasurer—Y Alexander County Road Engineer—R \V Davis j T FISCAL COURT I i First District-—C P Dodd, Lexington Second—]`ames A Hand, Lexington Third——Frank S Graves, Lexington E - Fourth——O C Boone, Lexington is i Fifth——Charles M Parrish, Lexington _' Sixth—A F Shouse, Lexington _ Seventh—VV F McKinney, Lexington .- Nightly-}? lol Dook, Lexington _ i CITY GOVERNMENT it Executive Department ` ‘ City llall. 126 E Main I Mayor-] li Cassidy - Auditor——l\”loses Kaufman T Treasurer—Frank C Ott s\ssessor—_Iohn Mclilroy _ » ` Back Tax Assessor—('}eorge '.|` Cess . . Back Tax Collector·-QI H Meyers H Clerk»jan1es _I (5`Brien Police ]ulic \\'orks-C ll \\*ilkerson -— lLngineer—_I \Vhite (iuyn ¥ . jailor—Henry Nl Schoonmaker i Health Ot`licer—Dr N R Simmons · VVeigher—l\laleon1 Thompson . Solicitor~—_] (ii Denny `_ s\ttorney—_] liinhry l-\llen , `Nlarket lVlastcr——_I ack Gilbert Board of Health. . Dr \V U Bullock. president; Dr N R Simmons, health Y ` officer; Dr Maurice Davis, Dr _[ C Carrick, Dr N L . llosworth, R M .\llcn and Dr F ll Clarke; Dr Ernest i Bradley, eity haeteriologist; Miss josephine Lyle, assistant city hacteriologist 7 _ Police Department. llcadquarters, JIS \\* \\'ater E Chief——j j Reagan _ Assistant (Q`hicl`—\\·` M Brown Captains»l)ennis _} McCarty. james ligan i liieutenant—Newt¤in Harkins Q, . Sergeants—/\ustin Price. gl D Shay Secretary of l‘oliee—Du

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