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Image 10 of R. L. Polk and Co.'s Lexington City Directory 1914-1915

Part of Lexington City Directories

I ; _ S. F. Mc Cormick Lumber Co. s Rough and Dressed Lumber (Inc.) Contractors and Builders 6 Office and Yards, 643 E. 'Ith. Fayette Phone 512-X R. L. FOLK & CO.’s LEXINGTON CITY DIRECTORY 13 BOX 46 Main and Upper · · BOX 47 Main and LimestOue BOX 411 Upper and HerndOn Place BOX 412 Main and Drake BOX 413 High and Drake _ BOX 414 Kentucky and Central av BOX 415 Main aud Park BOX 416 Fayette and Central av · BOX 417 Main and Ashland BOX 418 High and Ashland BOX 421 ROse and Maxwell BOX 422 Linden and Euclid av BOX 423 Mill and Pine BOX 424 LimestOne and Leader ay BOX 425 ROse and COluml>ia av BOX 431 Upper and BOlivar BOX 432 Prall and \Vinnie POSTOFFICE E Main, cOr \\’aluut Standard Time Executive DivisiOn—ROOm end Of \\1’alnut street cOrridOr I Office hOurs 9 a In tO 4 p ni \\iilbur R Smith, pOst- master; D N Zimmerman asst pOst1naster: llenry D \\/ilsOn, stenOgrapher Requests fOr imprOvements in the service and all eOm— plaints shOuld be made tO the pOstmaster's Oliice The entry Of new puhlicatiOns and the regulaticms gOverning the mailing Of seeOnd—elass matter aud Orders {Or request envelopes shOuld he made here AccOunts against the pOstmaster paid at this Otlice . Money Order DivisiOn—-()pen l`rOm 8:30 a in tO 9:00 p m \Valter M Bruce, Miss Katie T llardesty, Clerks · DOmestic and fOreign mOney Orders issued and paid in this department Registry DivisiOn—Open irOm $:30 a m ln O:0O p in Henry F Chapman, \\valter _] _IOrdan clerks. 1\ll valuable matter shOuld he registered and mailed in this DivisiOn Stamp and General Delivery Dix·isiOn—<)pen 1`rOm 6 :30 a m tO Q p m Miss ltmma S (}ilrOy. Miss Mattie \Valker, Mrs Sadrinia M lilkin, .\ndrew llamcin, clerks .- .,,. Mailing DivisiOn—_lOhn \\' Rucker, l*`leat1 M Hayes, Clar- ence B Miller, llerhert Swartz. james M `\\`est. GeOrge .-\ Bateman, lCrnest B l:Olc)’ clerks, This diyisiOn has charge Of the elassilicatinn. distril>utiOn and dispatch and mails

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