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Office files Frank C. Gentry Business Manager, 1932 - 1933, 1932

Part of Office files Frank C. Gentry Business Manager, 1932 - 1933

klgarulrar031Inventory of the Frank C. Gentry Office Files Collection, 1932-1933Archives StaffUniversity Archives and Records CenterUniversity of LouisvilleEkstrom LibraryLouisville, Kentucky40292 USAPhone: (502) 852-6674Fax: (502) 852-6673Email: archives@louisville.eduURL: Archives and Records Centern.d.Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGInventory of the Frank C. Gentry Office Files Collection, 1932-1933Contact InformationUniversity Archives and Records CenterUniversity of LouisvilleEkstrom LibraryLouisville, Kentucky40292Phone: (502) 852-6674Fax: (502) 852-6673Email: archives@louisville.eduURL: by: StaffDate Completed: n.d.Encoded by: Apex Data Services Copyright 2000 University of Louisville. All Rights Reserved.Office files Frank C. Gentry Business Manager, 1932 - 1933ULRAR031Gentry, Frank C.4 manuscript boxes, 2 linear feetNo online items. Must visit contributing institution. University Archives and Records CenterLouisville, Kentucky 40292Open to researchersThe copyright interests in the Frank C. Gentry Office Files Collection, 1932-1933 have not been transferred to the University of Louisville. For further information, see the section on copyright in the regulations and Procedures of the Special Collections Library or consult a reference archivist.[Identification of item], Frank C. Gentry Office Files Collection, 1932-1933, University Archives and Records Center, University of Louisville, Louisville. During the years 1932 -33 the financial matters of the entire university were handled by one office, the Business Office, with the Business Manager (Frank C. Gentry) as its head. The major functions of the office included general accounting and purchasing.These files contain personal correspondence of Frank C. Gentry, as well as general correspondence and reports pertaining to the functions of the Business Office.Folder InventoryI1. Accounts Receivable, misc.I2. Adams, L.O.I3. Adult EducationI4. AdvertisingI5. Advertising (clippings)I6. Alcohol: FormsI7. Alcohol: ReportsI8. Alumni AssociationI9. Auditor: 1932-33 (petty cash)I10. Barr, John W. Jr.I11. Bassett, Clara (mental hygiene survey)I12. Baxter, EdmundI13. Bird, Dr. C.E.I14. Board of Trustees, U of LI15. Boiler Room: managementI16. Boiler: Inspection reportsI17. Bonds: misc.I18. Bookstores: report 1932-33I19. Bookstore (misc.) 1932-33, Drayage bills & cI20. BrandeisI21. Brigman, B.M.I22. Broderus, John R.I23. Buildings & Grounds, July through Dec.I24. Buildings & Grounds, Jan. through JuneI25. Coal & Temperature Survey 1929 to 33I26. Carnahan, WendellI27. CarnivalI28. Collier, Mary C.II1. Commencement: Caps & Gowns, Contract for Auditorium 1932-33II2. Community ChestII3. Crutcher, T.M. Dental DepotII4. Davies, P.A.II5. Dental, misc.II6. Detchen, LilyII7. DiplomasII8. Directory, FacultyII9. Ditto (courtesy card)II10. Dobbs, O.G.II11. Donovan, R.K.II12. Electric rates & cII13. Endowment FundII14. Equipment: Inventory made June, 1933II15. Extensions GrantedII16. Faculty listsII17. Faculty luncheonsII18. Fellowships & AssistantshipsII19. Fees: 1932-33 (paid from salary budget), Tax refunds (special fees)II20. Financial statements misc. 1932-33. Requests for: City-Unexpended balancesII21. Freeman, EllisII22. Founders' WeekII23. GarnisheesII24. Gymnasium rentalsII25. Gymnasium (use of)II26. Haygood, T.F.II27. Hill, R.E.II28. Homberger, A.W.II29. Houchens, J.M.II30. Housing (rooms and apartments for rent to students)II31. Income: Comparison of income from city, Distribution from cityII32. Indian Refining CompanyII33. InvestmentsII34. Jolas, JacquesII35. Kent, R.A. July through DecemberII36. Kent, R.A. Jan. through JuneII37. K.E.A. 1932-33II38. Kentucky Linen ServiceIII1. Kentucky Rehabilitation Assn.III2. Koch, RuthIII3. Kornhauser, S.I.III4. Laundry (survey)III5. Lawson, George McLeanIII6. Library; School of MusicIII7. Liter, OnetaIII8. Long, HarryIII9. Louisville Gas & Electric Co.III10. Louisville Public SchoolsIII11. Louisville Title Co.III12. Luncheon ClubIII13. Microscopes (repair & c)III14. Miller, A.J.III15. Miller, NevilleIII16. Mimeographing (lab manuals & c), Reports on stencil testsIII17. Money, C.V.III18. Moore, John WalkerIII19. MultigraphIII20. Murphy, J.C.III21. Murray, EstherIII22. College of MusicIII23. School of Music (Schol. Fund)III24. Nichols, Homer W. (speech)III25. Notes: paid during 1931-32III26. Obsolete & Inactive materialIII27. Oppenheimer, J.J.III28. O'Rourke, J.T.III29. Pathology Special FundIII30. Pathology, misc.III31. PhotographsIII32. Theatre (Playhouse) alterations & cIII33. Policeman: Re: Appointment of Special PoliceIII34. PostmasterIII35. PrizesIII36. Psychological Clinic (Dept. of Psychiatry)III37. Publicity, analysisIII38. Refunds: Breakage & cIII39. ReprintsIII40. Requisitions: Letters concerning delay or refusalIII41. Rice, Carolyn MillerIII42. Rice, E.T.III43. Rogers, Elizabeth G.III44. Rothaker, OscarIII45. Rough, RuthIII46. Ruby, EarlIII47. Sappenfield, J.W.III48. Saunders, J.J., July- DecemberIV1. Saunders, J.J., Jan. through AprilIV2. Saunders, J.J., May and JuneIV3. Schneider, E.J.IV4. ScholarshipsIV5. Scott, Mrs. E.J.IV6. Shackleton Piano CompanyIV7. Sherwood, H.N.IV8. Speed School EquipmentIV9. StatisticsIV10. Steiger, Joe (time sheets)IV11. Strode-Jackson, ArnoldIV12. Student Loan FundIV13. Summer School 1932IV14. Summer Conference on Citizenship 1931-32IV15. Sykes, J.T.IV16. Tax (Gen'l. information on new taxes) (exemptions)IV17. Telephone: analysis of bills, misc.IV18. ThoroughbredIV19. Threlkeld, HildaIV20. Vocational RehabilitationIV21. Wakerlin, George EarleIV22. Ward's Natural Science Est.IV23. Warner, JosephineIV24. Watkins, HaroldIV25. Western UnionIV26. Wilson, Ruth T.IV27. Wotawa, E.J.IV28. W.S.G.A.IVOrganization of the University of Louisville, adopted April 2, 1928 pp. 21 and 22IV2. The TreasurerThe Treasurer is elected annually by the Board of Trustees and he shall give bond in the amount of $_____. He shall submit or cause to be submitted to the President a weekly cash statement and a monthly statement of finances and departmental accounts. He shall keep or cause to be kept a complete inventory and valuation of all University property. He shall prepare an annual report.IV4. The Business ManagerThe Business Manager is the accounting and purchasing officer of the institution. He has charge of all records of accounts in all departments and schools of the University, including book stores and athletics, and he shall act as treasurer of the University Players. He is purchasing agent of the University for all departments and book stores.He shall have charge of the physical plant of the University. All janitors, custodians and grounds men are responsible to the Business Manager. He shall have supervision and direction of all construction work not covered by contracts.The Assistant Treasurer is appointed by the Board upon the recommendation of the Business Manager and the approval of the President, and shall give bond in the amount of $_____. It shall be the duty of the Assistant Treasurer to prepare a monthly statement of finances, to countersign checks and to assist the Business Manager in the work of his office.

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