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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 23, 1905

Part of The Adair County news.

4 I I w t t VOLUME COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENT 8 POST OTIOB DIRECTORY J M RUSSELL + DEPUTY Office hours week days 730 am to 830 P m o COURT DIRECTORY CoURTThree sessions a yearThird May and Monday in January third Monday in Monday in September third Circuit JudgeH C Baker Commonwealths AttorneyA A Huddlerton SherifLF W Miller Circuit ClerkJ F Neat COUNT CooRTFirst Monday in eash month JudgeT A Murrell County Attorney Jas Garnstb JailerJ FollyS K P Conover j tblj > r WEDNESDAY AUGUST 231905 ¬ I Ctopeti NUMBER 40 KyS to Tennessee Mrs Belle Whitehouse a widow lady of respectability living at Calhoun should receive praise from all good people Ed Summers a painter made derogatory remraks concerning her character whereupon the lady procured a horsewhip and in the presence of 300 people gave him a severe thrashing The people of Columbia were sur¬ prised last Sunday morning upon le rr ¬ ing that Mr Claud Montgomery son of Mr Scott Montgomery and Miss Rera Judd the oldest daughter of Mr J H Juddwho is the Deputy Collector in the Fifth district had eloped the night before for Tennessee The young couple have been going together for a couple of years or longer and were looked upon as lovers though no one suspected that they contemplat- ¬ ed marriage at this time The bride is about nineteen years old modest with a loving and pleasing disposition and is quite popular withall of her associ ¬ ates and doubtless will make her hus ¬ band a devotedcompanion The groom is a moral upright and industrious young man and stands well in the community and is to be con ¬ gratulated upon securing such a noble little woman for a helpmate They are expected to return from Tennessee Monday afternoon having arranged to board for the present at the Hancock Hotel Obstinate parents should receive their children with open arms and bid them God speed upon their journey as they go hand in hand down the stream of Time tember Eld M F Harmon will preach at the Christian chnrch this city next Sunday forenoon 0 Rev F E Lewis deliverd a very able discourse at the Baptist church last Glensfork was Sunday nightS Mr Matthew Taylor here Saturday Mr N B Dohoney 85 years old Mrs Rose Stark Cane Valley was in sends word that he will enter the old town Friday mans riding Ben Harden and Shell Oatts are here from Monticello Mr Mose Foley who was a well v known character in this county died Mr R F Rowe Amandaville was in last Friday this city last Saturday ringa morningS J Mr 1 r Rev Vm Wood who has been on the Columbia circuit this year and who has been in poor health for several months grew worse last Sunday ex ¬ hibiting evidences that his mind was unbalanced While in that condition he left this place for Louisville where he conveyedhim morniwS wellingsin 1 MarySmith thanks edS Springslast painI ¬ V Itr f Woods family left for said county last P Clayton Creelsboro is here From twentyfive to forty vehicles Monday with a nice yearling colt can be seen upon the square every day tI Assessor J F SurveyorR T McCaffree which indicates business Mr EL A Myers and wife of Leb ¬ Valuable Home for Sale School SuptW D lone anon are here for the Fair CoronerC M Russell Miss Fannie Jones very gracefully I will sell my house and lot at a bar ¬ Messrs W IL Lyon and Burr Gilpin entertained a number of her young second Monday In Regular court CITY COURT Campbellsville were here Friday friends last Friday evening each month Eubankrooms with porches plenty of good wa¬ JudgeJas G Otis Simpson Burksville arrived Miss Anna Hart of Louisville is a AttorneyGordon Montgomery Eld Virtese Williams of Stillwater ter fresh and sulphur and the lot conSaturday and is attending the Fair guest of Miss Effie Bradshaw Marshal W A Mye0 T will preach at the Christian tains 2i acres with plenty of fruit The Mr Trabue Wickliff and wife will re ¬ church this Tuesday evening Maj R A Hancock revenue agent location is all that any one could desire turn to Macomb Ill in a few weeks Friday reached Columbia last G W ROBERTSON rsw1URCH DIRECTORY Mr J N Conover was in Louisville Messrs W T and Leonard Dohoney Glasgow was Walker Mr G ast week and sold four hogshead of were in Campbellsville last Thursday PRESBYTERIAN S C Strange and Miss Birdie Pow here several days of last week dark tobacco at an average of 5 ell Geo F Stults and Miss Myrt STBEETRev W C Clemens Mr J C Dohoney and wife desire toI BURKESVILLE Mrs J J Booker Camp Knox is Mr F M Robertson was at the Rus ¬ Sundays in pastor Services second and fourth visiting relatives and friends in Missouri to Mrs Bettie Burbridge and sons of return their heartfelt m every Sab sell Springs last Friday and Saturdayeach month SundaySchool at 9 a Reed Sampson Olie and Will Frazier Glenville sold a 25 acre field of corn for the many who rendered assistance dur Prayermeeting every Wednesday night bath S W Beck and wife and Mrs Frank the illness of their daughter Ella Bradshaw W D King and Miss Daut 200 Sam Stapp being the purchaser Allen were in Burkesville the first of Middlesboro came in Monday METHODIST Many friends sent letters of condolence Marcum Oran White and Miss Anna Mr Sam Allen of Covington is visit¬ pastor The music at the Fair will be the best which gave much comfort to the sorrow ¬ Hart G P Smythe and Miss Cathrine BURKESVILLB STREETRev F E Lewis weekMr ing the family of Mr Kratzer near heard in this locality for many years ing hearts Cartwright Tim Cravens antTMiss Lot¬ Sundays in each month Services first and third F and Charley Cabell and tie Myers Dr Williams and Miss Edna SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer never townMrs ¬ A firstclass Louisville band is employ their wives will be here as they meeting Thursday night Claud Stotts of the Breeding coun ¬ fail to attend J 0 Russell was taken quite ill try a son of Geo Stotts was bitten of Hammons Saturday night but is better at this Clark BAPTIST Mrs W 0 Conover r Taylor are now erecting by a copperhead snake last Thursday Scruggs pastor Knox county is visiting her brother and writingMrs Never before in the history of this GREENSBURG STREETRev J P and has been in rather a critical condi ¬ another dwelling on Bomar Heights C A Cox sister of Mrs J H Sundays in each month Sunday sister in this place First and third tion since The foot is fearfully land has nature opened her cornucopia Prayermeeting It will be ready for occupancy in a few School every Sabbath at 9 a m swollen and the young man suffers much more generously and poured out great ¬ Dr C M Russell has recovered from Grady has returnrd to her home in weeks Tuesday night er plenty The west has arecordbreak ¬ his spell of sickness and is now able to StanfordMiss CHRISTIAN ing wheat crop that is taxing her labor Somerset sold to Hon W G Hunter look after his practice Florence Hall of Liberty is pastor Miss Lou Ella Antle a young lady to the fullest to harvest And it takes of last week the franchise for water ¬ visiting her brother Mr L V Hall CAMPBELLSVILLE PncBEld A L Oder Mr J L Gowdy the popular livery and Fourth Sundays in this city street railway and electric iving near Crocus this county met less of it to make a barrel of flour than works Services second SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 man of Campbellsville will be at the with a horrible accident one day last in previous years The South has a good each month Miss Maggie Chandler of Campbells lights Fair several days a m Prayermeeting Wednesday night week She was boiling water in a syr ¬ cotton crop in and the growers are yule is spending this week with Miss Messrs A B Wingfleld and J E Read Robertson Whites advertise ¬ up bucket and iri lifting off the lid the talking tencent cotton and prosperity LODGES Penn of Louisville were here last Katie Murrell ment on the Local page Their cloth ¬ hot water flew in her face fearfully The corn crop of the country promises Thursday and Friday Eld M F Harmon wife and three ing is High Grade and always well fin ¬ scalding it and putting out one of her to be 300000000 bushels larger than I MASONIC eyes ever before and worth something like Mr Lee Smith fearing that some ¬ children of Jackson Miss are visiting ished Regnlar 95 F and A M relatives in Adair county COLUMBIA LODGE No There are three brandy distilleries in 1640000000 to the farmers Friday night thing would happen early came in from meeting in their hall over bank on During the Fair representatives of operation in Russell county four in Burkesville Wednesday Mrs John R Robinson and Miss Bet on or before the full moon in each month the News will be upon the grounds ready Clinton and one in Green making seven Public Sale Gordon Montgomery W M Mr Geo Staples expects to be out tie Robinson Campbellsville visited to receive payment on subcsriptions in all Revenue officer Owsley who E G Atkins Secretary On Saturday the 2d day of Septem ¬ Mrs Mary Garnett last week this week His jovial laugh will be jobwork etc started them informs us that there are ber I will sell at my residence on the meets 2nd Friday heard at the Fair grounds COUNCIL U D COLMBIA Misses Jess Locke Kate Mason and only seven more in the State Burksville road two and onehalf miles night after full moon in each month Mr A R Feese of Cane Valley Wm Irvine of Camp Knox will Nell Warden Louisville will spend this JAS GARNETT T I M from Columbia the following property was in Louisville last week and dispos ¬ fell Dead put in four days and expects to week with Mrs W A Coffey T R STULTS RECORDER to the highest bidder Four headof ed of a good crop of tobacco at a satis- ¬ spend them very delightfully Mr John N Tnrndr Cashier of the horses growing crop farming tools Mr A W Harris father of Mr C factory price Friday COLUMBIA CHAPTER R A M No 7 meets Bank of Campbellsville and perhaps household and kitchen furniture Terms Messrs Ed Morgan and John D Sharp S Harris and his daughter Mrs C H T R Stults H P night after full moon Could Brasel of Virginia reached Columbia of Cumberland county are here Mr J P Beard has commenced his the wealthiest man in Taylor county made known on day of sale Horace Jeffries Secretory 2t JOHN F MEDARIS have a Fair without them noL Boomer Heights and fell dead in his bank early Monday residence on morning The whole of Taylor county SaturdayMr hopes to get in it early in the Fallby Miss Myrtle Myers who has been C Page and wife who have mourns Mr Thos M Owsley who is a spec ¬ returned been in the West several weeks arrived the last of September visiting in Dixon Tenn Mr Leslie Cantrell of Hddgenville ial Government agent and who was home last Thursday evening at Cane Valley last Saturday in an Wreck on the railroad between Louis- ¬ and Miss Iva Williams of Taylor coun ¬ here Friday stated to the News that Mr H E Baker of Campbellsville automobile the property of Mr Page ville and Lebanon last Sunday night ty were married in Louisville few the days of the moonshiner were num ¬ spent several days of last week in Co ¬ purchased on his return trip hence Sundays mail did not reach here days ago They had been lovers for bered It is not often that an arrest is lumbia and vicinity inspecting lumber several years but surprised their friends now made in this section of Kentucky Dr Charley Moore of Cane Valley until 930 Monday morning and the Shiner is becoming scarce in Mr O P Bowman and his sister will have a good seat to the right KENTUCKY KENDALL We have no kick to make against the bymarrying from home The couple the Mountains He further stated that Miss Lucy of Liberty arrived Monday of the entrance to the grand present municipal board but it occurs are highly respected the disappearance of the moonshiner Miss Bowman is a guest of the Misses stand He will remain during the four to us that property owners should be Mr W D King the traveling sales ¬ was not due to effective work accom ¬ Eubank days and in the meantime he will ob ¬ prepared to fix Pumps re Iuiredtorepair their pavements that man was in Casey county a few days plished by revenue men but by good Mr J P Dohoney Sr left Friday serve closely and will also enjoy his is those that are sadly needing repair ago and wfrile there he learned that citizens who have refused to recognize i Tinwork Woodwork and all morning for Iowa to spend several fragrant cigars two horses in Liberty were stung to men engaged in the business Public specialty weeks with two daughters who reside ¬ kinds of repairing a It is said that the Democrats of TayThis is a remarkable sentiment will kill an evil quicker than I Miss Hattie Lewis who has been vis ¬ lor county will have a walk over this death by bees in that State ¬ iting in Glasgow for several weeks re Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing statement but Mr King says there is anything Fall There will be only one Rebubli Mr W W Follis of Elkhart Ill turned home one day last week She can candidateMr Mantz the Miller no doubt of its truthfulness do your buggy I am prepared to Preaching Next Sunday arrived Wednesday night to see his was accompanied by Miss Lillie Good ¬ for County Judge man Mr Leonard Goodman and Miss repairing on short notice Young bought of Jas Coffey Bros brother George who las been quite ill J L Adkins a Lottie Myers who is visiting her uncle WATER STREET LOCATION for several weeks Last Friday evening as Miss Katie Murray last Saturday 16 pair of four J P Scruggs Gradyville old mare mules Mr W R Myers J hands high Murrell was returning from a social year WADE H EUBRNKS Mr Creed Haskins andwife of Camp ¬ said to be the best in the county for W C Clemens Columbia Mr John G Sublett of Cane Valley given by Miss Fannie Jones she made 400 This is the largest price ever bellsville will arrive this Wednesday A L Oder Columbia afternoon and can be seen at the Fair who has been sick for more than two a misstep slightly spraining Lan ankle paid for a pair of mules in the county E N Early Russell Springs months has recovered sufficiently to grounds tomorrow Mr MF Dudley of Glenville was They will be on exhibition at the Fair leave his room Mr Sublett has been Z T Williams Mr Thos M Owsley of Bowling a contributor to the News since the pa¬ in town Saturday and stated that every The Masons at Glenville are to be WH C Sandidge New Union 1 hiS section was moving along Green formerly of Stanford who is per started nearly eight years ago thing in upon their enterprising congratulated F Barger Freedom now in the revenue service was in Co ¬ We are glad to report that he will soon nicely Crops good and the outlook for spirit They have recently put up a J lumbia last Friday full cribs never better Lewis Tabor be himself again KENTUCKY COLUMBIA new lodge building and moved into it Miss Lula Shiedler who has been living IJ H Nicholson Pleasant Ridge last week It was not a forced move Mr Basil Chapman has sold his stock IN JEFFRIES BLOCKNotice at Glensfork left Adair county last of goods at Fairplay and will as we WS Dudgeon Hutchinsons School now ready to accommodate caused by fire but the old hall was torn HouseFriday for Indiana where she expects understand leave in a few weeks for any one who wants to attend the Grif ¬ away and anew one built It is a two to reside for some time 4 story building 22 x 50 the lower story C M Deenor Liberty New Mexico where he expects to em ¬ fin Springs Terms 450 per week being f05 businesMr W R Lyon and wife Mr Rob ¬ bark in business Adair county young 3t FAULKNER S Tor Sale Farm of 278 acres 6V4 miles south of Columbia ert J Lyon and wife and Mrs Fannie men who go out to fight the battles of The Democrats of Harmony and Glen ¬ Ky on Columbia and Creelsboro road 150 acres Lyon Campbellsville will attend the life are generally successful and we Son bought of Albert R E Tandy A farm containing 216 acres of goo in grass in good state of cultivation good house Fair and will likely arrive today trust the good fortune that has crown ¬ Miller forty hogs at 470 per hundred ville held their convention at the Gum outbuildings good fencing plenty of water and Grove school house last Friday and Mr John Q Alexander of Gampbells ed the efforts of many others will be from Simeon and Alfred Murrell sixteen and timber one store house and lot a good and nominated M F Dudley for magistrate J Atkins farm It produces well and met by Mr Chapman hogs at 505 per hundred from RK well selected stock of goods This Is a good point ville was in Columbia Friday enroute fcblmsiness One steam saw mill direct attact to his home He had been in Russell Young four at 50D from W L Stotts andL C Powell for constable for that magisterial disirict The convention ings There is also much valuable tim ¬ moAt in goodrunning order will cut 16000 M two at 450 interviewing mer- ¬ per day 150 white oak trees stave Fees 84 milesI and Cumberland was harmonious and good selections ber For further information chants south of Columbia one steam boiler and e G A Atkins Columhia Ky Were made Nat Conover Road Supervisor porteable 6 horse power in good order one steam 2 Mr Jothe News Rev J Po Scruggs who has been en ¬ good as new Eightyeight 88 acres that he has one half informs bucker as To the citizens of Adair county The Mr T L Upton will remove his of land on Barnes creek 9 miles south of Colum gaged in a series ofmeetingS atFriend ¬ of the highways in the county worked bin Ky most all in timber The stave timlflftfaas ship Taylor county returned home last and that he is now half family from this place to Monticello undersigned are in the tombstone busi-¬ been cut off of the above but there is poplar ash Saturday nightJIhere were quite a First day free to ladies The delinquent taxpayers of the coun ¬ Mr Geo W Brockman of Amandaville ness at Campbellsville black oak chestnut hickory and chestnutoak number the Church who is a brother lnlaw of Mr UptonI bellsville is your neighbor and as you sale by efor ty are assisting him in the work still on the 88 acres All the WALKUP CHAPMAN greatly will also gQ towynecounty and the have no manufacturer of this work in Today Tu sd yFREEto ladies t Glensfork Ky To avoid accidents drivers should be two will engage inthe sawmill business Columbia would it not be to your inter ¬ Mr Abner Jones of Jamestown was I e guarantee Mir Robert Turner of Hatcher Tay careful during the four days of of the MrN Upton is an excellent gentleman est to patronize Notice here Wednesday He was accompanied one by his brQther in law Mr Shelby Hart lor county is somewhat of an apple Fair Th pike will be lined with vehi ¬ and is at toe head of an estimable fam¬ both in quality of work and I have taken up three sows f Jarge and two smallones The small who is inra low state of health and grower himself He sent the News one des coming and going and unless the ilyandwe are sorry to lose him prices 1W solicit work from Adair marked by a crop off of each onesare last Friday that weighed twentytwo utmost precaution is taken there are Amandaville will greatly miss Geo and adjoining counties iwho wasenroute for uisri1let con ounces an upperbit in the right t Coakley BroCkman Sims Broa > specialist A 0 L more than 1lyto be collisions 3 w A Myers CIty Marshal ClerkT R Stulti J I 4I Miss Pearl Hindman spent a few days in town last week E V Miller merchant at Crocus was here Friday Dr W Fayette Owsley Burkesville will attend the Fair Campbellsville was Herbert Cox days ago here a few Mr George Forth of Somerset is here to attend the Fair Mr J N Coffey vas in the Louis- ¬ ville market last week F E Rick of Lebanon has been in Columbia for several days CIRCUIT 4 I The singing at Hebron has been post poned until the fourth Sunday in Sep ¬ o + + PERSONAL MENTION TilE COMERS ANI UORS POSTMASTER PETE CONOVER + JCO ik1 1 i I Ir baitOnIB f lit I y I E LESTER W DENTIST Iam elseS I Salemf JAMES TRIPLETT I CreelsboroS I DENTIST FE IFFICE lam FOR SALE RL 4 Columbia goodbarn addressS LOC L t 1 tOtfiother KyCampI < reviVedS f usW j ck J l f r4 A fJ 1 < i tt 4 F jY j tav- f 1 ZL > J LI r < I I i t fJt1 ij 1 fi s tf 4I i fo l > i IS I I Jf fi L r o1 N l < F j i ct 1v 0 11t1j i I jJ T i 4i i fi 1 t1S iti t f 1tc n J f < ti o J i N I lt 3li jSI 1i7y YJ t irf 1 1 t ff JIS r1 f = 1L > l Sit JJn t F ¼ t L 1 > l i I t1 i 1 F 1 s h i JY f < I i > iS > i V8 r till- i s 1S ikF I

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