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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), September 27, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

if Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening, Volume No. 49 President Eisenhower To Speak at Lexington October 1 a September 27, 1956 FALL FESTIVAL SALE BEGINS AT POLLY HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO Number 20 ROBERT DICKSON DUE CREDIT FOR SAFETY PROGRAM Robert Dickson, Director Polly Hardware and Supply Co PRESIDENT EISENHOWER Main Street, Whitesburg is an- WILL SPEAK IN LEXINGTON, nouncing a Fall Festival Sale. next Monday evening, October From 80,000 items a large se 1. It will be one of the President's lection of blue ribbon bargains major campaign addresses, and is nemg ottered. Household ar will be televised and broadcast tides, tools for the handy man, on a nationwide hookup. For Ken hunting supplies, and many val tuck7 Republicans it will be the uables may be found among major rally of the 1956 Campaign these wide awake savings. J. B The President is scheduled to Polly, owner and operator, in speak on the subject of economic vites you to visit the store and conditions. The addresses will be see for yourself the many surdelivered in the Coliseum of the prises in store for you during University of Kentucky. this big Fall Festival Sale. Republican candidates for the Senate, Thruston B. Morton of REPUBLICAN SPEAKING AT Glenview, and John Sherman COLSON Cooper of Somerset, spent then-firweek of campaigning in Republican A Canroaien western Kentucky, hut. made iDycaiviug .,,:n v, 11U1U ell iu r:n .1 111c Uin Will uc swings into the central and east - (Adams Church at Colson Thurs era parts of the State the first ldaVf September 27th at 7 O'clock of this week.. Friday and Satur - C. s. T. Hymn singing and speak day they will be togetner in ing in the interest of the Perry County where they will party are scheduled. attend ground breaking ceremo- Emmitt Fields and Arch Jenkins nies for the Buckhorn Dam. are the outstanding speakers for Vice President Nixon was the evening. Everyone is cordialscheduled to speak twice in ly invited. Louisville on Thursday, appearing first at the University of Louisville and later addressing LOCAL GIRLS IN a luncheon meeting of the Ken AUTO ACCIDENT tucky Municipal League and the Mary Wright, daughter of Nick Louisville Rotary Club. Wright and Mrs. Delilah Wright and Betty Hays, daughter of of Coal-min- e 9. forts in planning and promoting the annual Safety Day event Mr. Dickson has devoted much to the program and has worked hard to make the event a success Our hats are off to Mr. Dickson for his supreme concern about safety in the mines of this area. Congratulations,, Mr. Dickson, on a job well, done. 0-- EIGHT LETCHER STUDENTS AMONG 221 AT PIKEVILLE BIG ENROLLMENT J st uu Sponsor Local Boy One hundred and two students will enter college this month as " under the sponsorship of Frigidaire division of General Motors, according to Leonard P. Roberts, manager of industrial relations. These 101 men and one wo man will join 166 upperclassmen already enrolled in the division's program for cooperative college training. All alternate between the classroom and jobs at Frig idaire. Thus, the students are able to finance their education and at the same time gain invaluable experience in their chosen field, Roberts explained. Ninety-tw- o plan to pursue en gineering studies and 10 will enroll in business administration courses. For the academic phase of the program the students will be divided among six institutions: Fenn College, Cleveland; General Motors Institute, Flint, Mich.; Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.; Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind.; College, Angola, Ind.; and the University of Cincinnati. Students accepted for this program and the college they plan to attend include: Harold D. Cook, Whitesburg, who will atCollege. tend "co-ops- Tri-Stat- Tri-Stat- e WETHERBY VISITS WHITESBURG e , SCHOOL PATRONS ) -- - ind. an V Jj XS a SU- : mni "L 'VUestreom SCALE O 1 MILES IN 2 I Limits RIVER OHIO BASIN BUCKHORN RESERVOIR MIDDLE MIVP LOUISVILLE RIVER, KENTUCKY SCALES EHM VICINITY FORK AS KY. SHOWN LOUISVILLE, DISTRICT, KY. MAP REVISED: Those interested in the Whites- 30-Th- e non-politic- STATE SOIL MEET SET FOR OCTOBER Sept. 27 The State Association of Soil Conser vation Districts will conduct its 13th Annual Convention October at Cumberland Falls State Park, A. Threlkeld, Corith, as sociate president, announced to day. FRANKFORT, 2-- 3 More than 350 soil conserva tion district supervisors, wives and guests are expected to attend. The beautiful new building, Harlow Motor Co. located on Madison avenue is now completed. Owners of the business Clarence and Carl Harlow have set Wednesday October 3rd. as the opeing date. This company is dealer for Ford Motor Co. and expect to display the latest 1957 Ford Models and equipment on that day. The Harlow brothers are also owners of Harlow Motor Com pany at Neon where they have served the community for a num ber of years. They are veterans of World War Two and have a host of friends who congratulate Lawrence Weatherby paid a them in their outstanding sucvisit to Whitesburg yesterday cess. afternoon in the interest of his campaign for the U. S. Senate. Mrs. Jesse Holbrook, Miss In making a statement Weather Martha Potter and Dr. and Mr. by said, that the Democrats had Dow Collin visited Jesse Hol greatly aided River and Water brook at the London Sanatorium Projects in Kentucky, the first last Sunday. Mr. Holbrook is move toward canalization coming greatly improved and will visit during the Democratic Admin Letcher County in the near fu ture. SCHOOL OFFICIAL COMMENDS FINE SPORTSMANSHIP For many year I have been superistendent of the Jenkins Schools and during all these years I have been so keenly interested in sports & clean sports manship that few contests have been held between Jenkins High School teams and those of other schools without my being pres ent whether at home or away. On the evenmg of September 22 at Jenkins Ball Park fine sports manship on the part of two ex cellent teams, the Fleming Neon Pirates and the Jenkins cavaliers reached, in my opinion, an all time high. There were few pen alties. There was no "griping". What is more the fans, some two thousand of them according to some estimates, were on their best bahvior. What about the rivalry between these two teams It could not be any keener. Has the behaviour of the two teams always been commendable? The answer is an emphatic no. And the attitude of some of the fans? Well, not always something to be proud to remember. Why such wonderful sportsmanship on this occasion. And can we haveit for the other home games? In my opinion the coaches of these schools are not only trying to give the fans their monk's worth, but also trying to do some citizenship training. We all like to win, but it is more important to be a man than to win a game. Yes, the other home games can be a duplication of this one in good sportsmanship if the boys and the coaches will it and the fans accept the outcome in the right spirit. I should like to take this means of congratulating, the team, their coaches, the principals, teachers and fans of the two schools. Let's keep it up for the rest of the season. C. V. Snapp, Supterintendent Jenkins Schools. 30 JUNE 1956 Soil Conservation Essay Contest coal-min- sons including eight Letcher Countians were registered in Pikeville's weekend classes. The number brings the total Homecoming Queen of full and part time students this fall at the new four year col The 1956-5football squad of lege to a record 667, Dr. A. A. Whitesburg High School has elect college president, said. The ed Miss Ella Yonts to Page, reign as largest previous enrollment in their homecoming queen. The week-enwas royal classes at Pikeville attendants will be Misses 127, and the earlier record total Bobbie Sumpter, Emma Walker 543, both reashed in the spring Wanda Collier, Sandy Gibson, semester last year. Bobbie King, Mary Johnson, Ca Of 11 courses offered on Sat- rol Brown, and Judy Combs. urday mornings and afternoons Homecoming has been sched and Monday evenings this sem uled for Friday, October 5th. The ester, including one chiefly for afternoon parade of floats will seniors, five were filled to capa begin at 2 o'clock. The floats will city and closed before the regi assemble at 1:15 p.m. on Madison stration period ended, Dr. Page Street and Railroad Street. The said. Classes for seniors at Pike parade will be led by the Lynch ville are being opened for the and Whitesburg bands. It will first time this fall, as the former proceed through Main Street, junior college completes its ex making the circle at Paschal school Fields Service Station on Route pansion into a four-yea-r Schoolteachers from Pike and 15 and return to Madison St. surrounding counties make up al Loving Cup's will be .awarded most all the Saturday and even to the first and secosd place wining students. Floyd, Johnson, ners of floats. Lawrence, Magoffin, Martin and The coronation and presentaPike counties, Kentucky; Buch tion of trophies will begin at 7 anan County, Virginia, and Mingo o'clock at the Football Field. and Wayne counties, West Vir The Homecoming Dance will ginia, also are represented. be held at the Whitesburg GymThe Letcher Countians in Pike nasium from 10 o'clock till 12:30 ville's Saturday classes are Mrs. The admission will be 25c per Anna Charles, Burdine; Ruby C. person. The public is invited. Collier, Neon; Reba Kincer, Cro Cordially, Betty Little,, mona; Belvia C. Kiser, South Chairman. down; Georgia Lewis, Kona; Vir gie V. faumpter, wnitesDurg; B&PW EMBLEM BREAKFAST Dale Walker, Jenkins, and Mar Qn Sunday Morning, September jorie Wright, Beefhide. 23, at 9 o'clock, members of the Whitesburg Business and Professional Women's Club enter House Is tanied at the VFW Clubhouse Pre-Me- d with an Emblem Breakfast for A house at 112 Maxwell Street prospective new members, and has been made available by sev to start off its activties for Womeral Lexington doctors as a hous en's Week, ing unit for worthy and needy premedical students at the Uni CANDIDATES FOR SCHOOL BOARD HAVE FILED versity of Kentucky. The offer, made as a means Accordisg to records in the of furthering medical education was accepted at a recent meet County Court Clerk's office the as candiing of the University's board of following have filed dates for the office of member trustees, subject to further study of the County Board of Educaof details. tion: President Frank G. Dickey said Jeskins Independent School that the house will provide livDistrict-C- arl ing quarters for 15 premedical students. Management and main Mercer tenance of the building will be Margaret English Wash Ivan Brush the responsibility of the Univer sity, but the title 'will remain Paul James with the medical group. The phy sicians will provide up to $2,400 Letcher County Srhool Dist. a year to help underwrite the Divisios No. 2 Dr. B. F. Wright; project. Rental charges, if any, Division No. 3 Ray Collins will be very small. Wallace Kincer Furnishings for the house Alvin Holbrook will be provided by the Univer sity. For an annual charge of Division No 4 Ben J. Brown $200 the Good Samaritan HospiOrville Adams. tal will provide heating service connnected to the hospital's heat Songing system. A housemother will be in residence to supervise the Pikeville students and the care of the The 26th Annual Autumn Song house. It is expected that a group Festival (Singing Convention) of premedical students will be will be held at the Pikeville High ready to occupy the house by School Auditorium, Pikeville, Ky registration time next week. The on Suday, October 14, 1956 (Rain University has sole authority in or Shine) at 10:00 A. M. to 4:00 the final selection of the stu- P. M. dents. The medical group will Solos, Duets, Quartettes, Choirs have the privilege of recommend Group Singing is Scheduled. EvIng a name for the house but the eryone is cordially invited (Free final choice will rest with the Admission). B. DesMns is Chair J. University. man. For DR. ROBERT R. MARTIN Stale Superintendent of Public Instruction Kentucky grade and high school students can share $3,250 in U.S Savings Bonds for their essays on "How Fish and Wildlife Con servation Can Benefit My Community." Announcing the thirteenth annual Soil Conservation Essay Contest are Barry Bingham, pres ident of The Courier-JournaThe Louisville Times and WHAS, Inc.; Dr. Robert R. Martin, state Superintendent of Public Instruc tion, and A. Threlkeld, .president of the Kentucky Association of Soil Conservation Districts. The essays theme completes a four year cycle designed to make students aware of the ef feet of good soil, water, forestry and now fish and wildlife con servation on Kentuckys commu nity life. A $100,, Savings Bond will be presented to the boy or girl who submits the essay judged best in the state. Second prize is a $75 bond, and third, a $50 bond Winners of the three major awards and their parents and teachers will receive all expense! l, A. THRELKELD President, Kentucky Association of Soil Conjerrntlon Districts paid trips to Louisville next spring as guests of honor at the Farm Awards Luncheon. In addition to these prizes, a district award of a $25 bond will go to the student who places 1st in each of the 121 soil conserva tion districts where at least 5 essays are submitted. These dis trict winners compete for the state prizes. The writer of the top essay in each school is eligible for a certificate from the contest sponsors. District winners and runnersup also will be awarded certificates. The writer of the top essay in each school is eligible for a cer tificate from the contest sponsors. District winners and runners up also will be awarded certificates. Essays must be sent to the county or city school superintendent's office by December 8, 1956. Soil Conservation Essay Con- test is sponsored by the news sta papers and tion in cooperation with the State radio-televisio- (Continued n on Back Page) rs Through August 31 there had e been 306 fatalities this year, compared with 294 in the similar period last year. However with increased producttion this year the fatality rate was .88 per million tons, compared with mil s lion worked was the same each year, 1.13. d ) TO are requested to man-hou- Elected a. MEET SUNDAY burg School The Bureau of Mines said today the August death rate was .63 per million tons of produc tion and .80 per million of work time. In July, there were 41 deaths and the highest fatality rate so 1.27 and 1.61 far this year respectively. 7 fVT meet at the Court House at 4:00 P. M., (CST). on Sunday, Sept. purpose of this meeting is to discuss the Minimum Foundation program and ways and means to carry out the program. All citiziens, and especially parfents are urged to attend this meeting. PIKEVILLE, Ky., Sept. 27 Two more enrollment records at Pikeville College fell today with the announcement that 221 per- any month this year. man-hour- - HARLOW MOTOR CO. SETS OPENING DATE istration. I Mrs. Steve Hidvegi, Pound, Va., received minor injuries in an Automobile accident near Campton on Monday. The two girls, recently graduated from Good Samaritan Hospital of nursing and were enroute to LouisvDlet to take the State Board examinations. Miss Wright was hospital ized at Lexington with minor in juries. Miss Hays received slight er injuries and was not confined to a hospital- Drop In Month; 30 Year's Lowest the Kentucky River Mining In accidents during Au stitute, is due much credit and gust caused 30 deaths, but the recognition for his untiring ef fatality rate was the lowest for i Frigidaire To Deaths Coal-Min- e Provided Students Annual At - Festival

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