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Image 9 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 04, no. 02, 1930

Part of Kentucky alumnus

» `·= ._. "J U ‘ K KENTUCKY ALUMNUS 9 f._jg_j— _ uoneer _ __ . have Value of Alumni Support ls C1ted gl , ; since n _ K _ Organized Clubs in_All Kentucky Cities ls Best Solution for Keeping For- - o; _lV`o _ i "d““" c mer Students 1n Contact W1th _Theu· Alma Mater; Benefits De- Q 23 for n rived from Organ1zat1on Are Many jre g ._ By Marguerite M cLaughIin l is just Looking forward to the time when the~Alma would get the group together so that the mem- r Mater will attain a position of influence commen- bers might consider the- matter of importance to · ; nomics . gurate with the value of its training and looking the University, while 1n the meantime 'weeks y me C9, the — backward lightly to the undergraduate days when might have passed in which little was required of A 2 g €SS01`S, athletics, social affairs and studies divided time, the alumni, as such, excepting to enjoy the com- n r re me e Sig- frequently in favor of the first and second, the panionship of those who had this great common _ 2 Sigma V ‘ graduate of an institution fails to realize that his interest "the University? r U r _` E In Phi o or her appreciation is lacking if deV0i10n, i0Y3iW The president of the Alumni Association 1s, as ` 1 Vensny 1 and a sense of duty does 1'10t impei action during a rule, located in Lexington and naturally is the ‘ , L . the present time. This service after graduation nret to be informed when there is any need fgy e . I { Louis- A the alumni fails to give up. Why? action by the organization. If the president knew , it Q K fifteen · With more than 5,000 students who have been that a letter or telegram could. put him 1n touch “ 3 . j graduated from the University of Kentucky work- with a graduate of the University who had at his f . CA ‘ ing one day out of each year for the benefit of the call an organized group in every ltovirbn of anyx size · ‘ . . - · ‘ · 'dent of t e umni sso- . ‘ _. 1,2 - U ity, the equivalent of thirteen years of in Kentucky the presi U E W d de-rn selfiiiiles could be accounted for each twelve ciation could rest in comparative peace. More- ---, P. Q i cc months This number of students or alumni is over, when the men who do things that are not dnlmg , djstyjbdtgd ever every state in the Union and favorable to the University or who do not do what . ir _ N'. Y" ¤ about sixteen foreign countries and therefore is favorable knew that 1,500 graduates of the Un1- - ‘ · ‘ Qcewed even the day of service if given by each member versity of Kentucky located 1n 350 different town- ‘ ». Q; c D Y°l`k’ S each year would fail in much of its possible ef- shiDS of the Commonwealth were using their 1n* e. I fectiveness because of lack of organization. There- fluence with every man and woman interested 111 r l / EE ,_ ¢11iU€kY . t f education and the growth of ‘ E . 1 b_ the advancemen o _ _ _ 1 of ab- . fom the Alumni, C u · K t ck instinctively the University, the results of action effecting the i doing . Evers, Igotgljlggcgonrng ms; got {mow the new institution would be vastly different. 1 S· York un ers an S i o ‘ ‘ Th' f rse is asking much We can not hope , — and why and wherefore of each and every politi- 1S o cou, . _ - S nf eel party, its tenets and lack of them, but he does for the millenium; There will balwariycs Fe $11;;; . er r e Eweliégy Y know politics just in the same sense that he un- who will not sacr1nceT2ie1r cxgn bineassthfgre has I ( i i- Z derstood it back in the old university days, when of a larger Scope' BTG ’ Q, { Keenenk . · · ‘ ' b en those who will not agree, but lop off , ;,» _ · he majority registration ever e , _ _ _ zi r ll Conn' iche only Way to defeat t ` one half or even give the University one-th1rd of ni U F $$12 €§E;F°`iEZ§i$§éE“§§§ $3}.%.2 Z'2§iEZeZ§gli“Li? the am backing it is entitled to and gil? thili _` me Evers, member Of the long list in the alumni iuppcirt in an onganized force and the resu s W1 . ‘ th f t d the wonder o 1 e e mg. _ _ 1, ; S (ziiiiiictithsatkelggiis onegsdioezcnitageek out the others Many men, when talking of tne Un1Ve1`S1i3Y, taik ei; 2 Lexmg- 1- in Oider to organize and Place a united strength Styietly in terms of athletics. Well let us tagktlrn l street, it behind the University and the efforts that are that language- If eneny fnrmealglgtduagécs 2 thi; ` i age being made to make it absolutely independent ef University Wee On nls Jnbknog ta§V€;?i;ingOint€1_ T ' , _ - t' `ts ~ t musing, money ma in i ` L i ’ ;Y§;I¥nith1ng and every person Gxcep mg 1 gegawjuld marvelous athletes be reducing the 1%-;:- I » P7 . · · 7 I l ~ d. t est WHS c Alumni work is not all drudgery. Dufmg the Ord and memanmittlgidigoeislezliginsilgriglhengthe; V ite Col- Past month I have been asked to organize a Lex- fimelsfbztlger tan; rjlgiizersity of Kentucky? Of A itucky). ¤ ington Alumni Club so that next year we eould s Engg every man and Woman on the campus in ug hos- i have many more Social enans for our Oivn gwup. igiows the argument of the outsider. He says, "We in if -l C Regular business meetmgs are of com Se mcg? ent our man down there and you didH’l3 get nnn e ,’ 0 nd two sary and would be iln orderi audi atlealldgegrapgilejrg S (Cenrmued on Page Eleven) Q _ ing by telephone, t e mai an e nr i n i;

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