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Image 319 of The Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

The Kentuckjan To the U. S. Army Headquarters, Washington, It. ('. Most Honorable Sirs: I have greatly profited by my study of your military Tic Taca. I can now ''about face" perfectly. Respectfully, PHIL WARREN". To the La Rose Pompom Company, Paris. Gentlemen: I have been using y^jr complexion cream since childhood and find it all you advertise. Yours for success, "SPORT" WALLER. To the Gage-Downs Company. Chicago. Dear Sir: Just received my last order and find it very satisfactory. I like the perfect glove fit. Yours trulv. HAL TOWNSEND. To the Dream of Heat Co., Buffalo, X. Y. Dear Sir: I have been using your breakfast food for nearly three weeks am anyone can readily see that 1 am in perfect health. "JIM" DORM AX. 301

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