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Image 250 of The Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

E. R. SVVEETLAND, Director of Athletics WITH the coming of Mr. E. K. Sweetland, Athletics ill K. S. U". took on .; brighter aspect. The foot hall men were given spring practice. The track beam which he produced showed thai the students were becoming mjore interested, ami were willing to do their part in placing our Athletics upon a firmer basis. During the foot ball season we dearly demonstrated thai we arc able to cope with the best of the Southern and Western teams. We ar-3 now bona Me members of the Southern Inter-collegiate Athletic Association, and nexi season we expect to go in strong for the Southern championship. The most important thing in making our University stand high in the athletic world is the enthusiastic support of the entire student body. Let every man do his best for clean, manly athletics and Kentucky State will soon occupy the position lo which we aspire, the undisputed Champions of the South. 232 1

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