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Image 135 of The Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

The Kentuckian f I v HE Department of Education is the professional school for teachers, taking rank with the schools of Law, Engineering and Agriculture. It aims to furnish opportunity to the ambitious young men and women of Kentucky who desire to prepare for leaching in the High Schools throughout the State and for Superin.tenden.cies and Principalships. It is also able to provide through the co-operation with other departments, first class instruction in the training of special teachers of Drawing, Manual Training, Home Economics and Physical Education. The distinctive feature of the work offered by the Department of Education consists in the courses in Educational Psychology, History of Education and Theory of Teaching; Practice Work, Observation and Criticism will shortly be arranged for. The best interests of the community in which his w rk is placed must find in the Superintendent a warm sympathizer and a zealous friend. Properly to impart that generous sympathy and friendship needs a full hearty nature cultivated by a well rounded experience to an adequate understanding of the worth and value of the varied elements which enter into our community life. Regular graduates from the State University and those who present equivalent certificates of ability and attainment from kindred institutions may be admitted to Graduate Work in the Department of Education under the same conditions as are enforced by other departments of the University. Such graduate students must make Education their major work but they may elect such related subjects as may he approved by the Dean. 117

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