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Image 4 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), September 5, 1940

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THURSDAY SEPT 5, 1940 Music to be Included Sunday In State-Wid- e Schccl Celebration THE MOUNTAIN hsve awakened admiration mong many people in Louis-v.ilThe religious numbers t.uvxi especially attracted attention. Miss Graef has agreed to have a large chorus perform for "the Louisville observation. Music to be Featured In All e. County Celebrations Since music has played such an important part in" Sunday School life it is highly fitting that music should have a featured place in each County Seat Celebration at 2:00 pjn., September 22nd. The various choirs of the county are invited to participate or at least send representatives. Instrumental numbers will also add attraction and charm. Dr. Redding, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, of Oldham County, Ky., says they are planninng to use their high school band- - Here is a hint to other County Program Committees. Use any instrumentalists such as violinists, cornetists, piano accordionists, or any others that may be available. And, there are the ever popular Male Quartets, mixed ensembles, and sololists. Practically every County in Kentucky has a wealth of musical talent available and the musicians will be glad to serve. Some one has suggested that one of the sweetest sights in any of these Celebrations would be a group of Ifftle boys and girls, in white, singing the good old gospel songs. Could anything be sweeter? La-Gran- MKS. J. B. SKIL.LMAX .By James A. McCaleb, Director of Celebration An Interesting Woman Mrs. J. B. Skillman, Louisville, is the only woman member of the State Committee obsponsoring the State-wid- e servance of the 130th Anniversary of Kentucky's First Sunday School, September 22, 1940, in virtually every County Seat of our Commonwealth. Mrs. Skillman in indeed interested in the work begun by Margaretta Brown and is herself an interesting woman. She has distinguished herself in Louisville and Jefferson County in Daily Vacation Bible School work and sponsoring remedial social legislation. She has even' appeared before our State Legislature in behalf of the latter. 30 KKNTL'CKV POPUIiATIOX IS 2rKMV27 CENSUS SHOWS Kentucky's population increased 8.6 per cent from 2,614,589 to 2,839,927 during the past decade according to the 1940 census. Louisville has Aids Louisville Observance more than 10 per cent of the Kindly agreeing to" arrange state's population with 318,713 for the music for Louisville's the census showed. 30 Celebration of this great event Mrs. Skillman has found that Mr. and Mrs. Claude Chil-deher Vacation Bible School have as their guest this work has greatly helped in week Mr. Childers' mother, this connection. It was her Mrs. W. M. Northup, Jackson. good fortune to become asMrs. S. H. Fisher has as her sociated with Miss Naomi Graef in the Vacation Bible guest this week her grandSchool work and watched this daughter. Miss Peggy Suthergifted musician's successs in land, Wheelwright, Ky. chorus activities with the Mr. and Mrs. Ballard Webb children. The little ones gladly absorbed the instruction and of Lexington are visiting rethe finished choral renditions latives in Ermine. -- rs EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY Kingdom Come News Cram Creek News Mr. and Mrs. Ben Webb Foddering time is drawing end family have moved to Lynch. We were sorry to see near and people are getting ihem go but Mr. Webb is em- ready to go to work. ployed at the Lynch mines A great many of our neighand it was necessary for the bors attended the Baptist family to move. church on Linefork the past Sunday. Mrfr- Dora Adams had a birthday dinner August 18. Miss Cuba Frazier of Knox-villMany relatives and friends Tenn. has beenyisiting were present. her parents, Mr. and Mrs- AnOur school is progressing drew Frazier for the past few very nicely. We have at the days. present something like 60 pu Mr. and Mrs. Edpar Tson pils enrolled. The basketball Frazioam has inproved consider- md family visited J. D. ier Sunday afternoon. ably and there is sjll room for improvement. Our teachA farewell party was given a ers for this year are Miss in honor of Marie York SundayKincer and Steve Adams. -night at her home. Miss Fay Webb gave a fareKinnon Frazier was given well party at the home of her a birthday party at his home afternoon-Manparents Thursday games were played and Saturday night. A great numan enjoyable time was had ber of the young folks attendby all. Those present were:' ed. Norman Webb, Charles Webb, We are very glad to hear of Ray Sturgill, Burtis Adams, Sansford Hunsaker, Paul Ro Mrs. Hannah Frazier's rapid improvement of a broken hip. berts, Clyde Hunsaker, Kincer, Elender Kincer, has been haulBetty Lou Webb and Gerald ing logs for Andrew Frazier Wampler. this week. Miss Pauline and Dorothy We wish to announce the Adams, here for their summer marriage of Mr. Manus Ison vacation, have returned to to Irene Caudill of Blackey. school. The ceremonies took place at We are losing several young the home of the bridegroom. 30 men from our community. They have answered the Army Varbal Meditations call for volunteers. The folBy Clyde Flannery lowing young men have enlisted from our locality: Carl The most interesting part Roberts, Emerson Adams, Roy of the county papers for the Kincer, Glen Hunsaker and last three months is their reConley Roberts. ports of the marriages of the Jenkins high school students. This article is made possible After counting for some time, by the Literary Club organiz- I have come to the conclusion ed in our school. Paul Rnhprls that about 12 high school stuwas appointed President for dents will be lacking at Jena given period. Our -- goal is kins this year. They will be 'A news article every week!'. experiencing an entirely new 30 life a married life. Best luck There is a destiny that to all of you, Jenkins High makes us brothers; None goes School students. his way alone. Edwin Markham. Koosevelt Churchill It has been reported that S the President and Churchill n discussing Hoggs and Cattle have been relations by telephone. We are NED DAY wondering just what phases Day, Ky. n of the af fairs they have been talking about. Will this result in the United States yielding her 50 ships to the mother country? - e, - Will Be Run Mullins of .diss Helma Wlii.L-sburhas been visiting sisters, Mrs. Thomas Wal-it-v- d for the past few days. g Mr- and Mrs. Arnos Bass have returned to McRoberts, where they plan to make their uiture home. We will remember Mrs. Bass as Miss Ruby .flensley and Mr. Bass was I'ovmerly located at Miami, Florida. - Mrs. J. M- Fuller and daughter, Gussie have returned home from a visit to Tennessee where they visited many relatives and friends. - Mrs. Wallace Gibson who has been ill for several weeks is showing a great improvement. FOR ALE British-America- trans-Atlant- ic British-America- Roosevelt's Hyde Park A lot of Republicans are RAILROADS aw thinking, at least hoping, that the "y" in Mr. Roosevelt's Hyde Park will be changed t.) "i", "Hide Park". -- .ses IT. S. Xeed The "United States News" from Washington, D. C. this week that the U. S. need the following bases to defend this hemisphere: Newfoundland, Halifax, Bermuda. Jamaca, Trinidad, and British Guiana- These bases belong to the lone European democracy, Great Britain, and this may be the reason for our President talking to Churchill. re-l.rt- ed "Gee, school days are here again! But I guess it's OK us fellers hafta learn about readin', writin' and 'rithmetic so we'll be ready to run things some day. " 'Course, we learn other useful things, too sometimes things grown-up- s don't know. F'rinstance: How the railroads help us kids get educated. They haul lots of kids from home to school and back without hurtin anybody or chargin' very much but that aint all! They pay a big hunk of the taxes that keep out schools goin'. "Even the good ole L&N, which runs through our town, pays 4 million dollars a year in taxes, and almost half of it goes to the schools. That's enough to pay the public cost of sen din' 40,000 kids to school every year. "P.etcha didn't know all that, did ya?" This young man is right. Some day he will learn there are many other benefits deriving from private operation of the railroads. He will learn, for example, diat they are an important arm of our national defense, are substantial employ ers of labor and purchasers of material, and that they are good and useful neighbors in all that makes for progress and development in the communities they serve. IOUISVIIXE & NASHVILLE RMIiROlLB - Hitler's Routes To America The proposed direction from which Hitler may invade the Americas are 1.) from Dakar, Africa, to South America, a distance of only 1600 miles, 2.) The Second, route is from France or Great Britain to Canada, which is a distance of tmly 2600 miles. The question in the minds of the American people is whether Hitler really will strike at the U. S. if she defeats England- We iiiust remember that according io reports, Germany has more war materials than we have. Now, she has access to all of France's material and may be able to use England's. A great "Tent Meeting" is being held in McRoberts, in with Rev. Lee Emory Hal Starr charg and RevChoir director, and soloist. The night services begin promptly at 7:30 p. m. and everyone is invited. - J Mrs. Alice Day and children, Carlene and Archie of Harlan are visiting Mrs. Day's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fuller. i.nnkind will be God-govern- ed in porportion as God's government becomes apparLouisville, Ky., Aug 28, utilized, Golden (Special) The "Tin Can ent, the rights ofRule and the man and the Drrbv" better known as the held 'World's Worst Race' in which liberty of conscience sacred. ancient stock cars will comMary Baker Eddy. pete with local drivers at the 30 be one of the many ielm, will features offered when Flash Williams, America's No. 1 stuntman, and his celebrated Thrill Drivers present their schedule of daring auto and y motorcycle stunts at the State Fair, Sunday afternoon, September 8th. The rules for the "Tin Can Derby" other than the drivers must be 21 years of age and that the car in which they com pete be at least six years old, are being kept secret until the Uart of the race when all contestants will be given specific instructions. The rules under which the drivers will compete for the cash prizes make this race one of the most comical and novel events ever offered and offi- -i cials of the thrill aggregation are looking forward to a keen contest when the local "Barney Oldfields" meet on the fair grounds oval. Ken-:uck- y Lou-Roar- 30 At State Fair Re-qu- El-lo- w stuntmen performing with sixteen pieces of rolling equipment. "Tin Can Derby" McRoberts New' - all contestants may make their entry with Flash Williams or Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Haynes one of'his representatives at ' visited relatives and friends the track the morning of the in Dorton, Sunday. Xhe telq!..-i- bell should show. The many friends and Williams, who is nationally be a happy a welneighbors of Mrs- Joe Barb-le- y known in the stunt field havcome invitation to a sociwish to extend their sin- ing recently won the world's able chat. But it may ha cere sympathy to Mr. Joseph championship trophy at the than welBarbley and children for the stuntman's tournament held more worrii'ie come when it iicmands a loss of their beloved wife and at Philadelphia, has appeared dash down t':: stairs mother. in over .115 motion pictures you have and has crashed better than which it docs Rev. Verlin Oxford, famous lf)00 automobiles only one tT hone and all on purradio preacher of Benham de- pose while appearing before happen to be n.uirs whea livered a wonderful message the cameras and at the major it rings. to the people of McRoberts, fairs and expositions throughWhy go rir.liing up Sunday afternoon. Rev. Ox- out the United States and in with calls t .u you ford plans to begin his regular Canada. Sunday morning services over down? For a iv few pen Among the many new thrill radio station WNOX, Knox-vill- stunts that he will introduce nies a day y ju .;n have an Tenn., Sunday morning here for the first time will be upstairs extent I mi lelo at 6:30 Eastern Standard the motorcycle jump over the phone which will save you Time- tops of two cars, the "Human those troublesome trips and Battering Ram" crash in give a lot of added protecMiss Eula Lee Walters has which a driver will be driven tion, besides. . returned from Florida where head--Tsthrough a Tlamfng Call the telephone office she has spent a two weeks va- board wall while strapped to cation. the hood of a car. and the "T- - today and let us tell you how little it costs to enjoy Bone Ci ash" in which a driver PARTY HONORS will hurtle a car off a high the many benefits of an ex; MISS NICHOLS ramp and into the side of a tension telephone. Mrs. Lyman Hill was hos- second ear while the driver tess to a Birthday Party hon- remains at the wheel. Williams and his Thrill Souther n Bell TEiEPHonf oring Miss Gaynell Nichols on Drivers lay claim to being the her eighteenth birthday. DancMD TELEGRAPH COmPBIU) ing and games were the out- largest single thrill unit in the INCORPORATED country prsenting over a dozstanding features of the eveen of the nation's t, ning. Last but not least delicious refreshments were serve to the following: Ralph Hubbard, Mac Child-eri- i, Myl Small Fry, .you're Doh' Whaf Ya Oughta Madge Atwood, "Moon" Childers, Ira Atwood, Madonna Smith, Grace DeSimone. Kathryn Haynes, Victor DeSimone, Ruth Costello, Lean-n- a Smith, Mrs. Merrill Hill, Merrill Hill, Frank Roberts, Violet King, Gladys Fuller, Frances Narramore, Gertrude Benton, Jesse Day, Johnnie Burchfield, George Sinee, Herman Johnson, Frank Cress Paul Riddle, Jimmy Ferguson, Jack Bradley. E IJVJbBBBBBBBBBBBm Out of town guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Ora Potter, Jackhorn, Mrs. Daug Smith, Van Lear, Frances Fields, BlBBBBBBKfx&i- jjr jflBBRBRv'' Fieming, Freddie Darnley, BBl .BBBBBBk BBBP31??tv Jenkins, Wm. F. ("Hoolie") Wright, Jenkins; June Frazier. Fleming; Tony Ventura, Fleming; Jr. Godsey, Whites-urJack Ingram, Whites-ourPearl Welch, Fleming. T cc-un- - i . e, "t top-fligh- 1 pi, H19B'' - iniMiiMr y g, g, Army and Navy believe the warning is amply supported by known Hitler intentions. Childers Drug Company, of this city, has just purchased a new Multiplex Dr. Pepper dispenser, adjustable "rail type. This assured the correct amount of syrup in each Dr. Pepper, regardless of who dispenses the drink, assures of each drink. Childers Drug Company is wide awake and aware of the fact that millions of people are drinking fountain Dr. Pepper daily and when better equipment can be had to assist in the efficiency of this business, Dr. Childers, the management stands ready to buy it. 30 hBbBBH BbKBBBMI Mfsar m'lL4tsHbbbbpbb 30 - iJullk'a Warning Ambassador Bullit warned tliis country last week that war was coming to the United States- The State Department, lie White House and the U. S. - uni-'ormi- ty Therefore all things what-oevDown in their hearts, wise ye would that men men know this truth: the only should do to you, do" ye even way to help yourself is to so to them: for this is the law help others. and the prophets. Elbert Hubbard. BBBBBBhBBBBB MjjlBBBBBBPpHp ttjjBBBBBBBBBBBH BJHBBBBbBmk1 :$1eXBBBBP!?BBBBBBBB COWHAND KNOWS HiS DRAMS-Hemaynotfetf- ebisp catfish in the sea, but in soft drinks he's got sense. He'll go for Dr. Pepper, the circle clock brand, every time. Ho loves it, and ao will you, 'cause it's downright good. No scolding from the "ranch bow." She knows Dr. Pepper is pure, wholesome, and good for huagry buckaroos. er DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY Phone 8 Whiteiburg, Ky.

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