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Image 10 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, Volume 87, Issue 1, 1995-1996

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

end of this section for admissions process information. Can- Former University students who have been enrolled else- dldates tentatively admitted at the time of application where since attending UK must be in good standing at UK and should be aware that the Unlverslty will cancel the admis- be eligible as transfer students on the basis of their grade- sion and/or the early registration of an applicant whose point average at the institution most recently attended. Stu- final offlclal record, after completion of a current semes- dents must also be in good standing at the institution most ter, shows lnellglblllty because of suspension, dismissal, recently attended. or a drop ln grade-point average below the required 2.0. Students under suspension from UK will not be accepted Admitted students should bring a copy of the catalog of the for admission, regardless of their status at another institution. last school attended when they attend their Advising Confer- Suspended students must be reinstated to the University by ence. the dean of the college in which they will enroll, if the suspen- sion is academic, or by the appropriate University official, if the TRANSFER OF CREDIT suspension is nonacademic. Fleinstated students must file an _ . a lication for readmission by the stated deadline. credit Eameq at UK_c°ntmumty coueghs ppFleadmission candidates should submit an application as Gtadaar ¤tad·ts· o‘·rar‘tV oothtagaho aoaoarhro Status trorh early as possible. This allows the Office of Admissions ad- ooorsoo takoh at a UK oorhrhUh'tY oorrogo aro trahstorroo equate time to prepare the necessary forms for registration. nt tha ootrago that the sttrooht ohrorrs rh oatarhhhos how admission deadlines. information on selective college and trahstor ddhtsa Work rs aoorroo toward a UK oo9roo· program deadlines and procedures appears at the end of this Credit Earned at Other Institutions a°°t'°h· The University accepts collegiate-level degree credits Nondegree Students earned atafully accredited college or university. “FuIIy accred— The oool ot tho University ol Kentucky oollcy for non. ttao" rhaaha that tha thshtutroh is a rhohloar lh Qooo atahorh9 degree students is to provide appropriate access to academic · dt oha dt tha six roglohat aoaoahho aooradltlho a$$oo'at'oh$· courses for students who would like to continue their educa- Transfer work from institutions outside the United States is tlohl but who do not wlch to Sock o oootoo Although oootoo- l evaluated on an individual basis from the official transcripts. cooklho students should have top priority lh terms of utilization ` Tha ¤hi<=a dtitdnnsaidnssanatahvddtatntinaa what trans- of University resources, me University rieee Wien to provide tor ooorso Work rs aooootoot Thohr tho ooah at the ootrogo that access to these resources on a space-available basis to non- tho otoooht ohrotra rh ootorrhthoa haw that oohrso Work rs degree seeking students. This policy will provide reasonable apphad toward a UK daptaa; Wha_n tha Sthdaht attanda tha eeeeee to e broader range of students witneut unnecessarily Advising Conferencetan adviser will explain how the transfer limiting University tccoutcos lot ocotoocochlho Students. l wdrk has hadn apphad Hpwayah Stddants may want to men-degree status affords an opportunity for individuals to i oohaort rhotvrooar oooartrhohta 'h aoVahoo· Srhoo th'? 'haY pursuelifelong learning without the structure of degree-seek- E help thant a_da<=t a Program and tanhhanza than wth tha ing status and is eeneierenrvvirn the educational mission enne dagroo roqhrrorhohta University. Because these students have unique needs, they ; Students who have taken nontransferable courses at other como uhoot tho administrative outvlow ot the Dean of Under- ;. institutions may, after they enter UK, request an examination oloouoto Stuoloo ` for a Course Sante Most nOn_d€glr€€ are Students can obtain advanced standing from an unaccred- 9rS" and lnclude the followlng groups; Donovan Scholars, r ited college or university by special subjectexaminations. ctuoohtc who have oltoaoy oothoo oootooc and n0n,tradi- Stooohto trahstorrthg dtrootrY rrorh a Iuhror oohogo dt tional students who wish to begin their studies as non-degree S t‘”o'Voar orahoh at a “htVorottV rhaY hot traharar _htoro students in order to be considered for degree-seeking status l than at oohtootor hddta at oroott td tho Uh"’or$'tY dt later. Other students eligible to enter the University in a non- r K°hthok¥·StUdaht$trah$tar'lhQtr°mat°Ur·li’aar°°hfaQo Who degree status include visiting students from other colleges i havo pro"'otrstV attohooo a tWo‘Yaar oorro9a Wrrt ha hhhtao td and universities, high school students of exceptional ability, 67 Santastat hours ot tha tVY°·Y¤¤f ddhaed w¤n<. Tha Work and other students in special circumstances as determined by { ttdnt tha tddt-vaat ddhaea wh ha avalnatad Saparatalv- rne Director of Admissions. isee information about visiting ;. Trahoror aoortoahto Should hoto that rogaroross dt tha students and high school students with exceptional ability L number of transfer hours the University may accept, all candi- earller lh thls soctloh_l ~ . dates for a bachelor's degree must complete 30 of the last 36 _ _ hours ol lholr oroorom or UK. Rules Governing Admission of l Non-Degree Seeking Students » To be admitted as a non-degree student, an applicant must OTHER CATEGORIES OF ADMISSION moor rho rollowlno crlrorla: r cahdtdatas tor Roadrhtssroh 1. The high school class of a non-degree applicant must I Former University students who have not been enrolled for have graduated at least two years priorto the applicant’s '. °h° oarhastar dt mort? lh 9°°d Standing ala €Ii9tbIa t°l’ raad- anticipated semesterof enrollment, unless the applicant rh'$$'oh_· _ will be on active military duty during his/her tenure as a l Applicants for readmission to the University must submitto hohoooroo Stuoloht t the Office of Admissions: . . . . 2. Applicants who have been denied admission as degree- V , 1. An application for admission; seeking students may not in turn be admitted as non- l 2. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities dagraa Soaking $tUdaht$· t attended since enrolled at UK; and 3. Former University degree-seeking students generally . 3_ A nOn-r8fundablB application otocosslho fag. will not be readmitted as non-degree students without having earned an undergraduate degree. i A

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