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Image 1 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), January 10, 1901

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

+ P f r > J- ry I rt 01I STRY WE DARLINGTON HOPKINS COUNTY KENTUCKY THURSDAY JANUARY 10 TWELFTH YEAR PROSPECTS REPUBLICAN J Ex Governor W 0 Bradley In the IN NO 2 j MACHINE SHOP AT WORK If Republicans will buckloon their armor and stand shoulder NEBO to shoulder with the bravo Democrats who have fought so nobly for the principlesOf solfgoyernrtient relegating to the Year ovary Mr Hanna Moves the Last of His Foundry Interesting Items of Local and Personal question except the redemption of the state from misrule and in ¬ From Maduonville Historyby Rusilcu justice the victory will bu won Any other course will be suicidal Mr Ilanmi has moved the last i and will load to disgraceful and deserveddefeat In such an hour < VILLAGEIfAS PLENTY OF WIDOWS every citizen should ho i1lii1Jto give twohn6nths of his time to his country and no man hbwevor distinguished shoals decline to modious new building ereqted by Christmas has come and gone with make the race for representative or senafpis should liis him here during tho past year Its Hole und confusion Its festivi fW 0 BRADLEY demand it This establishment comes here- ties and frolic and the Now Year is u after having operated for some upon us palled meeting Mon ¬ MR KENTUCKY Louisville Commer lat t VfronI SomQtinlosBquthprn Uepublicanscomplain because tlioyuro not more substantially cognized by their nprthern sillies and cut so small rt figure in the councils of the party That their recognition is limited and their influence comparatively insignificant will not bo questioned But this is hot entirely the fault of tho northernRepublicanfor when we contemplate the conduct of many Would recently TAX RATE FIXED years successfully at Madison ¬ We have been on tho lookout for be leaders in the south wheuwe witness incvory national conven ¬ day night an ordinance vas no t tion contested delegations coming from States where there is ass changing the former regot Republican success and beartltf itldc1iou c and traduce on our Imagination ulations on tIllSPOlIit It ex ¬ surroundings and location for the H each other wo conclude that it onehalf thjayafty of cactiothertbolag For the New Yyyr H Hill of Mortons Gap was tends the fire jlatitsand further future growth and welfare of his In Nebo last week s true none of them should bq re bjjhizedi restricts the regulations as to business RePubIkanism in the south ihtq disrepute Republicans of the CHANGE IN11tE fiRE LIMITS character of structures to be al ¬ r Earlington preeminently the moctht compare the states with each other until the whole section owed therein Inroads as fol ¬ t iv chief coal mining town of West since the Holidays has bepome unpopular W Wood Was Appointed Street lows 1i Callif ¬ Chris Lutz of Stanhope WRB here ern Kentuckyof the State The bane of the party at last is greed fOr federal patronage Cofnarittioner for the En Ord iia ceFire an establishment such as this Saturday evening who shall have the otIn navy States the whole and solesiesue is1 earns term The CityOotincli of the City of will do and does extensive busi ¬ Rev J F Story filled hta regular fices1 For some time this was the issue in Kentucky Indeed Earlingtdtido ordain aa follows ness for the coal mines of this appointment Saturday and Sunday there was a time when it was not desirable that the party should For the first time in years this SECTION T That Section Four of Hold Here too is the center Candidates plenty and as friendly I increase lest the little coterie that held office might beAisturb9dc council had to face a deficit Article Fourteen of the ByLaws of the vast coal mining operations as you could wish L r HaleJ1werenommated notthat they should attempt Mr and Mrs C S Hoffman gave at the beginning of the New title Fire Limita and RegulationsV Ibut as a steppingstone to federal patronage But at length this Year The deficit is not large bo and the same is hereby amended of Hopkins county the greatest the young people a pleasant social tho sentiment was overcome and honest effort made to redeem the and the exact amount was not by striking out t1i y words Iron or coalproducing county in Ken Saturday night cement V where occur said State Finally in 1895 when the Democrats were enjoying nation determined at the meeting Tnit ordinance and Inserting thoinword tuckyand the one most inde- ¬ Don and H R Cox of Illinois ar al patronage and consequently engaged in the pleasant pastime of the city fathers were face to face II or II between the words brick pendent of labor agitators and rived in Nobo Friday on a visit to relatives cutting each others throats Republicans triumphed With victory with a condition and did the only stonciso that said Section as the strikes and lockouts and idle Tom Miller of Stanhope and ness incident upon their control came responsibility and the scramble for state offices fox the first rational thingtook action to amended shall read as follows d r Lisman of Vernon TeX Some fifteen or more handsw time was inaugurated The heartburnings growing out of ap strengthen the citys finance u4NJ dwelling storehouse out viilbe ere In Neb this woekvlsltlngr thelfc employed in this dtor other house of nuyi palritmonts and disappointments connected with state patronage The tax ordinance passed which house aunt Mrs RS description except the santo shall be lishment when it is in full oper ¬ Raymond Walker of Ft Worth machinations for anticipated federal appointments well appears below fixes the ad built otbrlck or stoho shall bo and the built Tax is visiting his grandfather W nigh lost us the state in 1805 In 1897 came the dispensation of valorem tax at 75 cents which is upon removed io or placed upon any ation Among the noteworthy im- B Hill Creek q federal spoils resulting in great bitterness and the quickening of a raise Of 15 cents over the rate ground embraced within tho bounda provements in Earlington in the There are living in Nebo fifteen party strife which caused overwhelming defeat the election of a for the previous year The poll rp pr territory within tho City of Enrllngton named In the Fifth Sec ¬ past few months are our new and Democratic clerk of the court of appeals by moro than 18000 plu ¬ tax romaine as heretofore 150 tion of this ordinance handsome railroad 1epottlu rality and the election of the legislature which placed the consti- and tho dog tax will again be SECTION 2 a POI nlatlon of 800 can boat That Section Five of foundry and machine shop thet r tution at defiance enacted the Goebei law and encumbered the 100 This latter item yields no Article Fourteen of thoByLawsand Masonic Temple and Opera statutes of tho state with the most disgraceful legislation ever great amount but it is something Ordinances of the There is family of three brothers title Fire House in course of erection Limits and Regulations board the known in the history of a great commonwealth every year and besidcsit regu And this year will see the erec so After this came the election of 1898 Meanwhile pjirty guar ¬ late8 the quantity if it does not samofshrelyamcuded 8 as to in tion of a handsomo and coramo and nono of them ever lived clude blocks numbered and 0 onw rels had not healed the breaches had not been bridged and the re improve the quality of mongrels tltoplntof thecitj and so as to rend dions modern public school build miles from hero Trio younges6fw age and thtfoltie s ault AVUS that only two Republicans were elected to Congress and and curs that may roam the as h y b ing to replace the school houso sixty yearepf BoventyBpycJii reduced majorities There wasiahqthor they by greatly streets rind bay the full moon ui Tliio Jjlro Ltmitsof Urn ftyor vyhiclrwad burned in September brother who died when ho was thirty f In 1899 when tho liberties of the people were involved good Tlio deficit is caused whollyThyt- Earlington sjiall Include all ith tcr VT f I five v> PARDONS M AY BEHONORED varririg ftlQjix qntaaijd the RcpubU hO very heavy vtpcuse incurred tU9i y 1Ucltidod inth f llofl1 6C t men rallied the Dissatisfied and 8A ihoustor balJoou Vna s nFri a cans rvan a splendid victory notwithstanding fraudand force Had by Saturday night It rose straiglittipS the city in handling tho sinail J not such tremendous issues been involved d most mortifying de pox situation lost year and per thence eastward with Clark street to Court Pf Appeals May Rule That W S for earns two hundred feet and thou V drifted to the North feat would have resulted Taylor Was De Facto Gpvirnpr haps stet more than half of tho ItflntersecUonwith Robinson streoj Professor Davis will teach ottr JJ In 1900 we passed through another momentous campaign and total smallpox expanse was thence sonU1rd with Robln pn When They Were Signed spring school street tdltsfntersectlOh with Fnrreu r despite all advantages by the Democrats resulting in unfairness charged to the city of Earliugton Louisville Ky Jan avenue thence westvard with Far Miss Jano Kings school afc the t and fraud tho Republicans were wellnigh successful But the rest was brneby the StI connection with the appeal in Corbin SC OolhO iasFrli baneful shadow of patronage thrown over the party by the prevail Bernard Coal Company who fur- ¬ the Powers case now pending lUg belief by many that those who wero in office would be re- nished quarantine guards teams with MoEwon avenue to its intersec ¬ before the Appellate Court an Miss toNannlo solloolt tained caused in many instances alack of enthusiastic support and hauling and various other tion with Clark street ns indicated interesting point has just been closed en Friday AVinsteads before Christmas pnplat of the city thence eastward from which the party did not fully recover items without cost to the city Powers lawyers The patrons of the school were well and parallel with Main street a brought out And now that the division of the spoils is at hand tho struggle It will be remembered that straight line to tho beginning com ¬ are reckoning upon tho belief pleased with her as RUMTICU8 is beginning to manifest itself Every patronage boss is up and atjthere were y cases strict prising the tour squares centering at that the ourtwitl recog ¬ York With outstretched arms and pleading tones the voices of of intersection of Main and- nize the pardon GOTTEN YEARS quarantine maintained tents the given their officeseekers are heard in the land Factional fights are being re ¬ and a camp attendants execu- Railroad streets and blocks 8 and 0 client by Governor Taylor and hewed old wounds are bleeding afresh and in the mad whirl it may tion of general compulsory vac ¬ In Addition thereto which was offered by the defense Dr ClarkSenleixadatDixon for the Dei t well be feared that party obligations and patriotic duty may be im- cination ThisJanuarylth1001N ofMiMW Met ¬ The situation was ad at fco1tsetof the trial and Mayor ko periled or mirably handled and the disease PAUL MMOOHE Clerk overruled by Judge Oantrill for would be better for kept within the narrowest possi- ¬ Because of tho death of Mr J afterwards becoming a part of DtXOtt Ky Jan SNever beer tucky better for liberty if there were not a single federal office in ble bounds Dixon seen such a sensational pfur Not a death oc ¬ the record der trial as that of Dr W ECiwjpS the state Lot us hope and trust that in the distribution of these necessary evils that the chasm of factional troubles may be bridged curredDr It is calculated that the court The case leas been on for the r P B Davis was especially y will declare Taylor to have been and tliQ courtliouso has been orowdeat over rather than broadened to fill this place by now appoint- ¬ defacto Governor on March 11 at flatly with eager listeners to rise eviL In view of the great responsibilities that confront the weightment CoK K W Wood was the time the pardon was issue denco which at times has been issues that are to be solved let there be a halt called Let not the smallpox cases Ho and tIe proposerland was elected unani and therefore his official act party be weighted down with unseemly contests i let it not be tornIother physicians of Earlington l nlpusly Several of tho Council- were legal with factional strife Let us remember there is something to vaccinated andrevaccinated men expressed their belief that If this expectation bo realized yesterday afternoon anti the instruct t tlons given light for nobler than office and that in this contest is involved the hundreds of our people old and V the Colonel would make a most the same ruling will apply t liberty of tho people and the welfare of the state Wo are not young defense witlithe Swrgla Culton John Powers Charle struggling for ourselves but for generations unborn for principles The action of tho Health offi ¬ excellent official Finley John Dvis and llarlan that are eternal If we do not stay this strife the Republican par ¬ cer Dr E A Chatton and of the WELLKNOWN ENGINEER DEAD Whittakcr qll of whom were Waller Drs Arch Dixon Mosley ty of this state will bo decimated and destroyed and nothing left City Health Board was admirable given pardons at the same time Humphrey and Qulun of Henderson but a coterie of officeholders and their sat elites Raiand they are still in charge to Henry Renan Worked on Although tho cases of Noaks stated positively that they CQirid pmt This of all others is the time when officeholders can afford face and handle any like situa- ¬ lroad for Yeean Green Golden Wharton Golden say that she died of shock to and shouldbo both modest and silent They should be content tion that may recur and W H Culton will all b with their salaries and refrain from reaching out and attempting The tax ordinance was unaniEyuiSville Ind January 7 called next week when the Cir ¬ closed the argument attar one of the to control the party nominations in Kentucky If this be not done mously voted by tIle full Board Henry Redman one of the oldest suit Court court convenes at hardest fought legal battles In theS we may as well bid farewell forever to any hope of redeeming the Councilmen after discussing and best known engineers in this Frankfort it is not probable that history of this part of the Statestate or breaking our We the jury find the defendant situation and Earlingtons section died Sunday afternoon at any will be tried as Noaks i s in charge the redis growth and needs The next general assembly will It reads as 840 dclock at his home 214 missing and Wharton Golden and- guilty as charged and fix his pun dtficting of the state into congressional legislative senatorial follows Mary treet from paralysis H I Culton havq been guaranteed and circuit court districts Tho present apportionment is nothing suffered the first stroke Wednes immunity Tax Ordlruace 1901 diet in the OlarkWaller case Tha j r less than robbery and this assembly is the only hope of justice The City Council of tho City of slay evening and a second fol Campbell insisted that Green- jury was out three hours What is of much greater importance is the repeal of the odious leg ¬ Earlington do order aa follows lowed Thursday morning which Golden bo kept in jail as Camp ¬ Dr Clarks attorneys will take an has robbed the people and disgraced tho state If we That the tax for tho year 1001 bo resulted in his death and he says bell believed such treatment appeal of Appeals hofeelssuro tho fail now no human being can tell when we shall succeed if over and is hereby levied at Ono Dollar Court will reverse the M would bring valuable evidence decision of tliq lower court H i wHNIi FftyCents per capita poll tax The election of a United States senator is nothing compareda nd an ad valorem taxof Sovenly from the prisoner but it is with tho great duties to be performed If wo would flvo Cents oneach One Hundrqd Dol- he was stricken with what is now understood 3 that Green very best men must be nominated men of ability and character lar pf assessed value of all real and commonly called an engineers Golden still insiststhat ho knows Whose names will inspire tho independent voter with respect personal property subject to taxation hemorrhage whichas a rule is nothing of Goobels killing Without the aid of tho independent vote we cannot hope for suc ¬ within the ¬ will bit released WhqtliOf i This cess Tlieroforeno candidate should be required to pledge himself up effort will again bo made to any man for senator and no man should be nominated or de ¬ to window to watch ahead This inflict the PAUL M MOORB Clerk t thirteen prominent feat d for nomination because he is for or against any aspirant for Another matter that came up ended his long service on the road finished and fumlllllo1 In the edt the senate for consideration and was acted for since then he was almost con ¬ v Let the lest men be selected and when this dona we may rest upon was the question of exten- tinuously bedfast assured that the best man will bo elected to the senate and this is t all that anyone should expect or demand Every good Republican sion of the fire limits and certn Arnold was alven a life sen should condemn the talking of any step in the interest of any man changes in the regulations 10 trained nl fence at Ovronsboro forthetnnrdcr which is not in too interest of the party state and nation question had been discussed at ofjLu tlier BoWneon XOII i1houl be S bseriho for THH Bun J J > pity rlinEarlingtoneverythingIs l vcrylittle UmlttEtcI c > HJIlt twentyfivt vlclnltycV n l ¬ a1tiQn < 4In wlt1McEwen 1day p awacherJ s s- tIt forgottenI cityI wholey t t yus ttieC 4 ° taFd exacte + LN chainsj tthat ntentlnry ilutyipth L IW tN eeJt hisstore Aideyou tljelQourt upatiod I i almostindicted Earlingtonto I yI t 6 ini tOJbe tAre 1if 1I d t 0 Pharmacists ti 1 i

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