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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 8, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

I < L < Ir > rh d I > e Ij i b- rj ii > i 3bi I I ADAIR COLUMBIA VOLUME XI if > Nt l f t t COUNTYIENTIJIKY PRIL WEDNESDAY t i ij 8 908 Jtjfut 1 jffJw t < 22 NUMBER JtI v 3H 4 A report has gained circulation in the TilE M F HIGH SCHOOL NOTES Cane Valley section that > Dr J N AN INTERESTING GAME TWOHEARTSBEATASONE Page of this place is going out of the Come in and hear HonJohn G Mat ¬ The afternoon of Friday May the drug business The Doctor has at no time thewsThursday st is reserved entertained such an idea as he knows News Merit Contest To Four B the wife of Ed Sinclair no other business and is permanently The dosing exercisesof the Young Ladies in Adair County feated the Linds April 4 a son Cartwright Mr Cassius Breeding and Miss located He says that he has been High School are announcedfrom May handling paints and that he told sev ¬ Team Last he 16th through May the 20th Emma Thomas to be Mar ¬ If you mean to vote no time to lose f eral part es that he intended to quit that The Athletic Association met Thurs ¬ First priz Ladies Gold Watch Next Tuesday afternoon will be too ried Today business and perhaps that accounts for day afternoon as usual Second prize Gold Bracelet late the report that he was going out ofgthe A LARGE CROWD Third prize Gold Set Ring PERFECT ORDER drug trade Mrs Luther Williams and little Staples sold his one half Mr G W Fourth prize Gold Brooch Pin RECEPTION AT THE HOME OF GROOM daughter NeBof Montpelier spent Contestcloses Wednesday April 15th interest in the rink to Mr George A Catholic Priest accompanied the St Monday with Miss Mary 1908 One of the most interesting games of 12M Below is given the Hunn Marys base ball team to this place He Mr James Shirley is npt able 4ta be vote up to 1130 this Tuesday This Wednesday forenoon at 11 was perfectly delightedjwith Columbia baseball ever played in Columbia wasi n We understand that Mr J F Montschool this week on account of illness Jennie McFafland Columbia 32272 oclock Mr Cassius Breeding a pros ¬ and her citizenship saying it was one called last Saturday afternoon Mollie Caldwelortland 27890 gomery will build a new residence on perous young farmer a popular gentler of the best towns he had visited in participants being a team from the St Prof Ohlenmacher returned front r Pearl Breeding Vester 19656 his farm near town S many years He was quite compli- ¬ Marys College and the Liridsey Wilson Scottsville Thursday night He was in man a son of Mr and INina Iflarcum Columbia 16856 team at this place Nashville while away and visited in Remember that no votes will be rec- Breeding will be married to Miss Em ment ry to our school buildings and 11435 Nora Bradshaw Montpelier The boys were in fine trim oh both Franklin Ky His lessons were resyoung fady surprised to learn the number of pupils eived in the Merit Contest after 12 ma Thomas a handsome J Mary Feese Cane Valley 9570 oclock noon next Tuesday living in the Milltown country a in attendance When the St Marys sides and up to the sixth inning only umed in the studio Friday and SaturILula Connor Glensfork been made and they day 7866 daughter of the late Jo M Thomas boys return to Columbia he expects to four scores had Mary Hulse Columbia 5780 were credited two and two In the Next Tuesday at noon the Contest The attendants will be Mr Chas Wit1accoijipaiiy them Mr Robert Miller visited his mother Ruby Jeffries Ozark seventh inning two errors were made 3900 closes and will be announced in that hams and Miss Kate Squires Crocus Saturday and Sunday 2850 issue of the News dated the 15th Alice Walker Columbia The largest crowd that has been seen by players of the home team and theC The rites will be solemnized in a very Judge Baker visited our school at 1925 Cora Smith Columbia impressive manner by Eld Z T Wil at the rink since it opened was last visitors run in four scores and when You cant tell what may happen in hams Immediately after the ceremo ¬ Friday night The band furnished the the latter half of the ninth inning was chapel exercises Thursday morning and the close of a contest so if you want to ny the wedding party and a few special music and perfect order prevailed finished the score stood 6 to 2in favor gave a very interesting talk which DOGWOODS IN BLOOM was appreciated by all Judge Bakers help your favorite now is the time are many graceful skaters both ofSt Marys friends will leave for the home of the The contest drew a large crowd to visits are always a source of great ladies and gentlemen making their grooms parents where a reception will The Central University team was be held Mr E G Atkins commercial tour ¬ movements interesting to those who do the campus andwhen it closed it was pleasure to the school and Jie never ist with his home in this city reportsdefeated last Saturday by the Mary In testimony of the popularity of this not skate but who attend for the Ipur pronounced one of the most interesting fails to say something helpful and ben ¬ that he saw dogwood bushes in full ville College Tennteam by a score of young couple they were recipients of pose lof seeing the enjoyment in and orderly games ever played in Co eficial as well as entertaining bloom on April 1st both in Ad irand 8 to 2many useful presents The News ex ¬ progress A secret society has been organized lumbiaRomie Judd who was the pitcher for by some of the girls and there has been So far as his Cumberland counties tends its best wishes to this very de ¬ Dont indulge in advancing your sub- ¬ Cot L B Hurt is in receipt of fca let ¬ the home team deserves especial praisea great mystery connected with knowledge of early dogwood blooms young couple trusting that it scription too far Put on some newt land so far as he is able to learn fromJ lives may be happily spent and ter from a Scottsville geritlemanjgiving He fanned out sixteen men and was as which arouse questions and curiosity LeAv old cititzens this isthe earliest subscribers and get the as they go hand in hand down thet he information that the proposed Rail ¬ good the last inning as he was thea their friends Their colors are bIos votes ng measured by the above stream of Time good health and pros- ¬ road from Stanford to Scottsville is a first As a catcher Bud Stearmanr ed and white A name has not yet ever known in this part of the Rev J A Johnson closed a meeting perity may abide and in retropectingcertainty that 20 miles of the road has knows his business and did fine work been decided upon try Jfxv Atkins fully believes at Maple Hill Church in theGradyville over past events they can speak of already been let to responsible con¬ In fact no member of the club has cold napofthe 2nd and3rd circurt last week with six additions to Wednesday the 8th day of April 1908 tractors The writer appears tobe in anything to regret They were defeatd This week hopes to see some work one on the Tennis Court The club dose touch with the movement and we ed by an honorable set of young s dogwood Winter and pictures to the church as the hapiest day of their lives with some enthusiasm and give the information as we receive it in a square mind an early Summer and a most Mr E G Atkins umpired the game hey expect to have pleasure from it many mer osperous year for all the Hon John G Matthews Republican ot only this Spring but through the The regular meeting of Columbia and his rulings were satisfactorily ants who buy goods from him Hejcandidate for Congress will speak at Summer also Lodge No 96 F and A M will be both clubs ould like to know if any one in this the courthouee in Columbia next Thurs¬ ext Friday night All the members Next Saturday the LindseyWilson A very painful accident happened to atitude and within 300 miles of this day at 1 oclock can conveniently attend are re will meet St Marys on their grounds John Lowe Jr Friday afternoon ongitude ever saw dogwoods in bloom Miss Estella Doty of Campbellsvilleq Hei uested to so do as important matters ran a nail into his hand which was Mrs H P Willis who lives at Joppa who were students in on April 1st prior tofthe reign of Ken likely to be before the body feared to be serious for a time but he tucky night riders this county gathered from her hens High School eloped either to Indiana are PAID LIST is better now about one hundred in number 167 or Tennessee last Thursday night and Mr W A Helm has about got his The following subscribers have paid DIED dozen eggs in the month of March by the time this notice is read the building completed and will remove Mrs S P Miller isimproving rapid solemn rites of matrimony will have his machinery from Esto to this place since last and her friends will rejoice to know The names of the winners in the been said and the young couple n a very short time A machine shop r Mr W L Murrahj ormelv of Adair Merit Contest will be announced in th- given is what Columbia has needed for a Q Montgomery W E Morgan W W Mr Melvin Grissoln wa not weUollE his la ehome in North News of next nt s nofMr W BV longtime 2he jo Harris Mrs H S Tobin Arthur Mitch ¬ day last week fcort Worth Texas Marchitiisle- between now and next Tuesday at Page who is a prosperous farmer who ell Mrs C C Gilmer W C Wolford Wednesday the first day of April was a result of a complication of lives in the Cane Valley country He The Power to Resist the Devil was Q eseases He had been a sufferer of noonMr ne hardly knew whether to believe is said to be an excellent young man the theme of Rev J C Cooks discourse B T Neat E F Cundiff Otter Robt Blades and Miss Bula popular with his SCNeatWFlood Jeffries Luther nsumption for a number of years and friends last Sunday forenoon It was a help- Burton F W Harris R G Breeding anything they were told or not Some Stephens who live in the Milltown He fee last year dropsy developed were on the lookout but as a The bride is a handsome young girl ful discourse to Christians and a plea to day last tts fifty years of age and leaves tWQ country were married one f course there were always some to a grandaughter of Mr Penn Gaines of the ungodly to flee from the wrath to J W Sublett C R Cowherd R week by Rev J A Johnson Atkins James W Dixon Dr P V bite and they were the most laughable Campbellsville and a nice of Mrs J bothers and one sister Edd Murrah come Ballon E W Bennett J N Murrell targets on April Fools Day Ky James Murrah of oflElkhon Drr Sunday week will be Easter Judg- ¬ Gowdy and Mrs W I Meader While John Jas1koTenn and Mrs the couple doubtless violated the wishes At a meeting of the directors of the Mrs Maggie Mourning C F Epperson Grissom with his very attractive phone ing from the number of ladies who are Scholl G M Frankum R L stok of Little Rocks Ark also a wife thronging the millinery establishments of parents and guardian in eloping we First National Bank on the 31st day of Robinson 0 E Ferryman L E James had no small part in the fun at noon and three sops divitwo laughters many new hats will be on exhibition trust that much happiness will result March the regular semiannual Miss Mary Lucy Lowe entertained a de d was declared and the usual re ¬ Mrs J S Butler R A Thomes Mrs from the union of her friends Saturday afternoon that day MORE RAILROAD TALK Annie L Roe T R Stults C serve fund set aside Shelby from two till six Music was rendered > Ohlenmacher E W Wade MARRIAGE LICENSES The match game of base ball between Rev A R Kasey was heard by large Claud KeltnerWS Pickett Miss by Miss Ella Todd and Miss Mary Wil ¬ Campbellsville and St Marys played at Oweft McIntyre writing to the Tay ¬ Pelley liams All the guests took active parts r congregations last Sunday delivering Estelle Willis T P Moran games and a sewing contest which County Enquire from Danville says the former place last Friday resulted lor The following marriage licenses were two strong sermons The special music J H Flowers WS Page Mrs Neal in hrge force of men connected in a victory for Campbell viUe the issued from the Adair county clerks at the morning service has received Marshall Melvin Conover W G Cun¬ was a tie Refreshments were served that a 13 with the proposed railroad are now lo ¬ score standing 14 to diff J M Baldock R B Conover J consisting of cakes and fruit A morei much praise office the month of March cated at anville and that Leslie M ¬ H Judd L R Morris Sallie England delightful afternoon could not have C W Pollard to Miss Cornelia Tur Mrs Harvey Tucker who lived on W and Treasurer will A GOOD RECORD Shaw th Secretary T F Curry Jo M Thomas Theodore been spent Casey Creekdied last Sunday night ner J W Coffey to Mrs MaryE i that money has been re ¬ She was about 25 years old and was a Richards Lawrence Gowan to Miss fte there liter Powell J G Bryant T G Rasner NOTICE ceived byne of the banks to defray Mrs W G Smith G B Breeding Arnold Sl t Nona Burton Grover p Lawbtodaughter of Mr John Hancock whoia a etudeht Mary E Rucker G W Todd J P current exffenes and to pay lor rights leaves a husband and three children hiIs Mary Murrell Thomas itowe to SliioN Tothe farm9rs and stock raisers of Price W J Gabbart Adair and ajoining counties I am at Miss Docia Baker J M Wilsonto Miss in the Horological Department of the- Cundiff ofYA1 Hte furtifer stated that as soon was cpmpleted at that end the as There will be special Easter services Mary A Holt Wm E Todd to Miss Bradley Polytechnic Institute at Peoria Curt Yarberty Mrs EB Cheaeham e same old stand with three good bred would come to this section and at the Methodist church The choir is Mont Walford Arthur Morgan to Miss I1L se dsgoodnewsfuhis parents OR McCaffee M L Mitchell Wm force of stock one horse and two jacks ¬ Judge Junius Handcbck and wife of this Cornelison Clem Burton CM Himd that headquarters wouja be at Colum now practicing music for the occasion Annie Petty My horse Black Diamond is bred bia Healso stated that a portion of and those who may attend may expect city Recently in a class of 13 whopass- man J G Knifley Miss Maud Smith right having both size and style good Taylor county might be touched to her some excellent selections ren ¬ ed a rigid examination in optics he re- T G Coffey Davis Coffey J 0 Smith mane and fine tail The MARRIED sire sixteen though that proposition had not been dered by some of our best singers ceived the highest grade averaging 971I F Shepherd Geo E Wilson J F hands high splendid action goes J all and the highest grade ever givenin that Pendleton F B taken up Waggner Henry the gaits from flat foot up His colts l department except one who had receiv- ¬ Hudson E B Powell John R Mnrrell most all natural gaited good size and Our information is that Mr R W I SERIES Of MEETING On Sunday March the 8th Mr C W Nelson a prominent lawyer of New Pollard and Miss Cornela Turner were ed 98 This standing should be highly W H Samuels Milton Powell Lee well formed Diamonds grand sire is Port Ky has been employed as an married at the home of the brides gratifying to his parents and his many Smith J H Willis J A English R Qnsleys High Tide Red Squirrel on He isalso G Price Hadley J P Morgan B dam side and old Stonewall Denmark on attorney for the Danville Columbia mother near Columbia Rev Wm friends in this section Cook pastor of the Bap and Scottsville Railroad working in theJewelry and watch ma F Lawless E Lawless G B Yates Rev and that he Dudgeon officiating sire side combining two of Kentuckys chine department and the many speci Robt Reynolds Albert Johnson S W best breeds My jacks are purely Ken ¬ tist Church has arranged with Dr W will immediately go over theline Mr The groom is an industrious young Bowling Green who is Nelson was the chief prouecutor of mens sent his parents show that he is Royce Chas Hammonds R H Perry tucky bred and have proven themselves H Sm and has quite a number of rapidly advanceing in that skilled pro man SH Pike W T Gflssom J A good breeders State Evengelist totassisthimma Walling and Jackson for murdering farmer Mr T T Tupman tells friends scattered over the county The fession The specimens of set rings Williams H J Henson James Coe Ed me he has this spring the finest mule meeting at this place beginning tfie Pearl Bryant bride is the second daughter of Mrs spo nspins and various parts 01a first week in May Pr Smith is one Its by my Sarah A Turner and isa very deserving watch are as neat in workmanship as Coe Billie Allen Robert Parish colt he ever had foaled of the most successful revivalists how Some time ago we made the an¬ young woman Mirtrue Newdy Jesse Fletcher Linaf smallest jack With many thanks for ever seen in a jewelry store The fact Cook J R Firguin Charles Harlan past favors I hope tojshare a good part at work in Kentucky and people of Co ¬ nouncement that the people of Burkes natural mechanic and John Alxender W W Moris Mrs in the future Yours Truly and Adair county may expect yule had decided to build a school of is that he lumbia VALUABLE LAND FOR SALE good sermons He is a man of highme t1lndwere actively in the when he leaves that institution he will Hay wood Mitchell Clarence Franklin some SolomonJMcFarland be thoroughly prepared to give the best HiP Barger James Hatcher SH education and as a Bjbical scholar he work of securing the money for that b sbut few equals m the Southern purpose It now affords us pleasure to T will sell at public outcry next Sat ¬ service to the most exacting and we Rodgers S W England Dora Kenp V DESIRABLE HOME FOR SALE Baptist Convention His eloquence and state that the work is progressing ina urday at 2 oclock at the court house predict thathe will succeed beyond his Irene Yates Ernest Yates F D Cobb force make him a most entertaining most satisfactory manner and the door the land lying between the Fair- fondest expectations WC Yates G G McMaham Chas Remember the datethe first point of uncertainty passed Upto ground and Me Browning A C Pulliam the creek heretofore adr SERIOUS ACCIDENT I will sell my home in Columbia a May Green Burton Jubb nsiJW date 1548Q has been subscribed and vertised This is a desirable piece of twostory buildingjcontaining six rooms Caldwell L 0 John Combest an prganization known as the Cumber ¬ land with 20 footlight of way to Som- ¬ beside bath room plenty ogood 4 ACCIDENIALLYIIURT W J Roy S L Bankst J Eland County Educational Society has erset road If you want a good small Mr Oscar Bradshaw who lives near Turner ter large barn and all necessary out been incorporated Withcapital stock of tract of land in speaking distance of town met with ayery serious accident JQhflstOflMISS Mattie Hatcher S W buildings This dwelling and attach Miss NettJe Mercer S A > Mr G T Flowers Sr who is run 20000 ThEidifferelfce between the the court house hisisYQul chance Monday morning He was grubbing Wilson Miss Alburtia Bardin W B inents were built last year and it is a Bat her amount subscribed and stock author-¬ NfcxtSaturday at 2 and a piece of flint rock flew into one very desirable home My reason for ning a sawmill in the Fairplay country C S HARRIS is suffering greatly Morri D FWhiteG F Batts S sailing is that have arranged to enter of his was ized under charter is expected to be >r > got badly burt last Saturday He and will be sent to a specialist in Lpuisr I> Pierce LO MorgahCiG Holt L business in a neighboring town Xwill upon a wagon made in a short time and then plans < assisting in loading R Chelf Altie Pickett erecting the buildings will be en yule with the hope of saying the eye PUBLIC AUCTION sell at a bargain if a purchaser Sh O when one took the wr6ng shoot strik for tered The fact is that Cumberland Flowers knocking him down IdIJj Lively pig race at the rink tonight come at once < FOR county being aroused to the great > C R PAyNE v 224t log passing over his legs mashing heed of is the iPerltins Smiles east bl Greens AR better educational facilities t ItfwjU be several t11 11lyeryJ5adr Inow have on display at Cane Valley burg will seli at Public Auction astbck to Wave Weeks before ie MontgomcryCo1umbia has fbrHoueand 3f acre Iot >ipcated in Ky a complete line of millinery Your 1 have a lot of mens and boys long x f general merchandise consisting of hisioOm patronage js respJectfuilysbiisit dL < 1fisterov rcoats that I salea Qodvbrobd marjeard work 9aS el4 JI uS cid good repair 24 Glenyill out diygoodsii groceries etc ofc J J KATE B SQUIRES mal 2Q3t 22 7Henrv Hudson and 25 ttherink to njgiitst See thejig rice y GROWING LosTA IN INTEREST the Day book YOUNG 1The rnto MF yWnsonJ Saturdayi at 4 MrsJ z f ¬ games ELOPEDp nRoger ¬ issuel iiRogers fori jdt eeeGjpOrvates 1 ton 1Sa A ath or I 1t Coo ¬ mattet Ao Tc RL IlP FL Fj JF j rI RH c J I JC JG ¬ ¬ a ¬ thof ¬ 1 isa 1 WN jweekin f2 AJ RL Wj i pm eieste I i I irigr w SALEa I J JF ° r c t i vf F 4 0 < > > > 7 r 5Jj ryS y i F L fI j 1 if ttff n 7r > I > > lt i i Jj rb v 7 j I pizz cftrft < ft wr < < 0- d tt i t c r i Q J itf ii Ii f < T1 J f7 if Bv3 g 1 r j UI 1 a T a M 1t c 4 f e j L ic4 iifti1 Ml 4 ad- t < ¼ z i hfj f t1 r F M p 7 r I 9- c lZc F + t

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